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    No, I'm afraid that this is not the announcement for vBulletin 2.2.0 launch, not quite yet! However, that will be very soon, once we have finished a few internal checks! Watch this space!

    We are proud to annouce the (re)launch of the official vBulletin code-hacking site, . This has been in planning for a little while now, and we hope you enjoy it! Firefly and Sinecure from these forums will be working alongside a number of the moderators from here to run the site to start with.

    The site has been under pretty thorough testing, and we are looking to develop it further into the premier place for vBulletin code-hackers to congregate. If you have any suggestions for the site, please do get in contact with Firefly, and he will do his best to field comments passed his way.

    All the posts from the code hacking forum here have been moved to that site, and if you want to be able to access and edit your old posts, please sign up on the forums with your username and email address from these forums. Also, to mark yourself as a licensed customer, please use this form, after you have registered and activated your account.



    To discuss this, please visit this thread:
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    John Percival

    Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)

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    I have a few responses to what seem to be common questions.

    Why did you move it to another site?

    Firstly, we cannot offer support to hacked boards, so it seemed a little silly to have the forums here on the official vBulletin forums, yet not be willing to offer any support for it. Because of this, it was agreed that we move it off to another site, that could have its one and only focus of being a site for vBulletin code-hackers. is in its infancy, and will grow into a much bigger and better community that leaving the forums here could ever do. In the long run, the web site will be built up considerably more around the forums, so as to provide a complete solution for vBulletin code hackers. The transistion to the new site may be a little painful as we iron out the bugs, but we will get everything running smoothly.

    The vBulletin code-hacking community has a huge chance to mature now, and I look forward to helping it do so by listening to your feedback on this change. Please just bear with us, and look at how these developments can help the community to grow.

    Why can't I post or download attachments?

    Once you have registered and activated your account, please be sure to fill in your username using this form to gain posting access to the customer-only forums:

    These restrictions are in place as a result of community discussions that took place a few weeks ago. Based on feedback from the community, we have restricted posting and downloading of attachments, considerably less stringent restrictions than we originally proposed to set in place.

    Please note that all your customer information remains on the server, and none of that information is passed on to the website.

    What's up with the colour scheme? I like my vB colours!

    Well the original vB colour scheme will be returned to its fully glory using the wonders of vBulletin's style system very soon. We are just working on a few of the templates, to get them just right.
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    John Percival

    Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)


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      Help, my user account doesn't work

      First, check that you have registered over on the forums - your username should appear in the online users list.

      Second, check that you have followed the link found in your email inbox to confirm your email address. This is important, or else you won't be able to post.

      Finally if you are able to post, but you cannot edit your old posts (imported from the forums), or your post count starts at 0, email Firefly, and he will take care of any problems.
      John Percival

      Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)


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