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vBulletin 2.0 BETA 3 Released

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  • vBulletin 2.0 BETA 3 Released


    vBulletin 2.0.0 BETA 3

    The third BETA version of vBulletin 2.0.0 is now available for download from the memebers area. As well as a raft of new features and bug fixes, the development team has also found and fixed a couple of security issues. We recommend that all customers who are currenting running a previous beta of version 2.0.0 upgrade as soon as possible to this release.

    New Installation Instructions

    For fresh installations, you must run the install1.php file in the admin directory. Before you do this, take the file, edit it to contain your details, then upload it as config.php to the server.

    Then you can run through the install1.php script in much the same way as old install scripts.

    Upgrade instructions:

    >From 1.1.x:

    Upload all the files, then run the upgrade1.php scrint in the admin area. When you are done, be sure to delete install1.php, upgrade1.php, upgrade2.php and upgrade3.php.

    >From beta 1:

    Upload all the files, then run the upgrade2.php script in the admin area. Then run upgrade3.php. When you are done, be sure to delete install1.php, upgrade1.php, upgrade2.php, and upgrade3.php.

    >From beta 2:

    Upload all the files, then run the upgrade3.php script in the admin area. When you are done, be sure to delete install1.php, upgrade1.php upgrade2.php, and upgrade3.php.

    New Templates

    ~ email_activateaccount_change - email sent when a user has to reverify his/her email
    - emailsubject_activateaccount_change - subject of the above email
    - error_activate_moderation - Inform user that they have been activated but are in the moderation queue
    - redirect_updatethanks_newemail - redirection template for use when a user changes his email and is being sent a new verification

    Changed Templates

    Note: Upgrading will not overwrite any of your custom templates. The following templates have changed since beta 2:

    - calendar_enterevent - replaced hard-coded color codes with proper replacement variables
    - email_activateaccount - remove wording that an account will be deleted in 1 week w/o activation
    - error_activate_wrongusergroup - Add wording that user is already activated
    - error_forumclosed - changed wording (it wasn't used anywhere before anyway)
    - polloption - add missing colspan so netscape shows properly
    - redirect_login - changed $bbuserinfo[username] to $username
    - searchintro - Added missing </td>
    - username_loggedout - changes loginpassword to password and loginusername to username

    You can view the new templates from in the control panel by clicking on the 'view original' next to your custom template.


    Enhancements/New Features:

    - Added ability for admin to bypass quotas and max character limits on PMs
    - Added ability to display posts per day variable on showthread
    - Added reverification of email address if a user changes it in his/her profile and email verification is enabled
    - Added some error checking to moderator banning
    - Make usergroup list look nicer
    - Changes to postindexing so more situations are taken into account

    Bug fixes:

    - Fixed several security issues
    - Fixed bug where announcements would show up more than once
    - Make sure "sticky" threads are always visible even when they're outside of the "prune date"
    - Fixed bug that would severly hinder moving threads when forumjump was off
    - Fixed bug where email on PM settings weren't being saved during registration
    - Fixed bug where an incorrect user had his/her PM quota status checked
    - Ensure new posts/threads can't be made in forums that are closed
    - Fixed bug (that may have been server specific) that prevented submission of new threads, replies, and editing of posts
    - Fixed bug where forum last post times weren't always being correctly updated after a poll was posted
    - Fixed bug where edited poll totals were being reset to their calculated totals after a vote
    - Fixed bug where an incorrect username would be displayed when logging in
    - Fixed bug where last post/last poster in forum wasn't taking you to the correct location
    - Fixed post ordering option being ignored bug
    - Fixed bug where going to directly to a post, and post ordering was newest first, wouldn't take you to the right post
    - Fixed bug where guest posters would inherit an incorrect online status in showthread
    - Fixed bug that caused polls to not be parsed under the permissions of the forum they were actually in
    - Ensure jump to newpost or lastpost takes you to a valid post and thread
    - Show correct templates when hit by flood check in search
    - Fixed getadmin.php so no header warnings were displayed
    - Ensure moderated messages appear in text area boxes
    - Fixed bug that would prevent adding of profile fields
    - Fixed "check all" check box in the mass avatar addition process
    - Fixed bug that would prevent admins who didn't have their username saved from entering the control panel
    - Attempted to address (as of yet, unproducable) session issues
    - Fixed bug that wouldn't let you overwrite a style
    - Fixed small issues in list bbcode
    - Fixed bug that would prevent Netscape from selecting the correct forum in the forumjump dropdown
    - Fixed bug where certain tables could have outdated data if the selective post deletion function was used

    If you would like to discuss this release, please visit:


    John Percival

    Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)
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