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  • vBulletin Connect 5.1.3 is available

    We're proud to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.3. This is a maintenance release focused on resolving issues within the software. All together over 238 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.3 Connect. We've also fixed issues with PHP 5.5.X and PHP 5.6.X in this release. Most of the issues resolved deal with the internal workings of the software. However there are a few visible changes.

    In addition to the pagination in the floating filter bar, many pages throughout the system have had page navigation added at the bottom of the page. This navigation is in line with the page number based navigation that customers have been asking for.
    The following locations have been affected:
    • Forums Channel - Topics tab
    • Forums Channel - Latest activity tab
    • Forum Topic Page - Posts tab
    • Forum Topic Page - Latest activity tab
    • Blogs Main - Member blogs tab
    • Blog Channel - Topics tab
    • Groups Main - Groups tab
    • Groups Category Page
    • Group Channel - Topics tab
    • Group Topic Page
    • Articles Main - Articles tab
    • Article Channel - Articles tab
    • Search Result Page - Topics view
    • Search Result Page - "Compact" view
    • Message Center - Inbox (this includes custom folders)
    • Message Center - Sent Items
    • Message Center - Trash
    • Message Center - Requests
    • Message Center - Notifications
    • Message Center - Subscriptions - Posts
    • Message Center - Moderation
    • Message Center - Flag Reports
    • Message Center - Infractions
    • Message Center - Deleted Items
    • Profile - Subscriptions
    • Profile - Subscribers
    • Member list

    AdminCP Style
    The CSS applied to the AdminCP has been updated to improve readability and usability based on customer feedback. You can view screenshots here:

    Customer Feedback
    We're continuing to make a number of improvements to the look and feel of the software based on customer feedback. These are often small tweaks and fixes to the layout that may not be immediately apparent. In vBulletin 5.1.4, these include removing the border radius on the lower corners of the footer, adjustments to post display including a line between the signature and post content. The Page Manager in Site Builder has been renamed Channel Manager to more accurately reflect its purpose.

    See the full changelog here:

    Discuss this release here:

    We encourage all customers to upgrade to this latest version of vBulletin. The downloaded version of the software is available now, and we will be automatically upgrading all vB Cloud customer sites to 5.1.3 over the next couple weeks.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API

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    Release Notes - vBulletin 5 - Version 5.1.3

    Feature Request
    • [VBV-12798] - AdminCP option to redirect 404 pages to the root node.

    Hook Request
    • [VBV-10952] - Add hooks in contententry_toolbar template

    Improvement Request
    • [VBV-1028] - Site width is fixed.
    • [VBV-1217] - Caching time should be configurable in AdminCP
    • [VBV-3081] - Rename Page Manager to Channel Manager
    • [VBV-6895] - Proper Pagination is needed. Users don't want to type in a number to jump to a page and having to cycle through all pages is inefficient.
    • [VBV-9148] - "Private Albums" in vB4 are visible to everyone in vB5
    • [VBV-9502] - Add seperate line between the post and the signature
    • [VBV-12145] - Insert pageid value into HTML as CSS ID.
    • [VBV-12500] - General Styling Optimizations based on Customer Feedback.
    • [VBV-12740] - Add commonly used datastore items to the default items
    • [VBV-12950] - Enable Mobile API by default.
    • [VBV-13103] - Add message on Channel Permission Editing page about inheritance.

    • [VBV-12532] - Review permission descriptions and help text.
    • [VBV-12550] - Implement and Test PHP 5.6.0 Compliance.
    • [VBV-12799] - Update /config.php.bkp to include instructions not to edit
    • [VBV-12803] - Update cookie_prefix comments in the presentation config.php file
    • [VBV-13009] - Supress php path on php error
    • [VBV-13143] - Update "change version" tool to catch admin help phrases

    • [VBV-594] - No quote button in stream view
    • [VBV-3610] - No way to access table menu in editor
    • [VBV-4627] - No way to delete a Page
    • [VBV-5865] - vB5_ApplicationAbstract::showMsgPage does not set character encoding
    • [VBV-6909] - Custom profile fields do not display properly in registration page
    • [VBV-6981] - Activate User Registration Links Broken
    • [VBV-6983] - Activate Email Page Doesn't Seem to Be Working Correctly
    • [VBV-8574] - There's no way to delete a table on CKEditor
    • [VBV-8870] - Table popup in the editor shows several options not supported in vB
    • [VBV-8915] - Facebook Video Embedding changed. Flash no longer works, requires <iframe> to embed
    • [VBV-9437] - (iOS) Editing a blog post through app removes all the line breaks.
    • [VBV-10044] - Ranks will not show in vBulletin 5 unless you run the rebuild user title/ranks counter
    • [VBV-10383] - "Fatal error: Cannot use assign-op operators with overloaded objects" on savePromotion method
    • [VBV-10713] - MySQL Error on createTemplateFiles method
    • [VBV-10799] - MySQL Error "Deadlock found" while trying to post a new topic on the production forums (Regression)
    • [VBV-10959] - When PM's are disabled, unable to edit, create, or save users via admincp
    • [VBV-11032] - lvl1data appears to be incorrectly cached.
    • [VBV-11033] - Node data is being double-cached.
    • [VBV-11037] - userGroups.XXX caching is wasteful and should be removed
    • [VBV-11039] - vB_UserGIT_ data should not be cached
    • [VBV-11040] - vB_UserMod_ Data should not be cached
    • [VBV-11041] - vB_UserUG_ caching should be removed
    • [VBV-11279] - Line Breaks are not maintained in Responsive.
    • [VBV-11329] - Articles do not display Preview Image in Stream View.
    • [VBV-11668] - Fatal error: "Wrong parameters for Exception" on banUsers method
    • [VBV-11740] - Failed DB connections give bad error messages / white pages
    • [VBV-11764] - Can't edit posts when using mobile device
    • [VBV-11928] - vBulletin Installer doesn't always verify php/mysql version.
    • [VBV-11949] - Remove attach package from vB core code
    • [VBV-12076] - Non styles can be imported as styles
    • [VBV-12115] - If you check "deny all" forum permissions, you can no longer change the permissions (even reset)
    • [VBV-12137] - Admin Login with expired password results in "A Serious Error has occurred and the page cannot be rendered"
    • [VBV-12286] - If login is configured to use https, the login form shows as unstyled
    • [VBV-12339] - Cannot Mass Prune Users
    • [VBV-12451] - class_upgrade_422.php is missing, which causes issues if trying to upgrade from 4.2.2
    • [VBV-12455] - Fix bad select query for cache
    • [VBV-12468] - Phrase missing on the Admin CP "view permission" page
    • [VBV-12489] - If no Blog subnavigation items are present, cannot update usergroup permissions
    • [VBV-12520] - Human Verification on Contact Us page does not reset if incorrect answer is provided
    • [VBV-12536] - conversation_before_display_controls hook unusable - hookname DB field is too short
    • [VBV-12539] - can_view_hidden_custom_fields and usergroup_add_edit_canseehiddencustomfields_title Need updated
    • [VBV-12543] - API error when conflicting permissions are had
    • [VBV-12586] - After Registration Email-link is no charset configuration in sourcecode
    • [VBV-12590] - Edit Site button does not appear on "Touch Enabled" computers when it should.
    • [VBV-12604] - Remove orphaned subscription records.
    • [VBV-12611] - Still using preg_replace with the /e modifier in a few places
    • [VBV-12617] - Error messages for invalid ids in user API are incorrect
    • [VBV-12620] - Need to change XML sitemap permissions
    • [VBV-12649] - Bad links on kill activation page.
    • [VBV-12650] - Move meta-equiv content type tag to the top of the <head> tag
    • [VBV-12664] - 2 Strict Standards errors in Unit tests
    • [VBV-12672] - Cache clear function may not correctly clear the cache
    • [VBV-12679] - Incorrect code in functions.php can cause errors on some installations.
    • [VBV-12684] - Error phrase for invalid locale contains a placeholder instead of the value that should be displayed
    • [VBV-12693] - No profile customization on touch enabled computers
    • [VBV-12722] - When using the page manager, the "save" button has misleading text (change from "Save Page" to "Save Changes&quot
    • [VBV-12736] - Duplicate unneeded route queries
    • [VBV-12737] - Fetch home page route from route cache instead of querying database (saves a query)
    • [VBV-12738] - The index on needs to be UNIQUE
    • [VBV-12741] - Duplicate route queries on channel pages
    • [VBV-12758] - Go to first unread icon generates invalid URL if forum/category contains non english letters
    • [VBV-12760] - Video's not showing
    • [VBV-12776] - "Blog Latest Comments" module shows unlimited comments by default
    • [VBV-12777] - Rename "Blog Latest Comments" module to "Latest Blog Comments" (grammar issue)
    • [VBV-12779] - MySQL deadlock error
    • [VBV-12780] - In vB_Api_Content->validate() If optional $nodeid is not set, it should use $data['nodeid']
    • [VBV-12791] - completed_content_table_scan phrase missing when scanning content tables in tools.php
    • [VBV-12792] - Coming back out of responsive mode leaves the site in one wide column
    • [VBV-12804] - Cannot post a "Photo" type topic (returns an exception_trace)
    • [VBV-12828] - "Can Move Own Topics" allows moving OR copying
    • [VBV-12834] - Missing phrase text "group_members_list" on "Manage Joined Members" groups page
    • [VBV-12921] - Cache not batching deletes
    • [VBV-12960] - Duplicate meta tags for charset
    • [VBV-13026] - "Maximum tags for Starter Post" permission is incorrectly labeled
    • [VBV-13036] - "Can create calendar" permission is not used
    • [VBV-13046] - Strict Standards in /core/vb/library/site.php
    • [VBV-13048] - Undelete Topics option not displayed if having Can Delete Posts but not Can Permanently Remove Posts
    • [VBV-13049] - Public function fetchModLogs is checking the wrong permission
    • [VBV-13051] - Implementing VBV-3610 also turned on the CKEditor context menu, which doesn't allow using the in-browser spellcheck suggestions
    • [VBV-13057] - Undefined index: reason when saving changes to a post that has an edit reason
    • [VBV-13064] - Bad code in /core/vb/api/content/channel.php
    • [VBV-13080] - "Can Set Featured Items" permission is poorly labeled
    • [VBV-13135] - API Statistics -> Top API Methods fails with database error
    • [VBV-13144] - When mysql 5.6+ newer client/server don't match, a warning is issued
    • [VBV-13145] - Notice: Undefined index: redirect_404_to_root in \sprint100m15\includes\vb5\applicationabstract.php on line 158
    • [VBV-13147] - Notice: Undefined index: extension in ...\vb\api\node.php on line 1099
    • [VBV-13148] - Changing a user's password in the admincp does not correctly skip the password history check.
    • [VBV-13165] - Bug in CLI Installer code on version select
    • [VBV-13181] - Fix table rendering
    • [VBV-13186] - When an administrator clicks on the "Edit Link" on a User's Profile, it should link to the AdminCP, not the ModCP.
    • [VBV-13188] - Signature lines: Space missing if user hasn't voted on a poll
    • [VBV-13233] - Deadlocks occur under heavy posting load.
    • [VBV-13237] - Site builder functionality broken on member list page (regression)
    • [VBV-13238] - Letter filter in member list is broken (regression)
    • [VBV-13244] - Customer unable to login with username
    • [VBV-13251] - Unlink error breaking upgrade
    • [VBV-13292] - If you set border size or cellpadding to 0 in the table properties box (for the table bbcode), it will be saved as blank, and won't use the 0 value
    • [VBV-13311] - Regression: Importing data from RSS feeds not working - Last Updated time not set, same data imported everu\y time scheduled task runs
    • [VBV-13316] - class_upgrade_388.php missing
    • [VBV-13318] - XSS Exploit in login form
    • [VBV-13331] - Upgrade failure at 5.0.0 rc1 step 10.
    • [VBV-13336] - Reference to "widget" rather than module in setting_search_cache_ttl_desc
    • [VBV-13337] - Can't undelete any blog entry/group discussion via inline mod
    • [VBV-13339] - Image attachments are broken after moving image storage from the filesystem to database storage (filedata.filedata is empty)
    • [VBV-13342] - clicking on the first photo of a gallery will repeat the authors name, each time you click on the first photo
    • [VBV-13343] - Regression: Attachments broken in PMs
    • [VBV-13353] - CKEditor right-click menu is still visible when *editing* a post
    • [VBV-13374] - XSS issue in link type submission
    • [VBV-13379] - publicview=1 set for all attachments (might allow bypassing attachment permissions)
    • [VBV-13391] - Publish Now option reverts to No when editing an article (regression)
    • [VBV-13412] - Wrong version for a big bunch of phrases
    • [VBV-13434] - Sensitive Information exposed by the fetchParticipants function
    • [VBV-13469] - IP Address exposed by the Follow API
    • [VBV-13470] - IP Address exposed by the Node API
    • [VBV-13471] - IP Address exposed by the Profile API
    • [VBV-13472] - IP Address exposed by the Search API
    • [VBV-13479] - Sensitive Information exposed by the vB_Api_Blog fetchSubscribers function
    • [VBV-13481] - Sphinx Database Errors
    • [VBV-13486] - Unwanted comment displayed on registration page when fb connect is enabled

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    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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      contententry_panel_gallery 5.1.3 Alpha 1
      preheader 5.1.3 Alpha 1
      profile_media 5.1.3 Alpha 1
      userfield_select 5.1.3 Alpha 1
      widget_activate_user 5.1.3 Alpha 1
      admin_sitebuilder 5.1.3 Alpha 2
      css_sitebuilder.css 5.1.3 Alpha 2
      mediabbcode_video 5.1.3 Alpha 2
      blogmember_tab 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      css_b_editor.css 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      css_responsive.css 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Text 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      memberlist_items 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      pagenav 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_deleteditems_main 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_infraction_main 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_listdeletedItems_toolbar 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_listfolder 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_listnotifications 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_listpending_toolbar 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_listrequests 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_listsent 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_pendingpost_main 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_subscribedposts 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_subscribers 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      privatemessage_trash 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      sgadmin_adminmembers 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      socialgroup_nodes 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      widget_channeldisplay 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      widget_cmschanneldisplay 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      widget_conversationdisplay 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      widget_memberlist 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      widget_search_results 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      widget_subscription 5.1.3 Alpha 3
      contententry 5.1.3 Alpha 4
      css_global.css 5.1.3 Alpha 4
      header 5.1.3 Alpha 4
      inlinemod_menu 5.1.3 Alpha 4
      message_page 5.1.3 Alpha 4
      sgadmin_adminsettings 5.1.3 Alpha 4
      widget_blogadmin 5.1.3 Alpha 4
      widget_sgadmin 5.1.3 Alpha 4
      widget_sghome 5.1.3 Alpha 4
      admin_sitebuilder_menu 5.1.3 Alpha 5
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Gallery 5.1.3 Alpha 5
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Infraction 5.1.3 Alpha 5
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Link 5.1.3 Alpha 5
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Photo 5.1.3 Alpha 5
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Video 5.1.3 Alpha 5
      css_b_post.css 5.1.3 Alpha 6
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Poll 5.1.3 Alpha 6
      display_contenttype_conversationstarter_threadview_Poll 5.1.3 Alpha 6
      widget_blogchanneldisplay 5.1.3 Beta 1
      widget_sgchanneldisplay 5.1.3 Beta 1
      login_form 5.1.3 Beta 2
      widget_register 5.1.3 Beta 2
      bbcode_video 5.1.3 Release Candidate 1
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      Wayne Luke
      The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
      vBulletin 5 API


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        Known Issues:
        • There is an issue with upgrading if you have renamed default system pages in Site Builder. This change can cause duplicate key errors on upgrade. The developers are working to resolve this and make the system more robust on upgrades. The work around is to rename the pages back to their previous defaults and then run the upgrade.
        Translations provided by Google.

        Wayne Luke
        The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
        vBulletin 5 API


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