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  • Update on next version

    As some of you may know I have been away for the last little while mixing coding with a little R&R. The next version of vBulletin is moving along smoothly, and development is progressing at a steady pace.

    At the moment, I cannot give an exact date for release yet, but for the sake of QA, it may be a little later than summer. (Summer has already pretty much ended here in the summer anyway, not that it ever really began ) My current plans are to get beta copies to a few testers in about 4-5 weeks time.

    Without letting too much out of the bag on the features front, you can be sure that there will be something for everyone. Many of the suggestions that I have received in the forums here and by email will be taken into account, as well as some of the old favourites such as polls, private messaging, and much more. I will try to whet people's appetites from time to time by revealing a new feature or two - so keep your eyes peeled

    We value all the input that we have received in the first few months of vBulletin, and we have tried to respond accordingly to suggestions. We hope to be bringing out more languages (as in French or German, not Perl or ASP) for vBulletin in the future, as well as more support for more RDBMS systems (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase all possibilities). We will try to keep you in the loop as the next version develops, as we feel that it is important to keep in touch with the community here as much as possible. While I have not been around so much recently due to my coding efforts, James has been managing support, with the capable aid of the unsung heroes, the moderators.

    My thanks to all of you for your ongoing support. I look forward to working with you all to make this next version a killer application.

    John Percival
    Developer, vBulletin
    John Percival

    Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)

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    John, I'm so glad to see you back and hear your very positive comments !

    I believe that this next version will be really excellent.
    I just want to stress on a particular point: It seems some of us have a very hard time including javascript advertising code on their headers... it might be cool if you could do something about it in the next version.

    I don't have anything to say about the new features (I trust the next version will have a lot), my only worry is about this.


    (oh, and please, next time you take a brainstorm tour, please, just drop us an official word before you go, so we will not harass the great moderators to know where you are )


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      Originally posted by John
      I look forward to working with you all to make this next version a killer application.
      Actually I think it already is

      Anyway, it's great to see you back and I am very excited to hear about all of the new features. You can be sure I'll be watching closely to see what everything you have planned.



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          Be well, Mr. Percival.



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            Welcome back John!
            We're Here Forums!
            [email protected]


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              Hi john, as I said before, welcome back
              - Insert viable disclaimer here -



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                Welcome back my friend!

                (to the show that never ends
                we're so glad you could attend
                step inside step inside
                now the gypsy queen
                in a glaze of vaseline
                will perform on guiletine
                what a scene what a scene
                step inside the show's about to start
                guaranteed to blow your head apart)
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                  Looks like Huss is quite the poet...
                  and I bet he didn't even know it


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                    Glad to see you back.



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                      Hey Huss, got anymore of that po√ętry?
                      - Insert viable disclaimer here -



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                        well welcome back

                        i LOVE vbulletin
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                          Yea good to have you back (or should I say good to have you around because youve been gone every since I joined the community)

                          Either way I look forward to the next release. Im sure it will be a good one.

                          Also I beleive i have a good amount of knowledge about the vb product and I would be more than happy to be a beta tester. As you probally know from all my posts in the bugs forum I do alot of my own testing anyway Just let me know if I can be of any assistance.

                          Chris Miller


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                            PLEASE, could we take the chat out of this forum and keep it for the important news/announcements only?

                            I always get exited when seeing there are new messages here... thinking there are news.

                            There is no offense intended, but I think this should remain the place for important/minor important official announces. It's nice to see that "we customers" are allowed to feedback (there are places/companies which don't allow reactions to their plans) and I really appreciate it, but I guess we should take it to another forum if it's nothing terribly important.



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                              Can you think about, that you can made a "simple" next version, where some good and tested hacks are implemented and all known bugs are erased. A version 1.1.35 for instance. That was good for the users of this software. I I know, it is better for advertising that we had a big killer version but in the time before this version ist out all can use the good hacks and a fine working version. What do mean?


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