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Import Scripts for WWWThreads and OpenTopic

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  • Import Scripts for WWWThreads and OpenTopic

    We have pretty much finished the import script for Infopop's Open Topic forum software. This has been tested on our servers, and what we need to do now is to try it out in a few other environments. So if you want to test these scripts, or know someone who does, please contact us by email. The details of what you need to tell us are at the bottom of this messagel. Please note that you do need to have a server capable of running vBulletin, although not necessarily a vBulletin license.

    We are also preparing to work on a WWWThreads importer, so if you are interested in helping us by providing sample data, please also get in contact.

    There are also UB2k and iKonBoard import scripts in the pipeline, and we will let you know more about them when we are ready - please do not contact us about them now.

    This is what you need to send us when you contact us:
    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • Your website URL
    • Your forums URL
    • Number of members/posts/threads/forums for your boards
    • Number of people simultaneously online at peak periods
    • Your vBulletin license number (if applicable), and forums URL

    Please send them to [email protected]

    John Percival

    Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)

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    I am now starting work on the UB2K import script, but in order to do so, I am going to need a little data to work with.

    What I will require is access to a mysql version of UB2K, on a board with between 100-1,000 members, and 1,000-10,000 posts. I will take an SQL dump of your database and install it on my local (private) server, in order to work out how best to write the import script. Confidentiality of data is assured.

    If anyone has a suitable database that they don't mind me using, please send me a private message with your contact details and I will get back to you.




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      Many thanks to those that have offered the services of their UB2K databases.

      I now have what I need, and can get to work on the import script.


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        <offer closed -- thanks for those who volunteered>

        I'm currently working on an IkonBoard (2.18) import script.

        It's nowhere near a beta testing level yet, but my request is the same as Kier's above, except for IkonBoard. My request specs are similar to Kier's, except I'll need to actually download the physical datafiles (either you zip them up for me or give me FTP access so I can download them). Again, this will be done on my local server which no one else has access to. Your data (and FTP login info) is 100% confidential.

        Please note I'm not asking for people who want to beta test the script -- I just need some more data to work with so I can ensure it works on more than just my "test test" messages.

        Feel free to either email or PM me. (email preferred) Address is in my sig.


        <offer closed -- thanks for those who volunteered>
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