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vBulletin 5.0.2 is Now Available for Download

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  • vBulletin 5.0.2 is Now Available for Download

    This latest update of vBulletin 5 Connect includes well over 440 bug fixes and enhancements to the product. Most of these fixes and updates focused on:
    • Performance Optimization – incremental improvements over 5.0 and 5.0.1 in terms of speed and load times. Optimization of slow queries and improved caching were two of the primary categories that were targeted to bring about these changes. A “Tiger Team” was stood up that focused on decreasing page load times and optimization of the API, database and javascript to produce an outcome that has proven to be measurably faster than its predecessor.
    • UI/UX Optimization – a more intuitive, responsive interface that is easier to navigate and manage for both experienced and new users alike. This update included several dozen high priority UI/UX fixes as well as a number of new UI/UX features that were added as a result of customer feedback and an internal hackathon among vBulletin’s developers.
    • SEO Optimization – continued improvements in the ability of your forum pages to positively affect your search engine rankings. The development team first sought to ensure that the vast majority of URLs used in vBulletin 4 carried over to vBulletin 5 in an effort to minimize broken links. The team also addressed duplicate content SEO issues and fixed a number of pages that were returning soft 404’s rather than the proper 404 notice.
    Other highlights of v5.0.2 include:
    • Upgrade of Content Editor to CKEditor 4.0 (VBV-6284) – enjoy WYSIWYG editing across all major browsers. You can also apply markup such as bold, italics, text color and URL linking. The auto saved function from vB4 has returned and the UI itself has been updated to a newer, more neutral style with clean icons. Additionally, Toggling advanced editor, inserting smileys and attaching files is now much easier than before. Smileys are moved to a panel below the editor. File uploads are available for a variety of content types.
    • Google Wallet – now you may integrate your forum with your Google Checkout account, enabling easy payment processing for content and other deliverables that you would like your members to pay for. Google Checkout is an easy and secure process that allows your customers to purchase subscriptions
    To download version 5.0.2 of vBulletin 5 Connect, simply log into the members' area or visit the vBulletin website to purchase a new or upgraded license.

    You may join the discussion about v5.0.2 HERE

    Helping You Build Better Communities,

    Your vBulletin Support Team

    v5.0.2 List of bug fixes

    1. VBV-6284 Update editor to CKEditor 4.0
    2. VBV-3375 SEO - Utilize Schemas for vBulletin's content Types
    3. VBV-7989 Pagination in the AdminCP doesn't work anymore (regression)
    4. VBV-7711 Copy-pasting text in editor with Chrome adds extra line breaks when posted
    5. VBV-1219 Add FAQ in the software
    6. VBV-8081 goto=newpost doesn't work
    7. VBV-7908 "Insert Link" editor button creates wrong BB code
    8. VBV-7608 Thread pages need canonical url tags (5.0.2 QA only - this will be fixed by 8472)
    9. VBV-1955 Add Google Checkout
    10. VBV-8150 Revert to passing unread status in original html, not use javascript.
    11. VBV-6393 Many steps required to copy a post link
    12. VBV-1483 "Email Address to Notify About New Members" setting doesn't work
    13. VBV-8496 Ajax Phrase loading takes 3 seconds on the home page.
    14. VBV-8376 Out of Memory errors after an upgrade, If the forum is closed.
    15. VBV-8125 Signature editing fails sporadically
    16. VBV-2054 Auto-Save missing
    17. VBV-1587 User Page to Manage subscriptions
    18. VBV-9492 Double spaces being replaced by HTML Entities
    19. VBV-9484 Attempting to use Move/Copy inline mod actions show error
    20. VBV-8869 Image popup in the editor shows several options not supported in vB
    21. VBV-8810 Upgrader 5.0.2 Alpha 2 Step 4 is incorrect and so fails with database error.
    22. VBV-8808 Editor fails to initialize when editing post and post content is removed (regression)
    23. VBV-8693 IB Net Admins report DB read slaving doesn't work on forums
    24. VBV-8682 "Publish to Facebook" doesn't work
    25. VBV-8642 Javascript getSelectedNodesFromCookie() can cause deletion of incorrect nodes.
    26. VBV-8624 Unchecking 'Enable Comments' in creating a new blog entry still allows users to comment
    27. VBV-8589 Word censor does not work inside quotes
    28. VBV-8472 'p' query string usage causes unique urls pointing to duplicate content. Need to 301 redirect these urls to the canonical url
    29. VBV-8152 Line breaks stripped when quoting a post
    30. VBV-8133 Links/images in FAQs are broken - FAQ text is not updated to vB5
    31. VBV-8117 Uploading Attachments in Forums results in a with no proper link to the attachment.
    32. VBV-8102 Old blog urls do not redirect
    33. VBV-8087 Deleting orphaned posts from the admincp will delete all comments
    34. VBV-8049 Full post content is loaded in search results/activity streams, but only a small part of it is displayed
    35. VBV-7955 Flag Reports channel can be accessed only by administrators
    36. VBV-7942 vB 5.0.0 upgraded forum slow page loading all round.
    37. VBV-7807 Avoid mod rewrite rule for requesting css.php, Performance
    38. VBV-7492 vB5 Beta 28 #3 hard coded memory_limits set at 128MB causing upgrade issues
    39. VBV-7413 Epic: Restructure CSS
    40. VBV-7241 VBV-7236Build "Static Content CDN" setting field for all static content, which replaces the default path (js/css/img)
    41. VBV-6733 VBV-8286In IE9, clicking "Go Advanced" while editing post will clear the body text
    42. VBV-5359 CKE input box cannot be styled
    43. VBV-4318 Fatal error when changing the "enabled" status of RSS feeds
    44. VBV-3582 Missing Video button in advanced editor
    45. VBV-3116 Attempting to edit feed results in duplication of the feed
    46. VBV-3115 Cannot delete RSS Feed
    47. VBV-1527 "Enable Clickable Message Formatting Controls" setting doesn't work
    48. VBV-1489 "Post Reporting Email" doesn't work - no way to receive email notifications for reported posts
    49. VBV-9531 "blog_blog" returns incorrect line breaks formatting in its response "message" field
    50. VBV-9529 Login page Internal Error when working on SSL (Regression)
    51. VBV-9521 Unable to approve moderated posts via Message Center (Regression)
    52. VBV-9516 Additional line breaks added in editor (regression)
    53. VBV-9507 Quotes do not display the original poster
    54. VBV-9499 Weird modal window showing up on the editor page (Regression)
    55. VBV-9493 Double Quote changed to " when submitting post when the editor is in Source mode
    56. VBV-9487 Entering a newline in the Editor will produce characters in the preview and when posting in IE9 / IE10 (Upgrade Issue)
    57. VBV-9486 register_addmember linking to FB not working
    58. VBV-9471 Revert Fix for VBV-2601 (xcache implementation for datastore).
    59. VBV-9468 register_fbconnect returning invalid_password_specified
    60. VBV-9464 (Regression) Posting with "Human Verification" enabled makes the "Image Verification" reload when Focusing the CKeditor
    61. VBV-9459 Facebook Login button won't show up
    62. VBV-9440 Typing newlines into the editor produces characters on Chrome (upgrade issue)
    63. VBV-9423 (iOS) Activity Stream display some preview post improperly.
    64. VBV-9408 "Go to first unread post" icon in topic list is no longer present (regression)
    65. VBV-9407 save method (Phrase API) is not checking permissions
    66. VBV-9395 "Reason For Turning Off" message doesn't accept non-alphanumeric characters (Regression)
    67. VBV-9391 SQL injection on mergeContent (Link API)
    68. VBV-9386 Unable to register via Mobile App when Q&A Human Verification enabled (regression)
    69. VBV-9382 Incorrect showthread message response
    70. VBV-9375 Human Verification is not displayed in Topics Reply (Regression)
    71. VBV-9374 fbregister_disconnect causes 500 error on stg.../mobile50
    72. VBV-9373 Profile module config not available
    73. VBV-9359 Unable to upload a background image in Customize My Theme - Content - Colors in IE (regression)
    74. VBV-9358 switchForumCategory method is not checking permissions
    75. VBV-9356 Google checkout and payments in general aren't working
    76. VBV-9343 "blog_list" method does not include "postcomment" in response
    77. VBV-9340 SQL Injection on setApprovedPost (Node API)
    78. VBV-9339 (Android) Photo section does not show any options
    79. VBV-9338 Photo section in app does not work (iOS)
    80. VBV-9333 (Android) Line breaks are not preserved unless HTML is used
    81. VBV-9328 (Android) Blog comments are displayed newest to oldest
    82. VBV-9327 (Android) User selected blog publish options, Publish On, Draft Blog Entry, and Comments, are not being respected on submit
    83. VBV-9319 Enabling blogs comments does not apply (iOS).
    84. VBV-9314 (Android) Sticking threads does not function properly
    85. VBV-9313 [Regression] Blog moderators are able to delete the blog
    86. VBV-9309 (Android) Previews on the Activity screen do not work, for regular users and visitors
    87. VBV-9306 (Android) Avatars missing in the Actvity Stream
    88. VBV-9298 api_init missing entries in "features"
    89. VBV-9271 (Android) Filters on the Activity screen do not work
    90. VBV-9267 [Regression] "Tag Cloud" text is missing in Blog Administrative settings under Organize Sidebars
    91. VBV-9266 [Regression] Removing a blog subscriber does not work until the removed user performs an action in the blog
    92. VBV-9260 CLI Installer is broken on Step 7 "--- MISSING OUTPUT ---" (Regression)
    93. VBV-9254 HTML in titles in all Blog sections: Recent, My Blog, Popular, and within Categories
    94. VBV-9253 line breaks are not parsed in Blogs. vb5
    95. VBV-9252 Cannot edit blogs/missing edit button. vb5 ios
    96. VBV-9251 Blog post view does not render bb code.
    97. VBV-9250 Popular blogs list is ordering by newest.
    98. VBV-9249 Birthday field in profile does not follow privacy settings. vb5
    99. VBV-9242 No way to report a post in forums.
    100. VBV-9241 No Reply button in post view, vb5.
    101. VBV-9240 No visitor message button in vb5 ios.
    102. VBV-9239 No new content button in blogs, vb5 ios.
    103. VBV-9238 No smileys button on new content in vb5
    104. VBV-9231 [Regression] Disabling smilies in text for blogs will display the smilies in the blog channel
    105. VBV-9230 An empty Contact Information Screen name container field is shown (regression)
    106. VBV-9226 User Setting: Profile Date of Birth does not show the correct amount of days for each month (regression)
    107. VBV-9224 Mobile apps cannot view forums that don't have subforums.
    108. VBV-9219 Paid Subscription: Add New Subscription- additional empty Pricing sections are added after creating the subscription (regression)
    109. VBV-9214 Closing forum does not seem to work.
    110. VBV-9173 Can input none number characters into page number (regression)
    111. VBV-9168 Update IIS' web.config file to properly route css.php.
    112. VBV-9163 Smiley's do not render properly in the editor. (regression)
    113. VBV-9157 Posts aren't caching on VB 5.0.2 RC1-4
    114. VBV-9156 Typo in the proccess of fetching channels node tree
    115. VBV-9151 HTML not parsed in activity streams (regression)
    116. VBV-9149 Last post topic title not displayed for forums that have sub-forums if the last post is in a sub-forum (regression)
    117. VBV-9146 Undefined index 55 on usercontext.php (Regression)
    118. VBV-9127 Help Entries cannot link to each other due to URL Structure.
    119. VBV-9104 [Regression] Prepopulated text in discussion box becomes editable when pressing the browser back arrow after creating a post in IE8
    120. VBV-9102 Discussion title placeholder text becomes normal text when switching to a different discussion type in IE (regression)
    121. VBV-9101 Template Editor visual improvements
    122. VBV-9099 Better Code Editor for Default templates and products
    123. VBV-9096 Last post topic title not displayed if the last post is a starter post (regression)
    124. VBV-9094 Last post info not displayed for forums that have sub-forums if the last post is in the parent forum (regression)
    125. VBV-9093 Forums with Display Order = 0 are not hidden (regression)
    126. VBV-9085 FAQ. A help topic under the root FAQ node breaks the FAQ system
    127. VBV-9082 "No Icon" option in the "Post Icon" menu (Regression)
    128. VBV-9075 Top level forums do not display properly (regression)
    129. VBV-9074 Posts count in channel list is always 0 (regression)
    130. VBV-9073 Last Post author always shows as Guest (regression)
    131. VBV-9068 invalid_contenttype_class_specified error on upgrade to 5.0.2 (regression)
    132. VBV-9067 Can't type in editor at times (regression)
    133. VBV-9052 JS error "TypeError: vBulletin.contentEntryBox is undefined" on home page
    134. VBV-9033 post_icons not being phrased in admincp
    135. VBV-9028 Error 404 for styling/js files
    136. VBV-9020 Editing in Profile activity stream causes javascript errors in IE9 (regression)
    137. VBV-9012 Use new Content Entry UI for editing Signatures
    138. VBV-9011 Use new Content Entry UI for Infraction PM
    139. VBV-8995 blog.post_updateblog does not include blogid in its response
    140. VBV-8983 Editing a VM asks for topic title
    141. VBV-8979 Editing blog post with poll asks for poll answers
    142. VBV-8978 Editing a starter with tags would remove the tags
    143. VBV-8975 Upgrade batching clean up
    144. VBV-8967 Image upload from the editor toolbar is not attaching images properly in edit mode
    145. VBV-8963 Attaching multiple files with long names in a post causes chrome and IE to not read them properly
    146. VBV-8960 Cross domain request conflicts on loading CSS & JS files via AJAX when using CDN
    147. VBV-8958 "Missing Output" on 5.0.2 Alpha 2 Step 5
    148. VBV-8957 Editing a video post is broken
    149. VBV-8952 upgrade 500a28 step 17 skips every 1000th album
    150. VBV-8942 Soft deleting a comment won't be deleted until refreshing the page (regression)
    151. VBV-8941 Upload More button does not open the File Dialog
    152. VBV-8939 Space in cache key causes memcached functions to die silently, and causes long loadtimes (usually ending in a blank page)
    153. VBV-8932 vB_Api_Node::fetchChannelNodeTree() is very inefficient.
    154. VBV-8917 No way to enable comments while editing blog entry (regression)
    155. VBV-8911 After receiving a "This forum requires that you wait 30 seconds between posts. Please try again in 8 seconds." message, the editor is cleared
    156. VBV-8910 Remove $options call from Cache->read Cache->readSingle
    157. VBV-8907 The Image button upload dialog on the advanced editor is missing the "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" option for URL attachments
    158. VBV-8902 Sporadically getting "Unrsponsive script" message for footer-rollup-502b1.js (Regression)
    159. VBV-8895 CKEditor will clear text inside the box right after finishing loading the page
    160. VBV-8893 Private message forwarding should preserve line break (Regression)
    161. VBV-8892 [Regression] Add Tags feature becomes missing after trying to post a new topic too quickly
    162. VBV-8885 Conform b-button block to Styleguide
    163. VBV-8881 Editing a blog post sends user to a page that displays the text "true" or "[]" or a blank page
    164. VBV-8879 Auto-save error message when user is logged out
    165. VBV-8878 Storing CSS as files will fail to write some files (regression)
    166. VBV-8876 REGRESSION - Unapproved Topics and Posts Viewable to guests and all usergroups (should be admin/mod only)
    167. VBV-8875 [Regression] Attaching an image into the editor generates random characters
    168. VBV-8873 Update "left" and "right" class references to "h-left" and "h-right" in site builder (Regression)
    169. VBV-8861 Memcache implementation is behaving badly (Regression)
    170. VBV-8854 Step 11 of class_upgrade_501a1 takes a very long time
    171. VBV-8849 Attachments interface in new Content Entry UI
    172. VBV-8845 Add Post button in the Preview overlay to submit the post from Preview
    173. VBV-8844 Placeholder write something text does not clear after entering text (regression)
    174. VBV-8841 New Content module doesn't collapse and display module buttons in site builder
    175. VBV-8840 [Regression] Prepopulated text in reply discussion does not disappear
    176. VBV-8833 [Regression] Site Builder Edit Module pop up content font color too difficult to read
    177. VBV-8829 Can't edit comments (regression)
    178. VBV-8828 Can't upload any attachment - always fails with "Error uploading image" (regression)
    179. VBV-8826 All FAQ text missing
    180. VBV-8819 When closing the Insert Poll form, the "All changes made will be lost. Would you like to continue?" message is displayed even if no changes were made
    181. VBV-8818 Safari focus highlight is cut-off in certain cases when content entry buttons are selected
    182. VBV-8799 "Edit post signature" editor menu takes a lot of time to load
    183. VBV-8798 "Edit post signature" sending image to the server shows the "messages and username" of the logged user
    184. VBV-8787 Text "No Icon" does not fit within the dropdown menu when creating new content
    185. VBV-8785 Rename the "generic smilies" category to "smilies"
    186. VBV-8784 Selecting a smiley in a reply post will redirect back to homepage when reply content text box is not in focus
    187. VBV-8783 (Regression) Pagination at bottom of page disappears after navigating to other pages
    188. VBV-8781 Put in a check to include css_addtional.css last
    189. VBV-8780 Hide the smilies button in the ckeditor toolbar
    190. VBV-8777 Photo Attachment post does not display the thumbnail preview of the photos (regression)
    191. VBV-8774 Main.css rollup is included twice
    192. VBV-8772 Adding more than one attachment to a post will result in a "Duplicate of a post" error (regression)
    193. VBV-8771 Advanced Editor's Video button displays Youtube link in the wrong color FF/Chrome
    194. VBV-8770 Edit button takes to long to display the edit menu
    195. VBV-8769 Cannot upload image to post through advanced editor.
    196. VBV-8767 Merge Command-line installer from SAAS branch
    197. VBV-8761 VBV-7413Create block for help table to support bbcode help text
    198. VBV-8760 Blog entry shows "Allow comments" checkbox regardless of the blog channel's "allow comments" setting
    199. VBV-8757 Aligning of images is broken in the editor
    200. VBV-8755 Clicking a photo does not open the photo carousel box (regression)
    201. VBV-8754 Unable to add video in User Profile > Media (regression)
    202. VBV-8753 Quote text remains inside reply content entry box after un-quoting a post (regression)
    203. VBV-8751 BB code not parsed when editing a post (regression)
    204. VBV-8750 Line breaks stripped when editing a post (regression)
    205. VBV-8748 "Toggle Advanced Editor" link and "Go Advanced" button have no effect in the edit post form as the advanced editor is always displayed (regression)
    206. VBV-8746 MySQL Error on getSlideShow method
    207. VBV-8741 You are able to submit a link discussion without attaching a URL (regression)
    208. VBV-8740 Saving a blank edit reply post will not result in an error (regression)
    209. VBV-8739 Editing existing phrase results in duplicate database error when saving. (regression)
    210. VBV-8738 Tag Cloud no working (Regression)
    211. VBV-8737 VBV-7413Create a new modifier for year text field under usersettings_profile template
    212. VBV-8736 No text field for Tags in advanced search (regression)
    213. VBV-8735 VBV-7413Create new css block for select drop downs
    214. VBV-8734 Adding tags displays the 'x' that removes the tag before it is entered as a keyword (regression)
    215. VBV-8733 5.0.2 Content Entry - Rename "Attach" button on Share Link to "Add Link"
    216. VBV-8732 Video will be posted twice when creating a video link discussion (regression)
    217. VBV-8730 Duplicate phrase name search when creating FAQ items is not accurate enough.
    218. VBV-8704 Editing a Share Photo Blog Post results in an error (regression)
    219. VBV-8702 VBV-7413change checkboxes and radio buttons for usersettings_* templates
    220. VBV-8697 The new smilie button on the editor throws a JS error when used in source mode
    221. VBV-8696 Add default date cutoff to "lastVisit" style searches
    222. VBV-8695 Add index hint to slow query fetchWolAllUsers
    223. VBV-8687 Quick reply: post button disappear after posting a message (regression)
    224. VBV-8685 VBV-8662memcachedTest
    225. VBV-8684 VBV-8662memcacheTest
    226. VBV-8683 VBV-8662cache/memcachedTest
    227. VBV-8681 Editor switch to source mode is throwing a JS error
    228. VBV-8678 VBV-7413Change xl margin and padding helpers to 15px. Create xxl helpers for 20px.
    229. VBV-8674 501a2 upgrade fails when upgrading from a 5.x install
    230. VBV-8672 Add Help Link back
    231. VBV-8666 Setting user's subscription to Active > 'No' when adding a user to a paid subscription in admincp will automatically set to 'Yes' once saved.
    232. VBV-8665 VBV-8662cache/memoryTest
    233. VBV-8664 VBV-8662cache/dbTest
    234. VBV-8663 VBV-8662cleanerTest
    235. VBV-8662 Pending tests from vB [unit test]
    236. VBV-8657 Custom BB Code ruined by editing posts
    237. VBV-8655 Phrase precaching fails in certain cases
    238. VBV-8640 Invalid urls return 200 instead of 404 when going through the legacy routing system
    239. VBV-8631 Duplicate Route entries [after upgrade]
    240. VBV-8629 VBV-7413Add h- prefix to Large margin helpers
    241. VBV-8628 VBV-7413Add h- prefix to no marging helpers
    242. VBV-8623 VBV-7413 Rename disabled class to use the ".h-" prefix.
    243. VBV-8622 VBV-7413Rename invisible class to use the ".h-" prefix.
    244. VBV-8620 VBV-7413Rename visible class to use the ".h-" prefix.
    245. VBV-8611 Multiple Preview Thumbnails for Attached Links Appear Too Large and Overlaps
    246. VBV-8610 VBV-7413Rename hide-imp class to use the ".h-" prefix.
    247. VBV-8595 VBV-7413Rename hide class to use the ".h-" prefix.
    248. VBV-8593 Code in auth controller references vB class instead of vB5_User
    249. VBV-8592 Process image calls through applicationLight
    250. VBV-8591 Process options ajax call through applicationLight
    251. VBV-8586 Database error when going to the Smilie Manager
    252. VBV-8583 Search textbox bigger than search icon in private messages page and topic page filter bar
    253. VBV-8581 User profiles borked (missing style, takes 20+ seconds to load). This is due to undefined indexes being output in the profile CSS.
    254. VBV-8578 Upgrade steps for 4.0.0 trigger Strict PHP Notice.
    255. VBV-8570 No Color menu for IE 10.
    256. VBV-8565 Mobile App: User settings pagination is not applied in app
    257. VBV-8563 Filter menu does not appear properly on narrow windows
    258. VBV-8553 Update Moderate Log information to provide useful links...
    259. VBV-8531 Random missing pages should be redirected
    260. VBV-8511 VBV-7413Rename show class to use the ".h-" prefix.
    261. VBV-8509 VBV-7413Rename clearfix class to use the ".h-" prefix.
    262. VBV-8508 VBV-7413Rename clear class to use the ".h-" prefix.
    263. VBV-8503 Ability to Upload Attachments from Remote Url
    264. VBV-8501 " " is returned instead of actual quotes
    265. VBV-8500 Activity Stream displays m-D-Y h:i A instead of actual date value
    266. VBV-8473 VBV-7413Create Helper Classes for Margin & Padding
    267. VBV-8422 Having two or more FAQ entries with NO Parent causes an internal loop and exhausts PHP's Time.
    268. VBV-8413 vB 5.02 Alpha 1 - site builder - double check all phrases - some displayed as null
    269. VBV-8411 vB 5.02 Alpha 1 - double check footer-rollup-502a1.js for possible errors
    270. VBV-8408 VB 5.02 Alpha 1 - switching / toggling advanced editor doesn't work (regression)
    271. VBV-8405 No photos showed on albums in the profile
    272. VBV-8394 Remove URLPATH querystring from Login form URL
    273. VBV-8388 VBV-7413Create Live Styling Examples Page
    274. VBV-8383 Mobile 1.4 function
    275. VBV-8336 VBV-8254userrankTest not in clean test suite
    276. VBV-8335 VBV-8254userloginTest needs cleaning
    277. VBV-8334 VBV-8254tagsTest is currently broken
    278. VBV-8333 VBV-8254stylevarTest not in clean test suite
    279. VBV-8332 VBV-8254styleTest needs cleaning
    280. VBV-8331 VBV-8254routeTest is currently broken
    281. VBV-8330 VBV-8254reputationTest not in clean test suite
    282. VBV-8329 VBV-8254productsTest needs cleaning
    283. VBV-8328 VBV-8254prefixTest is currently broken
    284. VBV-8327 VBV-8254phraseTest not in clean test suite
    285. VBV-8326 VBV-8254pendingownerTest needs cleaning
    286. VBV-8325 VBV-8254pageTest is currently broken
    287. VBV-8324 VBV-8254optionsTest not in clean test suite
    288. VBV-8323 VBV-8254noticeTest needs cleaning
    289. VBV-8322 VBV-8254NodeTestUnpublish is currently broken
    290. VBV-8321 VBV-8254languageTest not in clean test suite
    291. VBV-8320 VBV-8254indexattachTest needs cleaning
    292. VBV-8319 VBV-8254hvTest is currently broken
    293. VBV-8318 VBV-8254hooksTest not in clean test suite
    294. VBV-8317 VBV-8254extensionsTest needs cleaning
    295. VBV-8316 VBV-8254cronTest is currently broken
    296. VBV-8315 VBV-8254bbcodeTest not in clean test suite
    297. VBV-8313 VBV-8254announcementTest needs cleaning
    298. VBV-8311 VBV-8254adTest is currently broken
    299. VBV-8310 VBV-6284Add ckeditor autogrow plugin
    300. VBV-8288 Clicking 'Status' in Subscription Manager - View User will cause a page error
    301. VBV-8287 Clicking 'Start Date' in Subscription Manager - View User will cause a page error
    302. VBV-8286 CKEditor Bucket
    303. VBV-8285 VBV-6284Create Moono compatible icons for our own CKEditor icons
    304. VBV-8276 Paid Subscription: Add New Subscription - under Pricing admin should see Pricing #1 and #2 by default
    305. VBV-8260 VBV-6284Change CKEditor style to Moono
    306. VBV-8259 VBV-7413Update Global States and Utilities
    307. VBV-8254 Clean tests not included in unit test clean suite
    308. VBV-8252 /search should redirect to the Advanced Search form, not an empty search results page.
    309. VBV-8251 Update Included FR Product to latest FR Plug-In version (1.7.4)
    310. VBV-8250 removing isSG and isBlog logic from content library
    311. VBV-8248 Plus sign (+) in email address causes email to be rejected on new registration
    312. VBV-8246 Upgrade Error no_permission on 5.0.0 Alpha 29 Step 3
    313. VBV-8242 Random threads & posts return a blank page
    314. VBV-8241 Node URLs being crawled, returning 500 errors
    315. VBV-8240 faq pages are creating 500 errors (should be a 404)
    316. VBV-8239 search pages return 500 error
    317. VBV-8238 Attachment URLs returning 500 error - old attachment urls do not redirect to new ones
    318. VBV-8229 usergroupTest is currently broken
    319. VBV-8211 The 'Topics' view in any module search have specific issues
    320. VBV-8204 Supermod Permissions Not Initalized Correctly
    321. VBV-8198 Online icon indicator isn't present in mobile responsive view
    322. VBV-8190 VBV-7413Create Blocks For User Settings Page
    323. VBV-8175 Mobile App: Notices don't show text (iOS)
    324. VBV-8166 Cannot use center button when selecting images in the editor (Was possible in VB4)
    325. VBV-8163 VBV-6975vB_UserContext's reloadUserPerms Super Mod Permissions Are Incorrect
    326. VBV-8120 Users can post comments in own threads after they are closed.
    327. VBV-8119 Database error - Duplicate Entry - when editing Blog entry
    328. VBV-8101 Basic Search returns Database Error. See Description.
    329. VBV-8097 [Failure] link in transaction log goes to the wrong destination
    330. VBV-8096 class_paid_subscription has DB error approving subscriptions
    331. VBV-8077 Last Post column not properly respecting permissions with sub-forums
    332. VBV-8071 Deleting Pending Posts needs the "Delete as Spam" options so we can ban the user at the same time.
    333. VBV-8059 Thread Title with lower case letters - clipping bottom
    334. VBV-8047 Reputation level phrases lost when upgrading
    335. VBV-8016 Default avatar showing for all users on Groups page
    336. VBV-8004 Making a comment stretch too long will leave whitespace between the last two posts.
    337. VBV-8003 Soft-deleted comments are not viewable by administrators
    338. VBV-7992 SQL error occurs when adding as tag a word that is set at the "Words to be excluded from search" option
    339. VBV-7984 Pending Posts needs Inline Moderation Functionality.
    340. VBV-7963 Can't move threads on - Channel list is incomplete in the move posts dialog.
    341. VBV-7952 in the user profile's visitor messages, the page is making a call everytime the tab is changed
    342. VBV-7943 When forwarding a private message you get redirected to the message center home page
    343. VBV-7937 Attachments not displaying when post uses
    344. VBV-7927 All method queries should validate their data before use.
    345. VBV-7925 Photo lightbox has fixed width - incorrectly crops some images
    346. VBV-7919 Investigate why SQL injections worked when bad $nodeid data was passed to getNodeFullContent().
    347. VBV-7916 VBV-7911Possible SQLi on "editor_gallery_photoblock"
    348. VBV-7888 Double title of topic after editing
    349. VBV-7865 Blog Settings - Permission & Privacy - effect from changing the "View" setting are not taking place properly
    350. VBV-7864 Register page creates massive amounts of dupe / shallow content with urlpath query string
    351. VBV-7854 Implement "display_infractions" sub setting from postelements setting
    352. VBV-7851 "Moderate topics, replies and comments before displaying" option causes 404 redirect for topics and does not properly handle unapproved posts
    353. VBV-7840 Error 404 on images/default/default_avatar_thumb.png
    354. VBV-7837 Post control icons are not hidden in Responsive for small screen devices.
    355. VBV-7800 Poll title field uses multi-line text field (Regression)
    356. VBV-7795 Logging In With Facebook - Poll Results
    357. VBV-7794 VBV-6284Verify CKEditor style
    358. VBV-7784 VBV-6284Implement CKEditor v4 version of "vbwrapbuttons"
    359. VBV-7783 VBV-6284Implement CKEditor v4 version of "vbsmiley"
    360. VBV-7782 VBV-6284Implement CKEditor v4 version of "vblink"
    361. VBV-7781 VBV-6284Verify CKeditor 4.0.x API changes that may affect our usage
    362. VBV-7780 VBV-6284Replace CKeditor 3.6.5 code with 4.0.x
    363. VBV-7740 Image verification is not displaying properly (regression)
    364. VBV-7724 Group owners are unable to manage their own groups after upgrade
    365. VBV-7704 Search Widget not pulling Link Discussion for page links.
    366. VBV-7682 Email Notifications can be improved
    367. VBV-7677 FF - Comments leave extra space between replies
    368. VBV-7645 VBV-1231Infraction Upgrade Step is Incorrect
    369. VBV-7578 Left pagination arrow creates links to /page1
    370. VBV-7565 3 ajax calls to fetch vb options on home page (these are supposed to be fetched in one ajax request)
    371. VBV-7515 Remove all files related to Google AdSense
    372. VBV-7501 vb4 search.php urls are broken on upgrade
    373. VBV-7491 "MemcachePool::get(): Invalid key" on a staging upgrade of
    374. VBV-7489 Groups (groups.php) don't work
    375. VBV-7483 Announcement.php is missing
    376. VBV-7472 Random missing pages
    377. VBV-7469 When Upgrading from 4 to 5, Who Posted URLs don't work
    378. VBV-7465 when upgrading from 4 to 5, activity.php appears to have moved
    379. VBV-7407 Hardcoded phrases in the upload manager
    380. VBV-7400 Non-Functional Cancel Button in Messages Center Folders
    381. VBV-7370 Subscription "Reply to" email subject doesn't include thread title; instead site name
    382. VBV-7354 Poll Question Text Field is re-sizable
    383. VBV-7320 No way to moderate albums and photos/videos in the profile Media tab
    384. VBV-7311 Remove Windows Live Messenger from User Settings...
    385. VBV-7248 Sticky threads have wrong background color when they contain a moderated post.
    386. VBV-7243 The "go advanced" button is no longer needed in edit mode, since we now have the "toggle advanced editor" link.
    387. VBV-7239 Main Forum - Filter drop down list text overlaps when browser is minimized
    388. VBV-7225 Upload button is too small
    389. VBV-7181 Improve styling of new topic page
    390. VBV-7045 Embedded HTML loses formatting when added via Paste using the Advanced Editor
    391. VBV-7042 Discussion Post - if user drags to resize textarea for new discussion topics, switching to other tabs (Share Photos, Post Link, Insert Poll, Advanced) will reset the size of the textarea to default
    392. VBV-6869 Editor isn't counting any characters inside < and > brackets
    393. VBV-6748 In IE9, warning for poll missing required fields is inconsistent
    394. VBV-6580 VBV-8286Editor Missing Option: Unable to add attached images on posts
    395. VBV-6579 Advanced Editor: Clicking "Done" without attaching anything will cause error
    396. VBV-6506 Blog comments become replies when using pagination or after soft-deleting a comment
    397. VBV-6412 Stylevar reproducing itself upon save (regression) (Regression)
    398. VBV-6122 Mobile App: Error on viewing forum list
    399. VBV-6084 Some site buttons require double clicking to activate
    400. VBV-6070 Upload Attachments, Advanced Editor: Images that were "Deleted" still appear in advanced editor when complete.
    401. VBV-6066 Styling issue when prefix is added to topic
    402. VBV-5934 Admincp uses old favicon
    403. VBV-5678 No scroll bar appears for Likes list with over 5 likes
    404. VBV-5660 Width of the message window for copying comment to topic is not enough.
    405. VBV-5579 Quoting a post does not work if ckeditor failed to initialized
    406. VBV-5543 (IE8 only) Thread navigation bar does not float with the browser when scrolling down the page
    407. VBV-5402 Font size in advanced editor doesn't save in IE8
    408. VBV-5179 Better Code Editor for Admincp
    409. VBV-5078 vB5 Beta and Varnish Cache backend port detection
    410. VBV-3721 Unable to perform actions from pending post page if not re-authenticated for inline moderation
    411. VBV-3611 Nested quotes are not displayed
    412. VBV-3580 VBV-8286No source mode button for advanced editor
    413. VBV-3566 Text color in Subscribed button is not using the customized color value
    414. VBV-3381 Send and validate a token with every POST request to hamper CSRF
    415. VBV-3324 Unable to override style per channel
    416. VBV-3225 Inconsistent character encoding for symbol characters, result is error message occurs but user is created.
    417. VBV-3094 New Blog Entry & New Topics page menu momentarily appears in vertical alignment during page load (Chrome)
    418. VBV-3078 "Revert All Templates" doesn't work
    419. VBV-3064 VBV-8286Canceling an advanced editor dialog, then reopening the advanced editor causes infinite load
    420. VBV-2887 We have no page to preview BBCode
    421. VBV-2521 "topic-list-header" does not fill available space
    422. VBV-2495 Create New Content pages/popup tabs have incorrect color
    423. VBV-2373 VBV-8286(Porting from vB4) CKEditor Doesn't Load Under Apache with Google's ModPageSpeed
    424. VBV-2350 (Porting from vB4) Smilie Categories Not Displayed in the Smilie Popup
    425. VBV-2208 (Porting from vB4) Pragma: no-cache header disables caching on various pages/assets
    426. VBV-2145 Hide Advanced Editor/Full when browser doesn't have support
    427. VBV-2059 Quote content still showing even after quote link is unchecked.
    428. VBV-1980 Too much padding for message content field
    429. VBV-1754 CSS gradients are not working properly in IE
    430. VBV-1659 Comment box expands indefinitely
    431. VBV-1575 Adding random symbols in tags form will add a red line through all the popular tags below
    432. VBV-1529 "Smilie Menu Total Smilies" setting doesn't work
    433. VBV-1464 Unable to Add a Poll description when clicking on Discussion text editor and moving to poll before it's loaded
    434. VBV-1411 IE10 cannot always upload images
    435. VBV-1132 Change Poll Question to a text input type, it is currently a Text area.
    436. VBV-1129 "See previous comments" arrow button shows when posting the second comments, but all comments are already displayed
    437. VBV-1113 User Profile Photo Discussion - Uploaded image needs some padding
    438. VBV-955 Arrows still show when attaching a link with no valid images.
    439. VBV-945 Editor doesn't load consistantly in Chrome
    440. VBV-937 Post reply button should trigger open/close function
    441. VBV-348 Demo Site: Images embedded in a post not displaying properly in Activity Stream
    Last edited by Lawrence Cole; Mon 13 May '13, 9:33am.
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