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  • Steve Machol
    Update: As expected we are undergoing extremely high load at the moment because of all the people wanting to see vB4 live. We are doing some things behind the scenes to address this. Meanwhile please be patient while we work through these issues and the loads get back to normal. Thank you.

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  • Ray Morgan
    started a topic And we're back!

    And we're back!

    We decided to take some extra time before bringing the forums back up after the upgrade to 4.0. Briefly, here's what happened.

    First, the good news: The installation of 4.0 itself actually went as planned. The upgrade to 4.0 Publishing Suite from the 3.8.4 base product was seamless, and that agrees with the success the alpha/beta team has seen up to this point.

    The issues we encountered were related to the fact that the instance of vB running on has integration points with various business systems: administration, release management, ticket support, the product information site, and more. Cooler heads make better problem solvers, so we chose to investigate and solve the problems with the site offline rather than live to the world.

    The issues we ran into are unique to our environment, and they are not things that would factor into a normal customer installation.

    We're happy to have the forums live and stable. As noted in my announcement Wednesday night, this is a very early beta release, so there are still known bugs yet to be fixed before the gold. As you find bugs, you may report them here as usual. As we work through the beta cycle, we will periodically update this installation to include the latest bug fixes.

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