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vBulletin 5.1.0 Connect is now available.

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  • vBulletin 5.1.0 Connect is now available.

    We’re proud to release vBulletin 5.1.0 Connect. It is available to all customers with a valid vBulletin 5 Connect license. Our goal with this version is to primarily focus on returning the Article publishing functionality of the vBulletin 4 Publishing Suite. To do this we needed to port the functionality and recreate it within the vBulletin 5 database structure and APIs. Along with this we wanted to make sure that your existing articles are imported in a way that makes sense to you and your users without needing a lot of reconfiguration from you to get started.

    Please note the minimum required version of PHP is 5.3.7. This is a slight increase from previous versions of vBulletin 5 Connect. vBulletin 5.1.0 includes updates for the recently uncovered exploit as well.

    During the transition to vBulletin 5, a few changes have been made to the structure and functionality of the Article system. These include:
    1. Comments will no longer be stored in a hidden forum. With the node model, articles can each hold their own comments. The commenting system is the same used for other content types to allow for portability.
    2. Sections and Categories - These were confusing in vBulletin 4. In vBulletin 5, there will only be Categories. Each category is a channel in vBulletin 5 and can hold one or more article nodes. The main channel will be "Articles" and it will be on the same level as Forums, Blogs, Groups and Special. The Articles channel should not be deleted. Article categories are managed in the AdminCP either in under the CMS section or Channel Management.
    3. Tags are the primary method of multi-category organization. The vBulletin 5 CMS uses the standard vBulletin Tag system. Tags are not assigned to categories but can be used across categories. They function the same as tags in forum topics and blogs. They can be searched in the same system.
    4. Grids, Layouts and Widgets - These are replaced with Site Builder's functionality. The Site Administrator can use Site Builder to add pages, edit Article Categories and add widgets to the user's view. The Layout step has been eliminated. Grids are now Layouts. Widgets are called Modules. Page templates are previously stored page configurations.
    5. Author and Editor Usergroups – Two new usergroups have been added to handle article creation and publishing details. Most sites have a limited author pool. These groups allow you to develop a workflow to create and publish articles on your site. With the default permissions, Authors can create and save draft of articles. They will be able to edit their own articles before publishing over multiple sessions.
    6. Channel Navigation Module. This replaces the Section Navigation Widget in vBulletin 4.X. It can be placed on any page and allows you to choose the Top Level Channel to be used. This means you can use if for Article Categories, Forums, Blogs, and Group Categories. An Example would be to place it in a Forum Category to get a quick navigation box to all of its children.
    Other features:
    The Password System has been refactored. A new password system has been added to vBulletin. This allows us to quickly add new password hashing schemes if the need arises without invalidating old passwords. Users can easily define the priority of the scheme they want to use with an XML file. This functionality change will cause any single sign-on systems that integrate with vBulletin to need updating. If you are using such a system, you will need to wait until it is updated before upgrading to 5.1.0.

    Permissions Updates have been applied to the system. The primary reason was to provide more control over who can Comment and who cannot per Forum Channel. This change also required changes to how other permissions worked. This will give site owners more control over content generation on their site. This change requires that Administrators review all permissions after upgrading.

    Quick Setup functionality has been added to the Site Builder. This is intended for first time admins and walks them through a few steps to get up and running quickly. They can upload their site logo, create forums and invite friends via email from here. While not an exhaustive list of steps, it can help you get online faster.

    Outgoing RSS has been added to the system. The addition of the RSS System is a feature parity issue with vBulletin 4.X. This allows people to subscribe to your site with their favorite RSS Reader or browser and get timely updates on new content. Functionality is similar to the functionality found in vBulletin 4.

    Google Analytics is integrated. All you need to do is add your Analytics code to the option. This is found in the Admin CP under Settings -> Options -> Google Analytics.
    Along with the features above, over 450 issues have been fixed or resolved in the system.

    Discuss this release here:
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    New Feature
    Feature Request
    • [VBV-4523] - Post comments needs to have usergroup permissions
    • [VBV-8782] - Add Google Analytics Options
    • [VBV-11480] - Additional filters for article management in the backend
    • [VBV-11481] - Author Module
    • [VBV-11511] - Add option to show only children for Root Channel within Channel Navigation Module
    • [VBV-11625] - Need a rebuild article preview images option after changing the default size (Options=> Content Management => Article Preview Image Size)
    • [VBV-11734] - Include the attached script in the do_not_upload folder of the release package.
    • [VBV-11826] - Article Channels should allow a description.
    • [VBV-11891] - Have option to remove user avatar in the search module (this would be useful for the "Latest Article" module)
    • [VBV-12014] - Please allow to sort topics based on topic likes

    Hook Request
    • [VBV-10952] - Add hooks in contententry_toolbar template
    • [VBV-10953] - contententry hook for Panels.
    • [VBV-11093] - Add hook before </body> tag after all script includes

    Improvement Request
    • [VBV-1162] - Warning when entering birthdate during registration is unclear.
    • [VBV-10710] - Page titles should be H1 tags.
    • [VBV-10763] - Rename "can_comment" from the content permissions array
    • [VBV-10918] - Move hook conversation_display_controls
    • [VBV-11059] - Remove ui_widget_content_text_color stylevar
    • [VBV-11159] - Paypal changes October 7, 2013 may break subscription system
    • [VBV-11238] - Remove quotation marks from the topic preview
    • [VBV-11330] - Show article title as H2 tag above username...
    • [VBV-11375] - Move FastDS Options from MySQL Configuration section to Cache Configuration section(core/includes/config.php)
    • [VBV-11418] - Cannot place Page Title module on custom pages.
    • [VBV-11432] - Visual improvements on the articles' frontpage
    • [VBV-11449] - Rename Permission Preview option to Guest Preview
    • [VBV-11454] - Channel Management -> Forum Manager should be Channel Management -> Channel Manager.
    • [VBV-11479] - Improve CMS articles management in admincp to make sure a horizontal scroll is less likely to occur.
    • [VBV-11507] - Article Title improvements
    • [VBV-11508] - Mutipage content display
    • [VBV-11545] - CMS - Should we implement "Content From" option for article categories?
    • [VBV-11550] - The ChannelSelect config item needs option to use "current channel"
    • [VBV-11559] - Add a way to generate URLs with the /contentpageX appended
    • [VBV-11691] - AdminCP > Contentlist, save perpage to cookie
    • [VBV-11809] - Set "Can Create Announcement" moderator permission to No on new installs.
    • [VBV-11839] - Provide an additional copy of the htaccess file as a text file for mac users
    • [VBV-11889] - Show Comment Count on Article Preview area
    • [VBV-11890] - Remove user avatar on article category page
    • [VBV-11899] - AdminCP > CMS, cache result of getFullCategoryList() to potentially reduce subsequent load times of contentlist
    • [VBV-11916] - "About the Author" module should link to User's Profile.
    • [VBV-11939] - Change node.nodeoptions from SMALLINT to INT
    • [VBV-11979] - Put article info on the articles' main page in one line
    • [VBV-11980] - Add a "Read More" link to the articles' main page (optionally)

    • [VBV-2532] - Lack of outgoing RSS feeds
    • [VBV-2611] - CLI instructions in web upgrade warning should be updated to include "core"
    • [VBV-3374] - Cannot type/move cursor before horizontal line if it is the first element in the editor
    • [VBV-5273] - report_all_php_errors + AJAX + vbdate() = Notice
    • [VBV-5554] - CGI Shebang only written on php files in the ./core directory, for vb5 downloads.
    • [VBV-6156] - User is ignored after his follow request is declined
    • [VBV-7875] - Option to Delete Page Title Module, but you're not actually allowed
    • [VBV-7973] - Navigation Tab State is not maintained.
    • [VBV-8564] - Including Attachments to a Post Becomes Links
    • [VBV-8669] - Post Icon Manager broken (regression)
    • [VBV-8888] - Attachment image width and height are reversed.
    • [VBV-8909] - php 5.5 compatibility
    • [VBV-9001] - [IMG] bbcode that points to an attachment is converted to an [ATTACH] bbcode, so when editing the post, your full-size image is converted to a thumbnail
    • [VBV-9031] - "Email Activation Codes" in admincp results in invalid page url error
    • [VBV-9197] - vB4 CMS subchannels are not imported properly
    • [VBV-9523] - All inline image attachments have been turned into links at the bottom of the post in VB 5.0.2
    • [VBV-9817] - Users without the Can Download Attachments permission cannot view images inserted with [IMG] BB Code
    • [VBV-10062] - Private Messaging Sending/Receiving blocked after reaching inbox limit despite clearing old messages
    • [VBV-10330] - Undelete Topics removes the warning of "Unpublished Posts"
    • [VBV-10545] - No preferences are saved in the editor
    • [VBV-10584] - (Regression) User Settings -> Account -> Disable Show Images is not working
    • [VBV-10593] - Typo in Phrase - setting_player_wmode_desc
    • [VBV-10605] - account_ customizeprofile_ gfaqtext / B equals B
    • [VBV-10620] - vB 5.0.4 RC Week 1: Stylesheet CSS as files generating incorrect directory name = 404 not found css files
    • [VBV-10650] - Typo in FAQ - blog_create_gfaqtext
    • [VBV-10674] - Password History group setting doesn't work
    • [VBV-10704] - (Regression)Blog post titles are not trimmed properly in the Blog Latest Comments module
    • [VBV-10726] - Non master phrases not removed by product uninstaller
    • [VBV-10816] - vB_Cache_Db->shutdown() needs cleaning up
    • [VBV-10818] - Missing full-stop in phrase - 'cannot_convert_channel'
    • [VBV-10819] - Typo in phrase - 'content_for_group_event_administration_would_you_go_here'
    • [VBV-10825] - Typo in phrase - 'no_file_uploaded'
    • [VBV-10834] - Private Messages navigation menu is too small to accommodate Spanish translation
    • [VBV-10889] - Closure table records not being removed on hard deletes
    • [VBV-10914] - Subscription Permissions Screen does not show Subscription Titles.
    • [VBV-10926] - Cacheevent_log table is unused by anything
    • [VBV-10930] - Remove moderation_threads template
    • [VBV-10942] - Typo in FAQ - general_search_gfaqtext
    • [VBV-10967] - Remove core/cron.php
    • [VBV-10974] - Database error in scheduled tasks - part 2
    • [VBV-11010] - [outgoing RSS] Feed Preview not displaying same as actual imported content
    • [VBV-11012] - Typo in content_polls_gfaqtext
    • [VBV-11018] - vbDescendantAttachCount fast-caching not used.
    • [VBV-11020] - Conversation Route information cached and not used.
    • [VBV-11022] - New page title / description phrases are written to the vbulletin-language.xml file by the dev export system
    • [VBV-11023] - Remove additional_module_header_text_color stylevar and css
    • [VBV-11026] - User Promotions Not Working - Error when running promotions scheduled task
    • [VBV-11027] - If "Topic Comment Posting" is set to No, you aren't authorized to upload attachments
    • [VBV-11048] - Edit site/Navigation Bar says 'Footer' for 'Main Navigation Bar'
    • [VBV-11063] - Fix old content_entry_box stylevars
    • [VBV-11065] - Preview for hover should be cached.
    • [VBV-11078] - Invalid Query Definition: subscriptionlog
    • [VBV-11079] - Longer words cut off in member list headers
    • [VBV-11081] - replying with a photo on a post made by topic starter creates 2 notifications
    • [VBV-11099] - Usergroup Setting > Forum Permissions, shows a box that shouldn't be shown.
    • [VBV-11104] - api.php should not respond with a 404 header/die when the API isn't properly called.
    • [VBV-11105] - There is a newer version of vBulletin available to download - no longer links correctly
    • [VBV-11112] - Install Final, Step 6 should be split.
    • [VBV-11132] - "Invalid content info." phrase is hardcoded on the poll library's mergeContentInfo method
    • [VBV-11189] - makeconfig.php failing due to realpath() error.
    • [VBV-11190] - Channel manager allows you to delete the home channel
    • [VBV-11203] - Update ACP check on install.php
    • [VBV-11210] - externalTest failing sometimes
    • [VBV-11229] - New Install is broken
    • [VBV-11234] - userTest failing
    • [VBV-11243] - Link thumbnail gets deleted.
    • [VBV-11288] - Unit test failure in vb_Api_pendingOwnerTest
    • [VBV-11289] - Upgrader fails on step_139 of the 500a1 upgrade with a database error "Duplicate entry 'default_cms_previewlength' for key 'PRIMARY'"
    • [VBV-11293] - 'can_comment' flag missing for imported cms channels
    • [VBV-11294] - Update display_contenttype_conversationreply_<> templates to set displayComments for article nodes
    • [VBV-11301] - 5.0.6 Alpha 1 : Step 11 Looping
    • [VBV-11302] - Names with spaces in the routenew "name" field killing site
    • [VBV-11306] - Unit test failure in vB_Api_ExtensionsTest
    • [VBV-11307] - Cannot Create Topic as Registered User (Regression)
    • [VBV-11309] - Cannot Rename Pages in Site Builder.
    • [VBV-11317] - Settings -> Options -> ______________________________ (Probably should be CMS Settings)
    • [VBV-11318] - Forum Language option in User Settings - Account tab doesn't save seleted setting when you click Save changes
    • [VBV-11326] - Clicking "See More" on The Front Page breaks pagination.
    • [VBV-11328] - Cannot Rename "The Front Page"
    • [VBV-11329] - Articles do not display Preview Image in Stream View.
    • [VBV-11354] - IE11 Recieves a prompt to download a json file after submitting a quick reply/etc
    • [VBV-11356] - (Regression) creating a forum post with an underscore in the title causes the post to give an "Invalid page url" error
    • [VBV-11362] - Add Tags link sometimes doesn't work on flowers
    • [VBV-11364] - "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in [path]/admincp/css.php on line 447" when editing styles
    • [VBV-11372] - No way to set Articles as the Home Page (http://domain/)
    • [VBV-11374] - Comments are showing disabled right after you edit a blog post or article
    • [VBV-11377] - Hardcoded phrase in Site Builder
    • [VBV-11378] - Unable to create new topics in groups as a regular user (regression)
    • [VBV-11380] - RSS Feeds with no title, will display a blank title
    • [VBV-11381] - RSS Feed will display Invalid Page URL for certain feeds
    • [VBV-11385] - Remove the shebang from the 5.0.5 and 5.0.6 upgrade scripts
    • [VBV-11388] - Unpublished channels show in the channel nav widget
    • [VBV-11402] - Remove Meta Keywords from Article Creation
    • [VBV-11404] - outgoing RSS -- too many calls to external API from template
    • [VBV-11406] - Article list pagination is broken.
    • [VBV-11410] - Cannot create social group as registered user
    • [VBV-11419] - (Regression) Can't remove new unsaved forums from the Page Manager - Forum tab
    • [VBV-11421] - (CLI Upgrade) Error message in 5.0.0 Alpha 29, Step 11 (Regression)
    • [VBV-11422] - Article options missing when creating article; Articles display as a topic; [New install]
    • [VBV-11423] - Users without site builder permission cannot upload avatars (regression)
    • [VBV-11426] - Issues with on/off buttons when editing article
    • [VBV-11427] - Can't toggle to open article options
    • [VBV-11428] - Page title missing after saving an article
    • [VBV-11429] - The Forum Manager in the Site Builder stays in English even with another language
    • [VBV-11430] - (regression) Having a Global Announcement, or an announcement in a channel, breaks the site.
    • [VBV-11433] - Publish to Facebook option for articles is always displayed
    • [VBV-11434] - Inline moderation doesn't work in articles/article comments
    • [VBV-11435] - Infraction button not available in articles/article comments
    • [VBV-11440] - Unable to complete registration when Guests cannot view profiles (regression)
    • [VBV-11448] - Syntax Error when visiting View Permissions in the AdminCP.
    • [VBV-11451] - Warning message for big forum on upgrade does not show
    • [VBV-11456] - (Regression) Quote doesn't reset on post Submit
    • [VBV-11457] - Viglink and ForumRunner can't install on 5.1.0 due to maxversion value
    • [VBV-11460] - The "layout" CSS blocks should switch to responsive mode when the *column* gets to narrow instead of when the viewport get too narrow.
    • [VBV-11461] - Can Administer Calendars administrator permission no longer used
    • [VBV-11462] - Admins with canadminsettingsall but not canadminsettings do not see the Options menu (but can access functionality via direct url)
    • [VBV-11465] - Sensitive Information Exposure on getBlogInfo
    • [VBV-11468] - (Regression) Unable to accept moderation requests. "That action could not be completed."
    • [VBV-11491] - SEO URL Alias field not prefilled with non-English characters entered in the title field
    • [VBV-11493] - Sphinx Search : Database Error
    • [VBV-11497] - Discarding autosaved content throws an error (Regression)
    • [VBV-11510] - Sphinx Search : Database Error (Publishdate)
    • [VBV-11514] - Phrases not displayed in article delete popup
    • [VBV-11516] - Move Article if submitted with a different parentid
    • [VBV-11518] - Unit Test Failure
    • [VBV-11520] - Possible target for DoS attacks on the search method from the phrase class
    • [VBV-11522] - When Display Author = No, the author's avatar is still displayed
    • [VBV-11523] - Can't view any article as regular user
    • [VBV-11525] - "getAvatarUrl" is always returning the default avatar URL
    • [VBV-11527] - Articles created with a near future publish date (an hour, for example), will display phrase placeholders like: <!-- ##phrase_today_0## -->, 06:55 AM
    • [VBV-11528] - AM/PM publish time dropdown doesn't work
    • [VBV-11529] - Quote button missing on posts
    • [VBV-11532] - Trying to save "display order" for channels in the Admin CP results in an "Invalid Page URL error"
    • [VBV-11535] - Redundant options in Articles module configuration
    • [VBV-11536] - Publish Time not correctly set if the user's time zone settings are different that the server's
    • [VBV-11537] - Publishing Options available even to users without the Can Publish permission
    • [VBV-11538] - Tag Navigation module - Display as... Tag Could - Most used tag cause style issue
    • [VBV-11539] - Channel Navigation and Tag Navigation modules should not allow selection of "Special" channel or its children
    • [VBV-11541] - Blog comments always disabled even if Enable Comments checkbox ix checked (regression)
    • [VBV-11548] - Update channel display widget to handle unpublished channels
    • [VBV-11549] - Channel navigation module shows categories that have displayorder = 0
    • [VBV-11551] - Icon needed for the Preview Break editor button.
    • [VBV-11553] - Sphinx Search : Database Error (is_starter)
    • [VBV-11556] - Sphinx Search : Database Error (nodeid)
    • [VBV-11557] - Create a conversation widget for articles
    • [VBV-11558] - Fix CMS comments to use canreply instead of can_commnet
    • [VBV-11561] - Unable to create new blogs as a regular user
    • [VBV-11572] - Usergroup Manager > "Can Use HTML" and "User can delete sub-channels here" dont't save
    • [VBV-11578] - The code to sort the tags in the tag cloud module is not working as expected
    • [VBV-11579] - Inline Attachment Links do not preserve line breaks.
    • [VBV-11580] - Image Attachment Extensions are case sensitive...
    • [VBV-11582] - Upgrade crash on 5.1.0 Alpha 2 Step 7
    • [VBV-11583] - Upgrade crash on 5.1.0 Alpha 2 Step 8
    • [VBV-11584] - Admin CP content management pages have no copyright footer
    • [VBV-11585] - No Save Display Order button in admincp Category List
    • [VBV-11586] - No Display Order field in admincp Add Category/Edit Category pages
    • [VBV-11587] - Go Back and Save buttons in admincp Add/Edit Category pages are reversed
    • [VBV-11588] - Selecting an action in the admincp Category List Control doesn't initiate it until clicking the Go button
    • [VBV-11589] - Category parent-child relation not properly represented in admincp Category List
    • [VBV-11590] - Conversation Detail Module in CMS has unapplicable options
    • [VBV-11594] - Blogs/groups created with displayorder = 0
    • [VBV-11598] - Sphinx indexing will fail if a db prefix is set in the config.php file
    • [VBV-11599] - unit test failures in nodeTest
    • [VBV-11601] - Beta 22 step 3 upgrader cannot be run multiple times
    • [VBV-11602] - Saving on Edit Category page reloads the same page instead of Category List main page
    • [VBV-11603] - Publishing articles via admincp soft deletes them
    • [VBV-11604] - Not having the "Can View Topic Content" permission breaks searches/activity streams that include results affected by that permission (regression)
    • [VBV-11605] - CMS Imported Articles can have invalid character(s) in url
    • [VBV-11607] - CMS Navigation Group in Admincp requires debug mode..
    • [VBV-11608] - CMS - Child Categories should always show under their parent.
    • [VBV-11611] - If there is no text before the first [page] tag, the article's first page is blank
    • [VBV-11612] - Sphinx search fails if " Search in my subscriptions only" is selected and user has no subscriptions
    • [VBV-11613] - Infraction popup lost styling (regression)
    • [VBV-11615] - "error_adding_moderator" when adding a blog moderator
    • [VBV-11618] - "updateRoute" is not checking permissions
    • [VBV-11619] - Unit Test Failure
    • [VBV-11620] - Settings menu and Search Type accessible by users with only cansetserverconfig
    • [VBV-11621] - Extraneous line showing at the bottom of the Content List page
    • [VBV-11622] - Inline mod checkbox not displayed for articles
    • [VBV-11623] - Article Display Module "Add First Post Ad" and "Add Last Post Ad" options have no effect
    • [VBV-11626] - The publish date/time changes to the current time when you edit an article and you don't change the publish date.
    • [VBV-11635] - Typo in phrase setting_ga_code_desc
    • [VBV-11636] - Typo in phrase setting_ga_enabled_desc
    • [VBV-11638] - New admin permissions not mapped when upgrading (from vB4?)
    • [VBV-11639] - CMS categories imported without display order in upgrades
    • [VBV-11640] - Some forums lost in upgrade process (regression)
    • [VBV-11641] - Sphinx Search: You are unable to reply to moved topics.
    • [VBV-11644] - Can't modify Site Terms and Rules
    • [VBV-11645] - Article nodeoptions not getting set when you upload a file with the article
    • [VBV-11652] - Admin posts are marked as soft deleted right after creating the post (regression)
    • [VBV-11658] - User Profiles - Media Tab: Edit link doesn't work
    • [VBV-11662] - Cannot place cursor after PAGE bb code if no text after it exists
    • [VBV-11663] - Cannot place cursor or type after PRBREAK bb code if no text after it already exists
    • [VBV-11667] - Guest Users can delete tags from database
    • [VBV-11669] - Guests can remove users from their secondary usergroups using leaveGroup method
    • [VBV-11671] - (regression) If user isn't allowed to view home page, they get an error, not a No Permission message
    • [VBV-11674] - Publishing published articles via Content List changes the publish date to current date
    • [VBV-11675] - Admin CP Content Management displays publish date of unpublished articles as current date
    • [VBV-11676] - "Please select a category to move the nodes into." should say articles rather than nodes
    • [VBV-11681] - Missing JS file
    • [VBV-11684] - Using poll timeout will set them to expired by default
    • [VBV-11689] - Article options not properly imported
    • [VBV-11690] - Unit test failures.
    • [VBV-11693] - topic preview length is short by one
    • [VBV-11694] - Polls are not displaying results by default when user has already voted
    • [VBV-11696] - Topic icon is not displayed anywhere in Articles
    • [VBV-11700] - Clicking "Manage" on a deleted posts in Articles will display "undefined vBulletin.inlinemod"
    • [VBV-11702] - Part of the page title module is not hidden when in sitebuilder
    • [VBV-11705] - CMS Article comment count incorrect
    • [VBV-11706] - Infraction UI will not display "Write something here..." default text for Private Message
    • [VBV-11712] - AdminCP Help Text not imported
    • [VBV-11713] - Incorrect permission check on Announcements admincp menu - only super admins can view it (regression)
    • [VBV-11714] - Attempting to Send Email in Quick Setup without entering recipients results in unprased error message
    • [VBV-11716] - Nodeoptions do not save when creating an article
    • [VBV-11725] - title and description text not hidden while editing in user profile media page
    • [VBV-11726] - Failures in nodeTest
    • [VBV-11727] - Failures in route unit test
    • [VBV-11728] - Failure in Channel Content unit test
    • [VBV-11729] - Error in Extensions Api Unit Test
    • [VBV-11730] - Upload logo via Quick Setup shows error in IE (but upload succesfull)
    • [VBV-11738] - Quick Setup broken in Chrome.
    • [VBV-11739] - Quick Setup button doesn't work if site builder has just been activated
    • [VBV-11741] - When creating topics, they show up as deleted when viewing the forum
    • [VBV-11742] - Failure in Follow Test
    • [VBV-11746] - Failure in Paging test
    • [VBV-11747] - Failure in vB_Api_ExternalTest
    • [VBV-11753] - Sphinx Search : Database Error - Unexpected ')'
    • [VBV-11755] - Unable to edit comment in forum (Regression)
    • [VBV-11756] - Unable to create blog and Group post (Regression)
    • [VBV-11765] - disabling auto-save causes an error message to pop up whenever a change is made when trying to post a reply/topic
    • [VBV-11769] - can't use html in blog posts when permissions allow for it.
    • [VBV-11771] - Illegal Double when updating Session Table
    • [VBV-11780] - Welcome Email not using translated phrase if present
    • [VBV-11781] - /include/vb5/template/bbcode.php have some syntax error
    • [VBV-11783] - Fix IE image upload with fix for VBV-11730
    • [VBV-11786] - Unit test fixes -- added phrase check to expect error
    • [VBV-11788] - Broken images in CMS after 4.2.2 upgrade to 5.1.0
    • [VBV-11791] - Allow users who can create, but can't publish, to see the unpublished articles they have created
    • [VBV-11798] - Description field of forum input boxes added using the More Forums button doesn't expand in Quick Setup
    • [VBV-11799] - Cannot delete Main Forum - is a default channel (regression)
    • [VBV-11800] - Phrase "flag_a_post" doesn't translate
    • [VBV-11801] - Extra '>' at the end of css_b_inlinemod.css
    • [VBV-11806] - Cannot Save Changes in user settings if current username not within Minimum Username Lenght and Maximum Username Lenght
    • [VBV-11807] - registration_complete translation doesn't work
    • [VBV-11808] - Cannot Save changes to users in admincp if they have an expired password
    • [VBV-11811] - Page continue to show "Working..." message after trying to post a new topic (regression)
    • [VBV-11813] - Typo in phrase - 'bookmarksite_ add_ edit_ title_ text'
    • [VBV-11815] - Typo in phrase - 'options_options_showbirthdays_text'
    • [VBV-11817] - Incorrect [attach] code inserted on upgrade from 4.x versions with embedded attachments.
    • [VBV-11818] - Remove Scrollbars on Quick setup
    • [VBV-11819] - Handle raw HTML preview image values for static HTML articles
    • [VBV-11820] - The "choose a style" to apply the logo to in the quick setup panel has wrong styling (the radio buttons are on top of each other so you can only select one)
    • [VBV-11823] - Potential security hole in vBUrl
    • [VBV-11824] - Even spacing on the adminCP CMS's category list
    • [VBV-11827] - Do not display "Save Draft" button if the article is already published
    • [VBV-11830] - The "Insert" and "Insert Image" links for attachments are mis-labeled
    • [VBV-11836] - followforummoderation permission handling not fully implemented
    • [VBV-11844] - Password Reminder Email sent from AdminCP has /core/ in URL
    • [VBV-11859] - Typo in phrase - 'thread_move_destforumid_text'
    • [VBV-11874] - Articles Not Imported From VB4 CMS During Upgrade (web upgrade only)
    • [VBV-11875] - You cannot add a system module to the page template (Unable to edit the "Articles" module on main articles page)
    • [VBV-11877] - Unable to post to article channels under certain circumstances (channel missing a route record)
    • [VBV-11885] - Node API setUnPublished() is not setting children showpublished flag to 0
    • [VBV-11893] - vB_Api_Content_Channel->update() seems to blindly publish unpublished article categories
    • [VBV-11900] - Error 500 when saving changes to page in site builder changing the url
    • [VBV-11902] - Editing Profile Module breaks the Activities tab (Regression)
    • [VBV-11911] - Double avatar when viewing an article
    • [VBV-11919] - Polls deleted on upgrade to 5.1.0 (regression)
    • [VBV-11920] - "save draft" button does not work (the article gets published)
    • [VBV-11921] - Cannot save usergroup changes if not having Can Use SiteBuilder Admin Permission
    • [VBV-11938] - Multiple Unit test failures in nodeTest
    • [VBV-11955] - IE8 crashes when clicking Quote link
    • [VBV-11956] - Failures in PrivateMesssage Unit test
    • [VBV-11957] - User Profile Site Builder is redirecting to another page
    • [VBV-11959] - Remove YUI uploader.swf file
    • [VBV-11963] - Failure in Channel Content unit test
    • [VBV-11965] - Unit test failure in userTest
    • [VBV-11969] - (regression) "Forgot password" function will not work when the user account is not been activated
    • [VBV-11970] - About the author module will display an internal error when added to a channel
    • [VBV-11972] - Add autocomplete="off" to all password fields in the html
    • [VBV-11976] - Selecting "Stick Topic" for an article has no effect on the articles' main page
    • [VBV-11981] - Space required between "View more answers" and icon
    • [VBV-11991] - Article category can't be changed when editing article
    • [VBV-11992] - Adding an image to a post creates huge blank space above the image
    • [VBV-11993] - Articles' main page: Text after preview image is misplaced
    • [VBV-11998] - Removing 1 tag from an article always removes all tags
    • [VBV-12000] - Design of search results after clicking on a tag in Article Tags module is broken
    • [VBV-12009] - Tag editor input box is missing its border in Chrome
    • [VBV-12018] - When you click New Posts, flagged reports will show to everyone
    • [VBV-12020] - "Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression" when using apostrophes in tags
    • [VBV-12022] - "CMS Authors" can't comment on own unpublished articles, but see the comment box
    • [VBV-12027] - Can't edit tags when editing an Article if article has comments
    • [VBV-12029] - vBForum:publishNode is incomplete
    • [VBV-12030] - Images not formatting correctly in posts
    • [VBV-12031] - Inline image attachments for articles are displayed as thumbnails regardless of the config
    • [VBV-12033] - Missing phrases on the registration process
    • [VBV-12034] - Unable to see articles as a Guest user by default
    • [VBV-12036] - Undefined index usepconnect when viewing admincp, with errors enabled
    • [VBV-12041] - Customers can see php info.
    • [VBV-12048] - The preview break only affects the preview length for the "Public Preview" option, instead of the length of the preview text for the article in general
    • [VBV-12049] - Editing a published article unpublishes it
    • [VBV-12060] - Cannot add ads when not having canadmintemplates admin permission
    • [VBV-12063] - Saving new Style with Style Generator in Site Builder results in "Unauthorized to view this page."
    • [VBV-12067] - Can't save Human Verification settings when having canadminsettings but not canadminsettingsall
    • [VBV-12073] - Adding Style breaks existing styles.
    • [VBV-12082] - "no_permission_1" phrase displayed instead of correct translated phrase
    • [VBV-12086] - Blog owner can't permanently delete a soft-deleted comment
    • [VBV-12087] - No success message is being displayed when copying a post
    • [VBV-12092] - Notice preventing the modification of footer links
    • [VBV-12096] - Clicking "Attach" button doesn't close header ad configuration popup (regression)
    • [VBV-12099] - Incorrect message when subscribing to a blog
    • [VBV-12104] - "error_adding_folder" message displayed when attempting to transfer blog ownership
    • [VBV-12109] - Unable to Save Page new settings (site builder)
    • [VBV-12110] - Unable to edit posts from the Blog home page
    • [VBV-12131] - Cancelling an Ownership transfer to a moderator, will remove him as a moderator too
    • [VBV-12141] - vB 5.1.0 has no upgrader step for 5.0.6
    • [VBV-12148] - Inserting a Page Break will break the Articles section, along with all of it's childs
    • [VBV-12161] - API Node undeleteNodes() is checking the wrong moderator permission
    • [VBV-12164] - Removing (accepting/declining/cancelling) a channel moderator/owner request corrupts the database (leaves an orphan closure record which causes exceptions)
    • [VBV-12192] - Channel title and description are not aligned correctly on the search results
    • [VBV-12194] - Blog posts won't display the date on the search results page
    • [VBV-12195] - Post options should have some margin on the right side
    • [VBV-12201] - "Select Unapproved Topics" will also select soft-deleted topics
    • [VBV-12203] - candeleteposts moderator permission does not allow users to restore soft-deleted posts
    • [VBV-12210] - Stuck on "working" when trying to submit new post with an attachment (regression)
    • [VBV-12214] - Tag Navigation module in article pages has no title on upgrades
    • [VBV-12220] - Error when soft-deleting a post
    • [VBV-12233] - Blog owners who have permission to soft-delete / undelete blog posts don't have the "Manage | View" links on the blog post starter
    • [VBV-12237] - Bug in vB_Library_Node::publishChildren
    • [VBV-12242] - Scheduled Articles Show Out of Order
    • [VBV-12249] - User Session expires too quickly on iOS app
    • [VBV-12275] - Security issue with postvars feature
    • [VBV-12283] - Quote button disappear on pagination
    • [VBV-12287] - isnumeric() call in /core/vb5/route/legacy/vbcms.php is causing fatal error.
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      Updated Templates

      blogmember_tab 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      contententry_basic 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      conversation_comment_item 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      css_b_comment.css 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      css_b_comments.css 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      css_b_content_entry_panel.css 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      css_b_smilie.css 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      css_b_table.css 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      css_b_topicpreview.css 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      css_memberlist.css 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      display_Comments 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_BlogChannel 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_SGChannel 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      display_contenttype_conversationstarter_Poll 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      display_contenttype_threadview_header 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      display_Forums_item 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      display_Forums_list 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      inlinemod_manage_deleted 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      photo_edit 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      photo_item 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      privatemessage_detail 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      privatemessage_infraction_item 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      privatemessage_pendingpost_item 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      privatemessage_preview 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      privatemessage_sentdetail 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      profile_activity 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      profile_following 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      profile_media_videoitem 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      profile_textphotodetail 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      socialgroup_nodes 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      widget_css_examples 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      widget_search_results 5.1.0 Alpha 1
      channel_radio_item 5.1.0 Alpha 2
      css_b_form_select.css 5.1.0 Alpha 2
      css_b_form_textarea.css 5.1.0 Alpha 2
      css_b_toggle_slider.css 5.1.0 Alpha 2
      css_b_toolbar.css 5.1.0 Alpha 2
      debug_info 5.1.0 Alpha 2
      module_title 5.1.0 Alpha 2
      privatemessage_deleted_item 5.1.0 Alpha 2
      widget_profile_sidebar 5.1.0 Alpha 2
      admin_configuresite_channel 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      article_content_pagenav 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      contententry_editor 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      contententry_panel_blogoptions 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      contententry_toolbar 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      conversation_toolbar 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      css_b_article_content_pagenav.css 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      css_b_post_column.css 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      footer 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      inlinemod_menu 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      pagenavnew 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      widget_articledisplay 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      widget_cmschanneldisplay_list 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      widget_cmschannelnavigation 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      widget_conversationdisplay 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      widget_tagnavigation 5.1.0 Alpha 3
      contententry_title 5.1.0 Alpha 4
      conversation_footer 5.1.0 Alpha 4
      css_sitebuilder.css 5.1.0 Alpha 4
      give_infraction_form 5.1.0 Alpha 4
      header 5.1.0 Alpha 4
      inlinemod_auth 5.1.0 Alpha 4
      toggle_slider 5.1.0 Alpha 4
      widget_announcement 5.1.0 Alpha 4
      admin_configuresite 5.1.0 Alpha 5
      contententry 5.1.0 Alpha 5
      css_b_config_site.css 5.1.0 Alpha 5
      css_b_inlinemod.css 5.1.0 Alpha 5
      contententry_buttons 5.1.0 Alpha 6
      contententry_panel_attachments_item 5.1.0 Alpha 6
      css_b_icon.css 5.1.0 Alpha 6
      css_editor.css 5.1.0 Alpha 6
      css_utilities.css 5.1.0 Alpha 6
      css_b_channel_nav.css 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      css_b_post.css 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      css_b_post_attachments.css 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      css_global.css 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Gallery 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Infraction 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Link 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Photo 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Poll 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Text 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Video 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Gallery 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Infraction 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_item_header 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Link 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Photo 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Poll 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Text 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Video 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      search_config 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_aboutauthor 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_activitystream 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_blogchanneldisplay 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_bloghome 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_blogsidebar 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_channeldisplay 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_cmschanneldisplay 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_cmschannelnavigation_item 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_pagetitle 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_profile 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_search 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_sgchanneldisplay 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_sghome 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      widget_sgsidebar 5.1.0 Alpha 7
      article_title_info 5.1.0 Alpha 8
      contententry_panel_articleoptions 5.1.0 Alpha 8
      bbcode_video 5.1.0 Alpha 9
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