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  • vBulletin version 4.1.4 Beta - available for download is now powered by an updated version of vBulletin 4.1.4 Beta

    vBulletin 4.1.4 Beta is also now available as a download to all active customers. This release can be downloaded from the vBulletin Members Area at:

    Please note:
    • We do not provide support for Beta versions
    • Some minor bugs remain unresolved at this time, and we do not recommend Beta software to be installed on production sites.
    • We always recommend that you back up your database fully before attempting to install Beta software.
    • More Bug fixes will be added to the final 4.1.4 release
    vBulletin 4.1.4 includes (this may change before the final release):


    CKEditor - includes WYSIWYG support for webkit browsers (Safari/Chrome etc.)

    Bug Fixes/Improvements
    Here is a list of the major bug fixes/improvements included so far in this release.
    • Incorporating Today's posts
    • Improvements to our Mobile API for our Mobile Suite
    • Various alterations to improve performance and resource management
    A full list of issues are available HERE.

    Thank you to everyone who has filed bugs in our bug tracker, we sincerely appreciate your continuing assistance! If you come across any bugs in the product, please continue to file them in our new tracker.
    Feedback on the product is welcomed [B]here[/B] for licensed customers.

    A full list of included bugs/features and changes to files/templates will be made available when we release the full version of 4.1.4
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    We have released an updated version of 4.1.4 Beta for you to download.
    This is available to be downloaded from the vBulletin Members Area at:

    Installation instructions
    To install this version, you will need to upload the new files and re-run the upgrade script.

    Please note
    - our typical Beta caveats apply, we don't support it, nor recommend utilizing it on a public site, and please backup your site before installing it.

    The issues fixed in this release are:

    • VBIV-12156 Hardcoded phrases in table properties popup
    • VBIV-12086 CKEditor causes unecessary scrolling when editing or previewing a post
    • VBIV-12059 After inserting a table, the cursor is always displayed at the start of the table but it is actually at the end of the table.
    • VBIV-12246 Quick Edit doesn't work when Quick Reply is disabled
    • VBIV-12041 Switching between simple editor and advanced editor on the calender not working properly.
    • VBIV-12170 Quick reply editor appears as empty (gray) in IE9 under certain conditions
    • VBIV-12020 Reply to same thread bring up old autosaved text.
    • VBIV-12099 Please provide an easy way for custom buttons to be added, by more than one addon (REGRESSION)
    • VBIV-11874 "Paste as Plain Text " text box cant resize
    • VBIV-12133 Attached images aren't "draggable" anymore
    • VBIV-12141 IE9 locks up (tab) after clicking post reply in QR
    • VBIV-12111 Script error thrown when 'Insert Image' uses Basic Uploader
    • VBIV-12128 Extra bullet point causes bulleted list to display poorly.
    • VBIV-12116 [Non-WYSIWYG] font/font size/color menu don't work properly [on IE9 at least]
    • VBIV-12011 Styling issue in Safari in Insert Image popup when selecting "From Computer"
    • VBIV-8882 Handling "Canceled Reversal" Transaction
    • VBIV-5766 Too Much Memory Used To Generate online.php
    • VBIV-11970 Smilies not displaying in editor smilie popup when using full path for the smilie URLs
    • VBIV-12143 custom BB code button do not show pictures
    • VBIV-12060 Switch Editor mode not clear
    • VBIV-12065 Error: vB_Editor.vB_Editor_001.open_smilie_window is not a function
    • VBIV-12049 Quick reply editor becomes empty (gray) if you click reply with quote > type something > press cancel > it becomes normal if you click cancel again
    • VBIV-12093 After Preview Post button is pressed Editor Mode resets to default
    • VBIV-12046 "Smilie Menu Total Smilies" Setting Adding +1 to the Entered Value
    • VBIV-12118 Script error thrown upon clicking 'Insert Row' without creating a table
    • VBIV-12091 Outer Border is missing for tables in Visitor messages
    • VBIV-12198 Update YUI to 2.9.0
    • VBIV-11992 Old YUI version failing vBulletin in numerous places on IE9
    • VBIV-1710 Retrieve remote image fails.
    • VBIV-11858 Can't drag uploaded attachments (IE9)
    • VBIV-7189 Images do not get uploaded in correct order
    • VBIV-12005 Unable to insert a smiley button in the edit visitor message editor
    • VBIV-11898 Admin Help is Missing for "Autosave Content" Setting
    • VBIV-12137 Random \9 in album.css
    • VBIV-12152 CKEditor extra line below quote box
    • VBIV-12139 In new editor, default font should be Tahoma for CMS and Verdana for everything else
    • VBIV-11948 horizontal scrolling while pressing the buttons in the editor
    • VBIV-12094 [Regression] Pasting copied HTML page in to new editor yields text only version
    • VBIV-12092 Cannot submit posts using Safari on the iPad
    • VBIV-11912 Two New Editor StyleVars Are Missing their Phrases
    • VBIV-11911 Redundant Phrases of Inexistent StyleVar
    • VBIV-11751 Double click on 'Edit Post' in a thread gives Javascript error
    • VBIV-11794 What's New not available in Mobile Application
    • VBIV-11744 Email BB Code Cannot Be Inserted with Buttons in Source Mode
    • VBIV-8778 Editor is fixed-width in the forums; variable width (window-size dependent) for CMS, Blogs,Visitor Messages, PMs
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