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vBulletin 3.6.8 Patch Level 1 Released

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  • vBulletin 3.6.8 Patch Level 1 Released

    vBulletin 3.6.8 Patch Level 1

    This release is a patch to the 3.6.8 to fix a security issue reported to us this morning. Only 3.6.8 is affected by this issue. The only changes in this release are for this security issue.

    The changed files are:
    • includes/class_bbcode.php
    • includes/version_vbulletin.php

    There are no template changes.

    What is a Patch Level? How does it differ from a full release?

    A patch level release contains fixes for only the most critical issues in the previous release. In this case, this means the only changes are to address a security issue.

    It is designed to be installed directly over top of your 3.6.8 installation, with no other action. You do not need to run any upgrade scripts.

    How to Upgrade
    This is not a full upgrade. You do not need to run any upgrade scripts to complete the upgrade.
    1. Patch: Download a patch file discussed in this thread and upload them to your web server, overwriting the existing files. The patch is available from the Members' Area patch page or you can find it attached to this thread.
    2. Full Package: Alternatively you can download the full package in the vBulletin Members Area and again upload the affected files mentioned in this thread.

    If the files have been overwritten properly, your version will be listed as "3.6.8 Patch Level 1" in the administrators' control panel. Your version will still say 3.6.8 on the front-end.
    Scott MacVicar

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    Patch Information

    Patches are now available in the members' area. You may view available patches here. Alternatively, you may use the zip attached to this post to apply the patch. Both methods are equivalent.

    Go to the page mentioned above and download the "Security patch for 3.6.8" or download the zip at the end of this post. Extract the zip archive, then connect to your web server using FTP and overwrite the following files using the replacement versions from the zip.
    • includes/class_bbcode.php
    • includes/version_vbulletin.php
    1. If you cannot download the attachment in this post, you are not currently registered as a license customer. Please see this thread for instructions on how to proceed.
    2. You do not need to download this patch if you use another method to upgrade to 3.6.8 Patch Level 1.
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