vBulletin 2.0.2

vBulletin 2.0.2 is another minor bug fix and maintenance release to correct some minor bugs in 2.0.1, as well as a few new features. None of these are serious, and many just affect a few cases. There are also various new features to help with the admin side of things, and a couple of new features for the users. It is worth upgrading if you can - if you don't, and you try to report a problem, then we will be likely to ask you to upgrade first.

Backing up forums

Please be sure to check your backups, that they are complete before continuing with an upgrade. We had reports that PHP was causing time out errors when creating the back up SQL, and this was causing for incomplete or corrupted backups. The safest way to do a backup is to use the mysqldump utility through telnet, as it will not suffer from any such problems.

New Installation Instructions

For fresh installations, you must run the install.php file in the admin directory. Before you do this, take the config.php.new file, edit it to contain your details, then upload it as config.php to the server.

Then you can run through the install.php script in much the same way as old install scripts. More details instructions are in the vBulletin online manual:

Upgrade instructions:

>From 1.1.x:
Upload all the files, then run the upgrade1.php scrint in the admin area. When you are done, be sure to delete install.php and all the upgradex.php scripts.

> From 2.0 betas and release candidates:
Information is available here to upgrade to 2.0.0:
Then follow the instructions below for upgrading to 2.0.2
(Note: don't upload the new sessions.php until you run upgrade11.php -- it will give you an error and prevent your from upgrading)

> From 2.0.0
Upload upgrade10.php, upgrade11.php and vbulletin.style. Run upgrade10.php and proceed through all the steps. Run through upgrade11.php and now uploaded the rest of the files. When you are done, be sure to delete install.php and all the upgradex.php scripts.

> From 2.0.1
Upload all the files, then run the upgrade11.php script in the admin area. When you are done, be sure to delete install.php and all the upgradex.php scripts.
note: these instructions have been updated and simplified to allow for a few changes in the code that allow you to follow the normal upgrading procedure. If this note doesn't make any sense to you, don't worry. If it does, download the code again from the members area, and then follow the upgrade instructions as shown above.

Changed Templates

Note: Upgrading will not overwrite any of your custom templates.

Template Changes
- forumhome_loggedinusers -- Linked "Currently Active Users" to online.php
- calendar_getinfo -- removed completely. now formed by combining calendar_getday and calendar_daybits
- email_activateaccount/email_activateaccount_change -- $contactaddress -> $webmasteremail
- error_edittimelimit -- fixed typo
- error_invalidsession -- NEW! -- used when a user tries to vote on a poll or open/close/stick a thread when the true session could not be validated.
- error_nopolloptionselected -- Now reads "an option" instead of "a option"
- error_nousername -- NEW! -- used when a user tries to post without any username
- error_pmrecipturnedoff -- adds a clause about a user not being allowed to use PMs
- error_searchfloodcheck -- fixed a typo
- forumdisplay_announcementsonly -- Removed 2 <tr>'s in a row
- forumdisplay -- added &nbsp; next to $newthreadlink (moved out of the PHP code and into the template)
- modifyavatar_customupload -- removed hardcoded max upload size and replaced it with a variable
- modifyoptions -- changed form method to POST (important!!)
- registeradult/registercoppa -- add missing </tr> after timezone select. Added bit to place the required custom fields in the required section.
- subscribe -- the list of threads is now encased in a table in order to fit in the { contenttablewidth}
- threadreviewbit -- fixed issue where columns wouldn't be sized correctly
- whosonline -- NEW! -- Main template body for Who's Online
- whosonlinebit -- NEW! -- Each row of Who's Online
- whosonlinebit_email -- NEW! -- email cell of Who's Online Row - doesn't display if Email functions are disabled.
- whosonlinebit_ip -- NEW! -- IP address cell of Who's Online Row - doesn't display if usergroup doesn't have permission
- whosonlinebit_pm -- NEW! -- PM cell of Who's Online Row - doesn't display if PM's are disabled
- whosonline_email -- NEW! -- Header for email row
- whosonline_ip -- NEW! -- Header for ip address row
- whosonline_pm -- NEW! -- Header for PM row
- error_whosonlinedisabled -- NEW! -- Who's Online is disabled message
- postbit_ignore -- NEW! -- Template that is shown in a thread for users that are ignored.
- showpost -- NEW! -- Page that is opened when a user chooses to view an ignored user's post.
- threadreviewbit_ignore -- Text that is displayed for ignored users on the New Reply page where the thread review is. Also used on the search results when an ignored user appears in post results
- numbernav, numbernav_pages -- KILLED COMPLETELY (see note about pagenav below)
- pagenav_xxx -- NEW! set of templates to replace numbernav and numbernav_pages
- whoposted, whopostedbit -- NEW! templates to control who posted functionality
- forumdisplaybit,searchresultbit_threadonly,subscribe_threadbit - added javascript link to who posted function
- forumdisplay_threadslist,searchresultbit_threadonly,subscribe - added javascript function to open 'whoposted' window

You can view the new templates from in the control panel by clicking on the 'view original' next to your custom template.


Bug Fixes/Enhancements
- Fixed bug with styleid 0 being treated differently than styleid 1 (it shouldn't have been)
- Added precaching to a template in forumdisplay.php
- Fix sorting options when searching but displaying results as threads
- Added additional CSS integration for alternating colors in all files
- Changed member.php to use POST method to prevent that "you must revert your modifyoptions" error
- Additional checks to avatars in case getimagesize() fails
- Added setting that controls what happens when a call to getimagesize() fails
- Fixed issues with CP login
- Checks in install.php to ensure you have all the correct settings (and add a few guesses at settings)
- Fixed bug with searching for users in the CP and custom fields
- Fixed incompatibility relating to uploading in Windows with magic_quotes_gpc enabled
- Fixed bug where unregistered users didn't have to enter any name at all
- Actually fixed unregistered users voting on polls
- Fix sort by thread rating bug
- Automaticaly strip out stop words (badwords.php) in searches
- Display MySQL errors in line when they happen to an admin
- Optimize thread merge feature (don't reindex all posts)
- Additional minor bug fixes
- Global disable for vBcode Buttons & Clickable Smilies in Options Panel
- Rogue non-stylable colours in control panel fixed
- Better handling of email sending from control panel
- ability to send activation codes to a user in an email message
- fixed bug where threads with ignored users could show pages without any posts
- Required custom fields now appear in the required section at registration.
- NEW quick find user by username from main control panel page
- NEW adminlog view/search/prune within control panel (see help on that page)
- NEW stored private message statistics in control panel
- NEW ability to strip an unwanted poll from a thread without removing the thread contents
- NEW subscribed thread manager - allows you to prune thread subscriptions - useful for keeping email-sending loads under control
- NEW Option to not show unregged/coppa/awaiting confirmation users on the memberlist.
- NEW Ignored users are now shown in threads with a clickable place holder that will bring up their posts when clicked
- NEW Option to set custom profile fields to be hidden and not editable by the user so that they may be used as information fields by the admins/mods
- NEW Improved page navigation template system - pagenav_xxx now replaces numbernav and numbernav_pages. This change means that the display is more configurable via templates, and redundant << < > >> are no longer shown
- NEW Integration of Kier's Who Posted hack into display of threads in forumdisplay, search results and subscribed threads.
- NEW User mass usergroup move & user pruning system in control panel.

In conclusion...

We have emptied the bugs forum again to get a fresh start. If you want threads moved back into the 'live' area, just let a moderator know, and they will do that for you.

Anyway, get to that members area!


To discuss this, please post here:

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