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vBulletin v5.0.4 is Now Available for Download

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  • vBulletin v5.0.4 is Now Available for Download

    vBulletin is proud to present version 5.0.4, the latest release in the vBulletin 5 series, which is now available for download in the members area. Our developers have been hard at work providing a large number of fixes, improvements and features which we'd like to share with you today.

    New Features

    Member List
    The Member List has been restored in vBulletin 5 Connect. The restoration of this feature was one of our top requests since the release of vBulletin 5 Connect. To view the member's list, please visit

    Within the member list you can sort by the table columns presented. You can also filter by the first letter of the username. Member Search on the front-end is still not implemented yet. We'll provide more information on that when we can.

    Message Center Enhancements
    Infraction Integration with Message Center
    With the ongoing integration of moderation tools within the Message Center, you can now handle Infraction discussions within this area. Here you can review recent infractions, make comments and access the posts and user's profile for further handling.

    You can remove reputation with infractions
    When you issue infractions, a new option has been added to subtract from the user's overall reputation as well.

    Soft Deleted Posts
    You can now access soft deleted content from within the Message Center. From here, you can restore or delete the content permanently if desired. This functionality mimics the recycle bin concept in popular operating systems and was a frequently requested feature in vBulletin 3 and on. (This applies to admins and moderators only)
    Meta Descriptions and Keywords
    Meta Descriptions have been changed so they are unique per page. When saving a custom page in Site Builder, you can set the Meta Description. For user created content, the Meta Description will contain a snippet from the content itself. This will occur on all new content.

    Meta Keywords have been removed from the system. Search Engines no longer use them and they serve no real purpose on the modern internet.

    NGINX Support
    vBulletin 5.0.4 includes support for the NGINX webserver. NGINX is the third most used webserver after Apache and IIS. Many feel it provides enhancements and performance increases over other solutions.

    Sphinx Search
    If you are running a larger site you can now utilize Sphinx Search on your server. This performance enhancement will allow you to offload search from your MySQL database. Sphinx Search can be enabled in your AdminCP after Sphinx is installed. Instructions are located in your Do Not Upload folder.

    Addon Product Enhancements
    Third-Party developers will notice several enhancements to the product for their own addons. Developers can now create custom pre-populated pages with modules and share those as part of the distributed product. We've also added a number of requested hooks.

    Some additional things we worked on
    • Improvements to RTL view
    • A number of improvements to the default style
    • Installation has been simplified and refined. (See Below)
    Full list of things fixed

    Please discuss this release here:
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    Installation Changes
    We are pleased to announce that the vBulletin 5 installation process has been simplified and we are working to simplify it further in future releases. The primary change with this release is that you no longer need to enter your Base Forum URL into your presentation config.php file located at the root of your forum directory. Simply rename the file from config.php.bkp to config.php and upload it for your initial installation. The Installation Wizard will preconfigure your BaseURL for you and this value is now stored in the AdminCP under Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details.

    If you use SSL for login, you will need to update the new value for this located at Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details in the AdminCP as well. Documentation is being updated to correspond with these changes as well.

    These changes should not have any affect on upgrades and the system will update itself to use the new settings.
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      New Features
      • VBV-3461 - There's no page or module to list soft-deleted posts and others
      • VBV-4933 - Sphinx Search integration product
      • VBV-8823 - Add functionality to make infractions decrease reputation
      • VBV-9805 - Add pagination to /blogs, /social-groups and /sguncategorized route prefixes
      • VBV-995 - Nginx support

      Improvement Requests
      • VBV-4409 - All pages uses the same meta description & meta keywords
      • VBV-4876 - Mods cannot create new pages with pre-populated modules on install
      • VBV-7665 - Mobile App: Video type posts show no content
      • VBV-7956 - Include commented out RewriteBase Rule for some customers
      • VBV-8375 - Display the infractions queue in the message center
      • VBV-9878 - content library function getFullContent() has unnecessary call to vB::getCurrentSession()->get('userid')
      • VBV-9986 - Add Canonical Next and Prev Relationships to the Meta data of Blogs Home page > Member Blogs tab
      • VBV-9987 - Add Canonical Next and Prev Relationships to the Meta data of Forum Channel page
      • VBV-10298 - Navbar: Textfield for jumping to pages should be auto-selected
      • VBV-10409 - Default Search results should be sorted by date, descending...
      • VBV-10610 - Default Sorting of Member List should be by User Name, not posts.

      Hook Requests
      • VBV-6054 - Template Hook: widget_conversationdisplay - beneath Quick Reply container
      • VBV-8811 - Hook Request: profile sidebar menu item
      • VBV-8812 - Hook Request: profile sidebar buttons
      • VBV-9991 - Add hooks in display_contenttype_conversationstarter_threadview_*

      Bug Fixes
      • VBV-258 - Replace hack of 'x-vb-presentation-base' with a permanent solution
      • VBV-2026 - Notification list in Notifications page not as per style guide
      • VBV-2901 - Product title doesn't save 50 characters as expected when it's non-english characters
      • VBV-3265 - Advanced Search: Date search fails if one date is entered manually and the other date via calendar picker
      • VBV-3928 - {vb:stylevar left} and {vb:stylevar right} does not switch values when the site is in RTL
      • VBV-4095 - RTL not fully working
      • VBV-4662 - Create Member List module
      • VBV-5829 - The User signature image displays as the file name instead of the actual picture
      • VBV-5877 - Reflect COPPA settings in API responses
      • VBV-6219 - Invalid HTTP header being sent
      • VBV-7488 - forumdisplay pagination lost on vb4-vb5 url redirect / No permalink urls for page2+
      • VBV-7670 - Friend Lists are not working after upgrading
      • VBV-7695 - Guest caching is playing badly with facebook registration
      • VBV-7765 - refcount is not updated properly when saving a signature image
      • VBV-7836 - Mobile App: Sticking/Unsticking threads doesn't properly refresh the thread list
      • VBV-7934 - Mobile App: Connection error messages after upgrade
      • VBV-8109 - Full Path Disclosure Vulnerabilities
      • VBV-8199 - Fix Payment API
      • VBV-8304 - "Possible Infraction Groups" not displayed in Give Infraction form
      • VBV-8373 - Remove the uiforumid setting
      • VBV-8399 - Private forums shown in advanced search page
      • VBV-8420 - Selected posts for inline moderation are not maintained between pages.
      • VBV-8560 - Administrative menu (cog icon) never displayed in topics in the infraction forum
      • VBV-8561 - Edit link never displayed in first posts of real topics (non-infraction topics) in the infraction forum
      • VBV-8582 - Issues with forums that have "/" character.
      • VBV-8636 - User seems to not be logged in after clicking a link or entering a URL manually
      • VBV-8676 - Search box in user profile Subscriptions/Subscribers area shows "Not implemented yet" popup when attempting to use it
      • VBV-8850 - XSS in AdminCP Calendar
      • VBV-9051 - Attachment filenames overflow the attachments block in narrow columns
      • VBV-9056 - searchindex.php - Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (Regression)
      • VBV-9089 - sometimes, thread and post records get created in the node table, without a text entry
      • VBV-9100 - When editing a template, at the Search in Template option, "Find" and "Copy" buttons no longer work.
      • VBV-9318 - (Android) In the Post List, the Last Post button does not work
      • VBV-9320 - (Android) Smileys do not work in single Post View
      • VBV-9357 - SQL Injection on switchForumCategory (Channel API)
      • VBV-9383 - getPopularTags method query parameters not being cleaned in the standard way
      • VBV-9396 - Subscription management in message center
      • VBV-9419 - Facebook July 10 Breaking Changes (VB5)
      • VBV-9448 - (mobile) statistics on My profile do not work.
      • VBV-9466 - Can see bb code in blog comments
      • VBV-9467 - (Android) BBcode is broken in single Blog Comment view
      • VBV-9532 - "blog.post_postcomment" method strips line breaks from submitted post parameters
      • VBV-9536 - ?p=XXX redirecting to wrong page on some threads on
      • VBV-9564 - Remove New Topics filter in My Subscriptions tab in Forum Channel page
      • VBV-9567 - Moving a topic to the same channel will produce an "invalid_request" Error
      • VBV-9639 - Remove Calendar Controls and Phrases [ACP]
      • VBV-9657 - Save Display Order button in Paid Subscription Manager doesn't work
      • VBV-9675 - Show the wrong Arrows of Current Position Links (Right To Left) direction
      • VBV-9800 - New Template Editor: Save & Reload Fails (regression)
      • VBV-9809 - Inline images not displayed to all
      • VBV-9827 - No way to translate page titles
      • VBV-9839 - Visitor messages appearing in todays posts
      • VBV-9841 - Redirect to /install/ if no config.php found
      • VBV-9854 - Moving a node to a closed channel does not properly update the moved node's showopen status.
      • VBV-9870 - Permission Duplication Tools gives errors
      • VBV-9923 - testCanViewPerms() of searchTest incomplete
      • VBV-9929 - Missing phrase for blog_parentchannel setting.
      • VBV-9931 - Not auto-populated URL on AdminCP settings on a new install or upgrade
      • VBV-9934 - Bad name & description for the AdminCP setting 'Frontend Login URL'
      • VBV-9940 - "Undefined index" notice after upgrading from vB4 with forums Off (regression)
      • VBV-9941 - Email notifications are being translated incorrectly.
      • VBV-9951 - When using fbconnect to register, cookies seem to be set for fbconnect, even if you don't follow though
      • VBV-9965 - Wrong phrase group for phrase blog_allow_comments_explanation
      • VBV-9966 - "Contact Us" Spammer Prevention - "Email Flood Check" doesn't work for guests
      • VBV-9973 - When loading a Topic URL with an invalid 'p' querystring value (e.g. node had been hard deleted or user manually types an incorrect nodeid), the 'p' querystring is not dropped
      • VBV-9979 - Hardcoded phrases in 'blogadmin_adminsettings' template
      • VBV-9980 - Hardcoded phrases in 'blogadmin_transferownership' template
      • VBV-9989 - Site Builder uses 'disabled' instead of 'h-disabled'
      • VBV-9995 - Password Expiry not enforced across the application
      • VBV-10004 - Error in install and unit test.
      • VBV-10005 - Inconsistent default filtering in Subscription page
      • VBV-10006 - Large Edit Box no longer works in template editor (regression)
      • VBV-10009 - Remove New Topics filter in Topics tab in Blog Channel page
      • VBV-10014 - Disabled pagination arrows still have the cursor as a pointer on hover
      • VBV-10015 - Adminfunctions failure in new install and unit tests
      • VBV-10028 - User promotions don't work - invalid_query_definition_x error when running User Promotions scheduled task
      • VBV-10037 - Upgrade failures
      • VBV-10060 - Some channel permissions are not listed in add/edit usergroup page - causes them to be reset to No for Home Page when saving usergroup changes
      • VBV-10086 - If forums turned off and Viglink product enabled, guests get error can cannot view site
      • VBV-10258 - Topic Prefixes in AdminCP are Missing
      • VBV-10270 - (Regression)Blogs-General Settings: Blog Title is not displaying Special Characters properly
      • VBV-10275 - Blog Owners should be able to Upload a Blog Icon by default
      • VBV-10288 - Upgrade steps from vB 4.2.1 are missing.
      • VBV-10289 - Upgrader looping on 5.0.2 RC1 Step 2
      • VBV-10290 - blog_blog not returning message_html
      • VBV-10299 - showthread not returning all posts
      • VBV-10337 - Add pagination routes to Profile Subscriptions/Subscribers page (vB5_Route_Subscription class)
      • VBV-10339 - Should be able to streamline routing in some cases
      • VBV-10341 - Update regex of the Profile route (vB5_Route_Profile) record to accept other tabs in the URL and not just 'media'
      • VBV-10344 - vB 5.0.4 Alpha 2 Week 2 - CSS as files quick reply to topic gets stuck on 'working' status
      • VBV-10365 - Pagination not working outside of filter bar
      • VBV-10385 - Clicking Latest Activity tab in Social Groups home page shows 'Invalid Request' error
      • VBV-10398 - Can't find class vB_Api_Content_Redirect
      • VBV-10404 - Follow Requests Appear as received_subscriber_request_from_x_link_y
      • VBV-10418 - Cannot access admin's messages(Regression)
      • VBV-10420 - siteTest testLoadHeaderNavbar/testLoadFooterNavbar not properly working
      • VBV-10425 - [video] BB code results in a blank post. (Regression)
      • VBV-10429 - Calls to non-existent CSS files on the user settings page
      • VBV-10430 - Some Filter options are not selectable in the Filter dropdown for Profile > Activities tab
      • VBV-10432 - Subscribed Posts in the Message Center needs to be sorted by Time Descending.
      • VBV-10435 - Missing phrase in privatemessage index
      • VBV-10436 - PHP Fatal error in privatemessage index
      • VBV-10442 - Automatic channel read marking doesn't work
      • VBV-10447 - Memcache entries not invalidated after an event is triggered
      • VBV-10462 - Old vB4 url in phrase
      • VBV-10463 - CSS not fully applied in activity stream content in forums if CSS are stored as files (regression)
      • VBV-10464 - 5.03 Upgrade error Class 'vB5_Config' not found in /core/vb/api/state.php on line 361
      • VBV-10466 - Bring Module styles in line with style guidelines.
      • VBV-10473 - "Blog Latest Comments" module displays blog entries instead of only comments
      • VBV-10480 - "Invalid Subscribe Request" error when trying to subscribe to a forum channel (Regression)
      • VBV-10485 - Password = Username check causes a page render failure
      • VBV-10489 - After posting a visitor message it will direct you /special/visitor-messages page instead of staying at the user profile page (regression)
      • VBV-10496 - API Error: invalid_phrase_varname on upgrade
      • VBV-10504 - Module names not displaying in the page manager
      • VBV-10508 - Avatars not displayed properly under "Latest Topics" on Home page when not logged in
      • VBV-10514 - Blank space when you look at the poll results
      • VBV-10520 - Failure during upgrade 503rc1 step 1
      • VBV-10523 - Infraction node text is missing (regression from 5.0.3)
      • VBV-10526 - Error message when reversing an infraction
      • VBV-10527 - Cannot reverse infraction / Infraction icon and overlay do not change after giving infraction (Regression from 5.0.3)
      • VBV-10537 - "Subscribed to Users" under Messages lists every post by every user.
      • VBV-10538 - Pagination arrows cannot be clicked in "Subscriptions" page under Messages
      • VBV-10553 - Member List is not linked from anywhere
      • VBV-10554 - Member List module is not a system module
      • VBV-10559 - (Regression) Blog Admin -> Permission and Privacy -> Default Entry Options -> Allow comments to be posted is not enabled by default
      • VBV-10560 - (Regession) Inccorrect Stying in Latest Update Module
      • VBV-10567 - [Upgrade] "Missing Output" on 5.0.0 Alpha 29 - Step 8 (Regression)
      • VBV-10573 - 504a2 upgrade fails on step 7 with large database.
      • VBV-10582 - Styling (gray box) around the list of attached files at the bottom of a post is missing.
      • VBV-10587 - Upgrade steps 502-504 are too slow.
      • VBV-10602 - Most Users Online phrase is incorrect (regression)
      • VBV-10606 - Upgrade failure with custom language file (auto importer)
      • VBV-10608 - Member List Module options do not have any labels...
      • VBV-10623 - [Upgrade] PHP Warnings while upgrading from vBulletin 4.2 (Regression)
      • VBV-10625 - (Regression)Error message when attempting to subscribe to a forum topic, blog post, or group topic
      • VBV-10627 - User Profile Customization Options missing in IE 10
      • VBV-10630 - Images broken on install page (fresh install)
      • VBV-10636 - Preview for new post/content creation seems incorrect
      • VBV-10637 - Subscribing to topics does not work
      • VBV-10638 - Large cache tables causing performance issues
      • VBV-10644 - Infraction topics show an inline mod checkbox in the first post, but it cannot be used for anything
      • VBV-10645 - Post action links (Edit, Quote, etc.) don't work in infraction topics
      • VBV-10647 - Warning: Illegal string offset 'styleoverride' in H:\Hades\core\vb5\route\conversation.php on line 39
      • VBV-10657 - Pages fail to load if search api $perpage is omitted
      • VBV-10658 - Blog Comment is disabled despite enabling it in Permission & Privacy setting when creating a new blog (Regression)
      • VBV-10659 - Hitting a certain URL will wipe out your entire node table
      • VBV-10660 - Blank page when database doesn't exist
      • VBV-10676 - Missing inline Moderation/Administrative options in blog post (regression)
      • VBV-10677 - Possible XSS in /help
      • VBV-10679 - Update Member's list widget to follow responsive specs
      • VBV-10689 - Text used for meta description must be html encoded
      • VBV-10690 - (Regression)Latest Group Topics module is styled incorrectly
      • VBV-10697 - MySQL Error on "save" Page API Method (Regression)
      • VBV-10705 - (Regression)Cannot view Main Forum topics if not logged in
      • VBV-10706 - (Regression)Doing an Advanced Search using a tag leads to a database error
      • VBV-10722 - (Regression) Profile > Album creation shows JSON instead of showing the list of albums
      • VBV-10734 - Like bubble not aligned with the time stamp on the search result page (regression)
      • VBV-10744 - Images uploaded using "Share Photos" do not create a medium image results in broken image on Latest Topics module preview
      • VBV-10748 - (Regression) On Profile > Media tab > Add Video, the "Add Video" button doesn't work if you start from another tab
      • VBV-10749 - Subforum icons not lined up with subforum name when name is long
      • VBV-10751 - (Regression) Link descriptions are cut off in Latest Topic and Recent Post list modules
      • VBV-10752 - Memcache Cache lock not properly handled.
      • VBV-10761 - Members List automatically changes from Descending to Ascending
      • VBV-10762 - Manually entering a number into the Page box in Member List module does not work
      • VBV-10770 - Registered users have the option to move a message to the infraction folder
      • VBV-10779 - Viewing an image gallery from the Latest Topics menu results in an error on vbtest forum
      • VBV-10783 - Can't use Javascript-related stuff on installs made with minify javascript files
      • VBV-10796 - (Regression) Clicking the "Photos" link for a gallery and then attempting to view the images results in an error
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        An issue have been found in vBulletin 5.0.4 that could prevent guests from viewing threads with more than one post within it depending on method of access. We've identified and fixed this issue at this time. The vBulletin 5.0.4 download package has been updated with this fix. If you downloaded vBulletin 5.0.4 already please re-download and replace your currently existing files. No further action is needed on your part.

        For more information please see:
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