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vBulletin 2.0 BETA 4 Released

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  • vBulletin 2.0 BETA 4 Released

    vBulletin 2.0.0 BETA 4

    The forth BETA version of vBulletin 2.0.0 is now available for download from the memebers area. This is largely a bug fix release, with a few additional features and options. We recommend that all customers who are currenting running a previous beta of version 2.0.0 upgrade as soon as possible to this release.

    New Installation Instructions

    For fresh installations, you must run the install1.php file in the admin directory. Before you do this, take the file, edit it to contain your details, then upload it as config.php to the server.

    Then you can run through the install1.php script in much the same way as old install scripts.

    Upgrade instructions:

    >From 1.1.x:

    Upload all the files, then run the upgrade1.php scrint in the admin area. When you are done, be sure to delete install1.php and all the upgradex.php scripts.

    >From beta 1:

    Upload all the files, then run the upgrade2.php script in the admin area. Then run upgrade3.php. Then run upgrade4.php. When you are done, be sure to delete install1.php and all the upgradex.php scripts.

    >From beta 2:

    Upload all the files, then run the upgrade3.php script in the admin area. Then run upgrade4.php. When you are done, be sure to delete install1.php and all the upgradex.php scripts.

    >From beta 3:

    Upload all the files, then run the upgrade4.php script in the admin area. When you are done, be sure to delete install1.php and all the upgradex.php scripts.

    New Templates

    - error_listignoreuser - informs user that admins/mods can not be ignored.
    - vbcode_popup_smilies,vbcode_popup_smiliesbits,vbcode_buttons,vbcode_sizebits,vbcode_colorb its,vbcode_fontbits,vbcode_smilies,vbcode_smiliebit,vbcode_smilies_getmore - all the vB code templates for the javascript addon to newreply, newthread
    - error_nomessage -- used when a user tries to email someone without entering a message
    - faq1, faq2 -- actual answers

    - forumhome_birthdaybits - (contains "<br>Birthdays: $birthdays" so that 'Birthdays:' is not shown if no birthdays today.)
    - forumdisplay_announcementsonly - (like forumdisplay_threadslist but used when no threads to view, but announcements present)

    - error_buddypm_fullbox - (one or more of the recipients exceded PM quota)
    - error_buddypm_nopermission - (no permission to use buddy mass PM)
    - error_buddypm_nousers - (can't use buddy PM - !$bbuserinfo[buddylist])
    - error_buddypm_toomany - (too many recipients for buddy PM)
    - error_disabledpmreceipts - (!$permissions[cantrackpm])
    - error_forwardpm_toomany - (too many messages to forward)

    - privfolder_deletedbit - (if message was cancelled - replaces privfolder_bit)
    - privfolder_denyreceipt - (link to open message denying receipt request)
    - privfolder_massforward - (add [FORWARD] button to dostuff() menu)
    - priv_senttomultiple - (replacement for username in privfolder when $message[multiplerecipients])

    - privsent - (main HTML for message tracking)
    - privsent_emailnotified - (unread message - user was notified)
    - privsent_readmessagebit - (read message bit for...)
    - privsent_readmessages - (list of read messages)
    - privsent_restorecancelled - (HREF for instant cancelled message restore)
    - privsent_unreadmessagebit - (unread message bit for...)
    - privsent_unreadmessages - (list of unread messages)
    - privsent_useroffline
    - privsent_useronline

    - usercp_pmdeletedbit - (if $message[deleteprompt] - blank usercp_pmmessagebit)

    - priv_choosebuddies - (main page for buddy recipient selection)
    - priv_choosebuddybit - (table row for previous)

    - priv_buddymasspmlink - (A HREF for mass buddy PM)
    - usercp_buddymasspmlink - (as above, for usercp)
    - priv_forwardtobuddylink - (A HREF for mass forward to buddy list)
    - priv_readreceiptslink - (A HREF for link to privsent)
    - priv_readreceiptsoption - (<option> addition for $folderjump)

    - priv_forwardmultiple - (main page for composing multi-message forward)
    - priv_forwardmultiple_titlebit - (title of one of the forward messages)
    - priv_dateselect - (daysprune menu for privfolder and privsent)
    - priv_requestreceipt - (checkbox for message send page to request receipt)
    - priv_sendtobuddies - (main page for compose to multi-recipients)
    - priv_sendtobuddies_name - (single recipient name)
    - redirect_pmtrackingdelete - (user ended tracking for this message)
    - redirect_pmundelete - (user un-cancelled cancelled unread message)

    Changed Templates

    Note: Upgrading will not overwrite any of your custom templates. The following templates have changed since beta 3:

    Almost ALL templates have changed, so that they are much tidier now, and support HTML 4.0 to a much greater degree.

    However, the following templates have changed significantly:
    - forumjump - added javascript hop and support for context sensitivity in non-forum areas (PM, search etc)
    - privfolder - cleaned up and added support for new PM functions, daysprune and context-sensitive folderjump
    - privfolder_bit - cleaned up and support for new PM features added
    - privmsg - cleaned up, added context-sensitive folderjump and support for new PM features
    - priv_sendmsg - added support for new PM features
    - usercp - added buddylist mass PM link (on/off by usergroup) ( - $buddypmlink - )
    - usercp_pmmessagebit - added support for receipt denial ( - $privatemessage[denyreceipt] - )
    - forumdisplay - cleaned up logo legend to prevent ugly wrapping on 8x6 screens
    - forumhome_loggedinusers - replaced #6c6081 with #6c6081
    - forumhome_pmloggedin - " " " " "
    - announcement - added bgcolor="#FFFFFF"
    - newreply - added bgcolor="#FFFFFF" to threadreview table
    - threadreview - altered text to show $maxposts and look a little nicer
    - threadreviewbit - changed #EFEFEF to $backcolor (now supported by newreply.php)
    - headinclude - added WinXP Theme support (META tag)
    - searchintro - added note about wildcards in searches
    - newpost_attachment, editpost_attachment - changed hardcoded maximum file size to variable
    - calendar_enterevent, listedit, memberlistsearch, modifyavatar, modifycoppa, modifyoptions, modifyprofile, modifypassword, priv_sendprivmsg, searchintro, threads_deleteposts, threads_editthread, threads_merge, threads_move, threads_splitthread -- added accesskey="s" to the form submission buttons
    - header, showthread, postbit -- added 100% references
    - printthread -- changed $forumtitle -> $foruminfo[title] and $threadtitle -> $thread[title]
    - forumrules -- significant changes to make it work with the new method.
    - faq -- just a table of contents now
    - searchintro - added "Search in titles" checkbox, added "Return Post Results Only" checkbox
    - newreply,calendar_enterevent,editpost,newreply,priv_sendprivmsg - Added support for the clickable vbcode addon
    - modifyoptions - Added option to enable/disable clickable vbcode, added bandwidth options
    - registercoppa,registeradult - Added option to enable/disable clickable vbcode, made showsignatures, showavatars, showimages into hidden options
    - modifyoptions_stylecell - changed background color of <TR>
    - bbcode - added help for the clickable vbcode.
    - forumdisplay_loggedinusers - Added max users ever variables.
    - forumhome - Added $birthdaybits variable

    You can view the new templates from in the control panel by clicking on the 'view original' next to your custom template.


    Enhancements/New Features:

    - vB code 'panel' for posting new messages. This allows bits and pieces of vB code to be added automatically with just the click of a button
    - show birthdays on the home page
    - show max number of users online ever on home page
    - option for whether or not users can ignore mods
    - search in threads, as well as in posts (note - this requires a complete reindex of search index)
    - improved cacheing issues with avatars
    - added option not to show images on the pages, for users, but show a link instead
    - added [ font ] vB code
    - wild cards allowed in search
    - improved images in /images/attach directory
    - added several more functions to the PM system. PM tracking, read receipts, and generally improved navigation
    - Improved performance with several indexes and code changes

    Bug fixes:
    - fixed problem with HTML in user titles
    - several improvements/fixes in and around the search engine
    - fixed bug with /5 and /7 in vB code
    - fixed bug in spell checker module
    - profile fields now appear in correct order in register.php
    - improved general upload/safe mode situation
    - fixed usernames with special chars in email notifications
    - fixed bug with <br>s in announcement editing
    - fixed bug with updating password and related error message
    - fixed bug with posts replacing each other, in rare circumstances
    - fixed orphaned PMs
    - fixed thread subscription
    - users must enter a reason to report posts now
    - users must enter a message to send an email
    - forum/thread title now appears in printthread.php
    - fixed bug with permissions not letting you view your own thread
    - made the code PHP 4.0.5 compatible

    For more details, please go here:

    If you would like to discuss this release, please visit:


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    John Percival

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    upgrade1.php and install1.php

    If you downloaded the ZIP file before 22:30 GMT (don't forget daylight savings!), then there is a short script that you need to run, if you used upgrade1.php or install1.php:

    It can be found here:

    We apologise for this slight mistake. Note, that this only affects users who have used the upgrade1.php or install1.php scripts - everyone else should be fine.

    John Percival

    Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)


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