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vBulletin 5 Connect v5.1.1 RC1 is Now Available

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  • Wayne Luke
    Release Candidate 1 is now available.

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  • Wayne Luke
    Release Notes - vBulletin 5 - Version 5.1.1

    Feature Request
    • [VBV-12003] - Add a German version of vb5readme.html to the release package

    Improvement Request
    • [VBV-2845] - Remove BMP as a default attachment type
    • [VBV-2893] - Change Attachment Defaults to Modern Values
    • [VBV-6514] - Reverse order of email and password fields in registration screen
    • [VBV-11566] - Remove All Style Options from Style Manager Dropdown.
    • [VBV-11940] - Remove obsolete file class_groupmessage.php
    • [VBV-11943] - Refresh page on QuickSetup close
    • [VBV-12240] - Add unique channel ID as CSS Identifier in Forum List.
    • [VBV-12266] - Allow Cloud Administrators Access to Session Timeout

    • [VBV-3161] - Obsolete query present in querydefs.php file
    • [VBV-3958] - Like/Unlike links not hidden when user doesnt have permission to like
    • [VBV-4139] - unused file: cms_ajax_rate.js
    • [VBV-4943] - ?explain=1 not working with MySQLi
    • [VBV-5936] - Attached image Image Settings have no effect
    • [VBV-6097] - Some sitemap options are broken
    • [VBV-6967] - "Resize Images" setting doesnt work
    • [VBV-8474] - Unable to redirect to the correct login URL on login page after upgrading from vB4 to vB5
    • [VBV-8585] - Generating a Sitemap: "Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size of 134217728 bytes exhausted"
    • [VBV-8848] - "Receive Email When a New Topic is Created" and "Receive Email When a New Post is Created" moderator settings dont work
    • [VBV-9026] - "Use default profile picture" option doesnt work
    • [VBV-9235] - "Insert Inline" inserts image with IMG bb code rather than with ATTACH bb code
    • [VBV-9658] - Misspelling in the update details when upgrading from 5.01 to 5.02
    • [VBV-10306] - Cache Queries can exceed 1 MB
    • [VBV-10533] - Email Subscriptions to topics are not working
    • [VBV-10575] - Typo in Phrase - mobilehomearticledatecut
    • [VBV-10809] - Attachments are stored in incorrect legacy (pre vb3 final) format by default
    • [VBV-10856] - More PHP notices when paging forward using ajax.
    • [VBV-10980] - Duplicate entry database error on word insert
    • [VBV-11058] - Attachments not properly parsed with non-Text Content Types.
    • [VBV-11242] - Undefined index notice on "listNotifications" method
    • [VBV-11366] - Topic preview fails on Search Results.
    • [VBV-11649] - Guests get a broken image for the preview image if guests dont have permission to view attachments
    • [VBV-11723] - Encoding problems after upgrade from vB 4.2 (ISO vs. UTF-8)
    • [VBV-11770] - Typo in Phrase - user_add_edit_customtitle_text
    • [VBV-11840] - Character conversion issue in upgrade when vB4 board is using UTF-8
    • [VBV-11852] - PHP 5.5 deprecated message
    • [VBV-11853] - PHP 5.5 Deprecated message in functions.php
    • [VBV-11876] - vB_Api_Node->getUserChannels($userid) should pass in the userid when grabbing user context
    • [VBV-11898] - "Allow Users to have Member Groups" = No ignored by most channel permission
    • [VBV-11922] - Install unit test failures in php 5.5
    • [VBV-11927] - PHP 5.5 deprecated messages in ./core/vb/wysiwyghtmlparser.php
    • [VBV-11929] - PHP 5.5 deprecated messages in ./core/vb/user.php
    • [VBV-11933] - PHP 5.5 deprecated messages in ./core/vb/api/bbcode.php
    • [VBV-11950] - Remove YUI code
    • [VBV-11987] - Error Upgrading from 5.0.3 to 5.0.5
    • [VBV-12006] - permissioncontext incorrectly setting/removing infraction_group_ids
    • [VBV-12007] - char(100) is not enough for useragent field in session table
    • [VBV-12008] - php 5.5 unit test failure in BbcodeTest
    • [VBV-12010] - PHP 5.5 Unit test failure in userTest
    • [VBV-12011] - Mixed case unit test file
    • [VBV-12032] - Unit test failures in php 5.5 because of mysql
    • [VBV-12038] - Site unusable for ten minutes for guests with css in filesystem after style change
    • [VBV-12050] - User Profile/Activities: CMS-related activities are not aligned correctly
    • [VBV-12052] - Soft-deleted topics show up in search results (turned into fixing all of the consistency errors on the node operations)
    • [VBV-12056] - Usergroup permission "Can vote on polls" blocks giving "Likes" in posts
    • [VBV-12123] - Comments will surpass the comment box limit
    • [VBV-12231] - Users can delete their own comments, without permission to do so.
    • [VBV-12247] - Advanced search link url is incorrect.
    • [VBV-12255] - Attempting to upload smilie in Admin CP of vBCloud fails with Invalid File Path Specified error
    • [VBV-12256] - The email address is not displayed correctly in the forum rules
    • [VBV-12268] - When moving attachments to the file system a query is generated that returns ALL attachments which overwhelms a MySQL server if lots of attachments are in the database
    • [VBV-12315] - Email Problem when a user signs up for a forum
    • [VBV-12316] - Line Breaks not maintained in Articles
    • [VBV-12317] - Permissions configuration does not allow owner to see repsonses.
    • [VBV-12326] - Email for new topic posted sent to moderators have all HTML tags
    • [VBV-12328] - Cannot post attachments if not having Can Comment permission
    • [VBV-12332] - Viglink doesnt appear to work.
    • [VBV-12342] - If Require Moderation for Posts = Yes, topics/posts will be soft deleted by "Unknown" rather than moderated
    • [VBV-12344] - Edit Avatar using gravatar results in Invalid URL
    • [VBV-12349] - cangetimgattachment not set for the usergroups specified in bitfield_vbulletin file for fresh installs
    • [VBV-12350] - "Warning: fread(): Length parameter must be greater than 0" when generating a sitemap on a new site
    • [VBV-12351] - rssfeed table uses smallint for nodeid table.
    • [VBV-12368] - Error 404 "blank.gif" because of a bad file route
    • [VBV-12376] - Users can upload non-image files as a blog icon (Regression)
    • [VBV-12377] - RSS does not show Icon on the blog on Blog, Article or Group Channels.
    • [VBV-12382] - Special characters in a title get messed up upon edit - REGRESSION
    • [VBV-12404] - "Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context" using HTML BBCode (Regression)
    • [VBV-12429] - If ""Can Reply to Topics" is set to No, then you cannot post a photo/attachment in a New Topic - REGRESSION
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  • Wayne Luke
    started a topic vBulletin 5 Connect v5.1.1 RC1 is Now Available

    vBulletin 5 Connect v5.1.1 RC1 is Now Available

    Announcing the release of vBulletin 5.1.1 Alpha. This release fixes a number of bugs related to the CMS, Image Handling and Email Notifications. More than 80 issues are resolved in this version, most of which are high value issues that impact a large number of customers.

    PHP 5.5.X Support
    As of vBulletin 5.1.1, vBulletin 5 Connect supports PHP 5.5.X for access to the latest security and performance enhancements available in PHP. Please note that as of PHP 5.5.0, the mysql library is deprecated and we suggest that you switch to mysqli in your /core/includes/config.php file.

    Image Handling
    We've improved image handling in vBulletin 5 Connect. After inserting images, you can double-click on them to edit size, positioning and word wrap. If you have appropriate permissions you can assign specialized CSS classes to your images in order to improve your site's layout. In addition to this, we've increase the size permissions to modern layouts. Previous versions would accept only smaller images. We've increased the maximum image size to the equivalent of a 12 Megapixel image. Within your content, these images will be resized down to 1440 X 900 pixels on new installs or the settings you currently have on upgrades. Mentioning Image Resizing, this is an important feature that has been restored. This allows your users to upload a large variety of photo content to your site and the system will resize it to fit your specifications.

    Email Notifications
    Email Notifications have been added to vBulletin 5 Connect. This allows you and your users to receive prompt notice of new content on your site. Email notifications have been included for moderators, subscribed topics, and other locations around the site. Users can manage their notifications by going to, e.g:

    XML Sitemap Generation
    We've worked to fix the issues surrounding XML sitemap generation. Particular attention was placed around the memory issues previously reported. A route has been put into place for the xmlsitemap.php file used in vBulletin 4.X. However there is not an actually file in the download. The Router and API will redirect appropriately. If you utilize XML Sitemaps as part of your SEO strategy, please make sure to test this.

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