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  • Collection of VAT

    Everyone (well, particularly EU customers!),

    This is just a short announcement that due to some policy changes with VAT collection, and the volume of sales that vBulletin has reached in EU markets, we are now required to collect VAT on all vBulletin purchases made in EU regions.
    Effective immediately, VAT of 17.5% will be added as part of your transaction, unless you have a valid VAT id.

    For reference, transactions performed from these countries will incur the VAT of 17.5%:
    • United Kingdom

    This list may change.
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    To clarify some questions that have been posted about the addition of VAT to our prices for EU customers. We made a change to begin charging VAT due to some legal changes that were made within the EU at the start of 2010. These changes effect companies that retail a certain volume of products over the Internet into the EU market, recently vBulletin crossed that "volume threshold", and subsequently is now placed in a position whereby we must add these charges to EU customers. We understand these legal changes were made at the request of EU based companies to remove what was perceived to be an "unfair competitive advantage" for companies that were based outside of the EU.

    As part of our responsibility to collect VAT, our application for a VAT ID # is in progress, and as soon as the EU have furnished us with such an ID number, we will publish it for your taxation purposes. Unfortunately the lack of such an ID # does not absolve us of the responsibility to collect VAT. I hope this helps answers any questions regarding this issue now.
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      Adding to update this.
      Further legal clarification has uncovered that we are not obligated to collect VAT in EU regions outside of the UK (depending on sales in other EU regions throughout the year, this status may alter).

      We have:
      1. Desisted in collecting VAT since late last week
      2. Issued refunds for the VAT collected for any customer that purchased from an EU region outside of the UK and was charged VAT during this period

      Separately, we are awaiting our VAT ID# (we are still responsible for collecting VAT in this time however).
      We will furnish all customers with this number as soon as we are provided with it from the UK government.


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