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vBulletin 3.0.1 Released

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  • vBulletin 3.0.1 Released

    vBulletin 3.0.1

    This release is essentially just a bug fix release. We have not found any critical bugs that have warranted an emergency release; these are simply routine bug fixes.

    Backing Up Your Forums
    Please be sure to check your backups, that they are complete before continuing with an upgrade. We had reports that PHP was causing time out errors when creating the back up SQL, and this was causing for incomplete or corrupted backups. The safest way to do a backup is to use the mysqldump utility through telnet, as it will not suffer from any such problems. Full instructions for backing up your database are available in the vBulletin 3 Manual.

    Installing or Upgrading vBulletin
    Please see the appropriate manual sections: Installing vBulletin and Upgrading vBulletin.

    Improvements Since 3.0.0
    • Archive now has .html extension to increase the search engines that will spider the archive as well as making the full version clearer
    • The majority of JavaScript should no longer generate Strict warnings
    • Obsolete data is no longer stored in the forumcache reducing size
    Bugs Fixed Since 3.0.0

    Some of the bugs fixed include:
    • Permissions duplicator would not duplicate permissions properly. (View)
    • Disable search engine option did not function properly. (View)
    • Certain phrases untranslatable. (View)
    • TAB key can erase all text when posting a message under certain circumstances (View)
    • Logout function made user-specific. (View)
    • Can't see member groups in all situations. (View)
    • Automatic URL parsing improved. (View)
    • Rebuild stats does not delete previous, invalid statistics. (View)
    • Thumbnail display order doesn't match upload order. (View)
    • Improved email-link-insertion code in WYSIWYG and standard editors. (View)
    • thread_view cookie now takes last shown post into account. (View)
    • Added ability to disable search index duplication when copying a thread for performance reasons. (View)
    • Subscriptions with now return output to the user after payment is complete. (View)
    • Various phrase and template problems. (See below for template changes.)
    Click here for a full list of bug fixes

    Files Changed Since 3.0.0
    • Main Directory: calendar.php, editpost.php, forumdisplay.php, global.php, joinrequests.php, login.php, memberlist.php, newattachment.php, poll.php, postings.php, private.php, profile.php, register.php, search.php, sendmessage.php, showpost.php, showthread.php, subscription.php
    • admincp/: cronadmin.php, css.php, email.php, forum.php, forumpermission.php, help.php, index.php, language.php, misc.php, moderator.php, options.php, phrase.php, subscriptions.php, template.php, user.php
    • archive/: global.php, index.php
    • clientscript/: vbulletin_cpcolorpicker.js, vbulletin_editor.js, vbulletin_global.js, vbulletin_md5.js, vbulletin_menu.js, vbulletin_moziwyg.js, vbulletin_stdedit.js, vbulletin_templatemgr.js, vbulletin_wysiwyg.js
    • images/buttons: quote.gif, reply_small.gif
    • includes/: adminfunctions.php, adminfunctions_language.php, adminfunctions_profilefield.php, adminfunctions_template.php, adminfunctions_user.php, db_mysql.php, functions.php, functions_bbcodeparse.php, functions_editor.php, functions_faq.php, functions_misc.php, functions_newpost.php, functions_showthread.php, functions_subscriptions.php, functions_user.php, init.php, sessions.php, vbulletin_credits.php
    • includes/cron: cleanup2.php, stats.php
    • And the install directory should be assumed to change in all releases. Always use a fresh version of the directory.
    To discuss this release, click here:

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    3.0.1 Template Changes


    Changed two phrases. See this Bug Report

    Requires Revert? Only if your translation needs different phrases for first as detailed in this Bug Report.

    newthread & newreply

    Added the $show['member'] conditional around the subscription html so that unregistered posters don't get the option to subscribe to the thread.

    Requires revert? Yes if you allow unregistered posting.


    Add a missing / to two <img src>, look for $vbphrase[closed_thread] to see where it occurs.

    Requires revert? No, not really unless you want standards compliance


    Replaced "Forum" with "$vbphrase[forum]" in the order by select menu.

    Requires Revert? Only if you use a translation.


    Changed session URL reference to use JS style version. (

    Requires revert? Yes, but the amount of people affected by this will be very small.


    Added nowrap tags to the last post column.

    Requires revert? No.


    Added width="100%" to the second column of each non-header row of the "What's Going On?" table to prevent minor display error when who's online is disabled.

    Requires revert? No.


    $vbphrase[insert_email] -> $vbphrase[insert_email_link]

    Requires revert? Not really. It's a very minor problem.


    Added conditional around "New Posts" in Quick Links so that it isn't displayed if searching is disabled.

    Requires Revert? No.


    HTML Code:
    <if condition="$show['spider']">$userinfo[spider] $vbphrase[spider]<else />$userinfo[musername]</if>
    HTML Code:
    <if condition="$show['spider']"><phrase 1="$userinfo[spider]">$vbphrase[x_spider]</phrase><else />$userinfo[musername]</if>
    Requires Revert? Yes.


    Added a conditional that hides forum jump when the "Forum is Closed" message is displayed.

    Requires Revert? No.


    Added accesskeys for disabled-visitor assistance.

    1 : forum home (index.php)
    2 : get new posts (search.php?do=getdaily / search.php?do=getnew)
    3 : show printable version of current thread (printthread.php?t=<threadid>)
    4 : search (search.php)
    5 : FAQ

    Requires revert? NO


    Made a boo-boo with the Active-Cells initialization call.

    	// Main vBulletin Javascript Initialization
    	// Initialize 'Active' Table Cells
    	// Main vBulletin Javascript Initialization
    	// Initialize 'Active' Table Cells
    Requires revert? No (most people don't use the Active Cells feature anyway)


    Added conditionals so that if a forum is set as a category, the legend from forumhome is displayed instead of the folder icons and the posting rules. The forumjump hanging off to the right and to the bottom doesn't look right though.

    Requires revert? No


    Added an <else /> part to 2 conditionals (related to showing the big reply buttons) to ensure the XHTML validates.

    Requires revert? No.


    Added &amp;u=$bbuserinfo[userid] to any log out links to ensure that no one else can log many people out with an image.

    Requires revert? Yes!


    Added conditionals to NON DHTML mode to turn off threaded options, thread search, and thread rating if those options are not enabled.

    Requires revert: Yes


    HTML Code:
    $date1<br /><span class="time">$time1</span><br /><span class="time">$time2</span>
    replace with:
    HTML Code:
    Requires revert? Yes


    Changed two <br> to <br />

    Requires revert? No


    Changed 'cmd_wrap1_email' to 'cmd_createmail' to use the custom email-link inserter.

    Requires revert? No, nothing will break. However, you won't be using the new code.


    New reference to 'enter_option_x_tag' phrase.

    Requires revert? Yes.

    postbit and postbit_legacy

    Changed the user profile link in the popup menu to not open a new window.

    Also added a conditional to show Reply/Quote button depending upon context.

    Requires Revert? Only if you desire this behaviour.


    Updated so links that call MSN-functions should work for more people.

    Requires revert? Yes.


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      Hourly Slowdown?

      If you are seeing an hourly slowdown on your server, try this cleanup2.php. It goes into your forums/includes/cron directory. You would only be affected by this if you had a large number of attachments. Having them in the database or filesystem doesn't matter.

      This file is also useable with v3.0.0
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