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New vBulletin Message Editor for 3.5

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  • New vBulletin Message Editor for 3.5

    One of the features we have been working on for a while now is a completely revamped message editor for vBulletin 3.5.

    The new editor is in some ways far simpler than the old one, in that it uses exactly the same HTML for both WYSIWYG and Standard modes, and yet it harbours far more power.

    Your window resize choices (using the and controls) are now remembered, and WYSIWYG-compatible browsers can now switch live between WYSIWYG and Standard modes using AJAX, interpretting all formatting correctly while switching without refreshing the page.

    Standard mode support is also improved by retaining selection choices after formatting. Previously if you selected a word and wrapped it in [b] tags, you would have had to select the word again before applying further formatting. With the new editor you can select the word and bash out [b] [i] [u] with the formatting buttons and never have to do any re-selecting of text.

    Standard mode also now benefits from a new undo/redo system (for those who can't manage ctrl+z, ctrl+shift+z), and the ability to remove formatting in the same way as the WYSIWYG editor can by selecting some text and hitting the remove formatting button.

    Also new for standard mode is the new list editor, designed to work as much like WYSIWYG mode as possible. In IE6, Mozilla, Camino or Opera 8 you can simply select paragraphs of text and hit one of the list buttons to generate a list.

    Finally (for this announcement) we have implemented spell checking for Internet Explorer via ieSpell. Support for other browsers will be implemented as soon as tools with sufficient web-integration systems become available. (Nudge nudge to SpellBound developers).

    The new editor will be available to customers in vBulletin 3.5 Beta 2.
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    New Quick Edit System

    With the flexible new editor in vBulletin 3.5, it was fairly trivial to add WYSIWYG functionality to the Quick Edit feature, so we did.

    To access Quick Edit, you no longer double-click the body of a post, you now double-click the Edit button. A single click will still take you to the regular edit page.

    The new Quick Edit system allows live switching between WYSIWYG and Standard editing modes, editor window resizing and all the other goodies provided by the new editor.



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      (More) Changes to Quick Edit

      In response to popular feedback, I have changed the behaviour of the Quick Edit system.

      To activate Quick Edit now, you simply click on the Edit button. This will load the Quick Editor, which now includes a Go Advanced button much like the one used on Quick Reply.

      Clicking Go Advanced will take you to the full editpost.php interface, retaining your edits.

      Note: The edits to the post are not saved by hitting the Go Advanced button, you must hit the Save button on the editpost.php interface just like a normal edit.

      Non-AJAX-compatible browsers will bypass all of this functionality completely - a single click on the Edit button in postbit for them will load editpost.php as normal.


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        I should also mention that if you prefer NOT to use the formatting toolbar for Quick Edit and or Quick Reply, this can be disabled in the Admin CP, as you can see in this image:
        Click image for larger version

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          While we're keeping you updated about progress with the new editor and its associated benefits, I got bored today of having to click 'Go Advanced' to get to the delete post dialog... so now you don't have to any more.

          Welcome to 'Quick Delete'...
          Click image for larger version

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