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vBulletin 3.0.0 'Gold' Released (at last)

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  • vBulletin 3.0.0 'Gold' Released (at last)

    vBulletin 3.0.0 Gold

    This is it, the release you've all been waiting for: vBulletin 3.0.0, aka vBulletin 3 'Gold'. There are 3 noticeable updates from RC4:
    1. The new graphics. You've no doubt noticed this already.
    2. The 'liquid' style is now the default style. This is more in line with what most people are used to when they visit a forum.
    3. Many bugs are fixed, but that's not new news.
    Additionally, to coincide with this release, we have:
    1. Updated the main website to fit with the vBulletin 3 scheme a bit more and make it more accessible.
    2. Released the Graphic Developers Kit (GDK) for the new images into the members' area.
    3. Released the new, mammoth vBulletin 3 manual. As of now, the manual covers all aspects of the admin control panel and other assorted things and clocks in at somewhere around 350 printed pages.

      The manual is currently available in 3 formats. First is the online version, browsable by section, fully searchable, and "commentable". You may also download the manual in CHM (Compiled Windows Help) format. Finally there is also an everything-on-one-page version suitable for printing (although you will probably run out of paper... )

      We are currently evaluating a PDF version.

      Of course, as much stuff as there is in the manual already, there are still more things we want to cover. Expect content to be added to the manual over time.
    There is a large amount of stuff to talk about with this final 'Gold' release, but I know that you are itching to go and download the new version and check out the manual, so I'll cut this short and post again on Monday.

    Bugs fixed since RC4

    Some of the bugs fixed include:
    • Adminpermissions not checked in all files. (View)
    • IE 5 displays text files inline instead of downloading. (View)
    • Displaying template names in HTML comments causes Javascript error when attaching files. (View)
    • Style chooser not displayed in cases when it should be. (View)
    • Replacement variables not imported correctly from vB2. (View)
    • HTML tags from the WYSIWYG parser are now stripped from [ html] and [ php] tags. (View)
    • CSS images broken when vBulletin set to store CSS as files but can't. (View)
    • Attachments not always deleted from the filesystem. (View)
    • Email parser now accepts IDN domains. (View)
    • Bulk emailer now prevented from potentially executing very large queries. (View)
    • Forums not always listed in search engine when they should be. (View)
    • Poll results may be displayed with the wrong style. (View)
    • Expand/collapse button causes error when used on a forum with no children. (View)
    • Announcements shown according to browsing user's timezone. (View)
    • Moderators may not physically delete threads/posts in the moderation queue if they do not have physical delete perms. (View)
    • 'Go Back' button removed when not usable. (View)
    • Thread highlighting incorrect when searching for 'class'. (View)
    • Various phrase and template problems. (See below for template changes.)
    • Several WYSIWYG parsing issues.
    • Several XSS issues.
    Click here for a full list of bug fixes

    To discuss this release, click here.

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    Fixed problem with clicking on admin defined holidays in weekly view takes you to no defined event.

    Requires revert: yes


    Changed $vbphrase[last] and $vbphrase[first] to $vbphrase[date_last] and $vbphrase[date_first]

    Requires revert: yes


    [/highlighted] -> [/highlight]

    Requires revert: yes


    Added references to 2 new phrases to remove hardcoded text.

    Requires revert: yes, or you run the risk of JS errors while posting!


    Added $thread[highlight] to the "Last Page" link so that highlighted words are carried over for all linked pages from search results.

    Requires revert: no


    Added a reference to $postlistwidth in order to fix this bug.

    Requires revert: no


    HTML Code:
    <div class="smallfont">$usergroup[description]</div>
    to each.

    Requires revert: no


    Added a big conditional based around $show['smiliebox'] to display an empty and invisible div with id="smiliebox" if the main box is not shown

    Requires revert? Yes, if your forums do not now the smiliebox to WYSIWYG users.


    Added an email link button.

    Requires revert? No (unless you want an email link button!)


    Added conditionals to a few colspans to take into account the "Show Moderator Column" option.

    Requires revert? No. The errors generally shouldn't have any obvious effects.


    Added forumid argument to the Javascript call to open the smilie window to ensure the smilie window gets opened in the correct style.

    Requires revert? No, unless you use different styles on a per-forum basis.


    Closed potential XSS issues.

    Requires revert? Yes, for security.


    Changed the is_browser('ie') condition for showing the 'More Colors' button to $show['syscolorpicker'] to accomodate the new option to allow admins to completely disable the system color picker and avoid any ActiveX warnings.

    Requires revert? Yes, but the change is so simple, I suggest you just go and find the conditional and change it.


    Added a conditional to not display the new thread link when "Forum is Open" is set to no.

    Requires revert? No, but your new thread link will always be displayed then.


    Added <br /> before $vbphrase[allow_members_send_you_email] so that look conforms to the rest of the page.

    Requires Revert: No


    Change $vbphrase[delete_event] to use a condition and show move_event where appropriate.

    Requires Revert? Yes


    Simple change:
    HTML Code:
    <td class="alt1" align="$stylevar[left]" id="u$userinfo[userid]">
    HTML Code:
    <td class="alt1Active" align="$stylevar[left]" id="u$userinfo[userid]">
    Requires revert? No (although the username cell will not be 'active' without making the change)


    Added code to enable/disable active table cells more easily:

    Changed this:
    HTML Code:
    	// Main vBulletin Javascript Initialization
    To this:
    HTML Code:
    	// Main vBulletin Javascript Initialization
    // Initialize 'Active' Table Cells
    Also need to remove this code from the second 'Additional CSS Definitions' section of the Style Manager:

    /* ***** active table cells (IE only) ***** */
    /* .alt1Active, .alt2Active { behavior: url(clientscript/; } */
    Requires revert? No, unless you want to enable active table cells.

    In either case, you must remove the code from the Additional CSS Definitions box as stated above.

    If you want to enable active table cells, you should un-comment the call to the activecells_init(); Javascript function by removing the // from before it in the footer template.


    Missing sessionhash hidden field

    Require revert? Yes


    add variable for clear url

    Require revert? Yes, or you'll get javascript errors.


    Added a conditional to only display the option to physically remove the thread when it's usable.

    Require revert? No, although if you don't, moderators may be displayed an option that they can't use.


    Added "dateline=$userinfo[profilepicdateline]" to the <img src> call to display the user's profile pic so that we don't see a cached copy after an update of the picture.

    Requires Revert? Yes if you don't want to hard refresh some browsers to force the new picture to display.


    Added <span style="white-space:nowrap">...</span> to the 3 cells containing 'nowrap="nowrap"' to prevent the text from wrapping.

    Requires Revert? No.


    Added conditional to not display the location information if a location profile field was not found.

    Requires Revert? Yes


    Added a conditional to the second instance of "Subscribed Threads in Folder" so that it behaves in the same manner as the first when 'All' is selected.

    Requires Revert: Yes


    Change the way the calendarjump functions in that it now defaults to showing you the currently displayed month / year rather than the month/year that it is in the world right now. Done primarily so that it functions properly when the calendar is limited to years that don't include the current year. Once can click "Show Today" to quickly get to the current month's calendar.

    Requires Revert? Yes


    Added $show[profile] conditional around the username so that Guest names aren't linked and shown with the huge font.

    Require Revert: Yes


    Changed $vbphrase[total_votes] to $vbphrase[voters] to make it clear that the number is the number of people who voted.

    Requires revert? No.


    Implemented a conditional to work around an Internet Explorer 5.x rendering bug.

    Requires revert? No, although it's recommended for usability.


    Minor changes to point to some new images

    Requires revert? No, I recommend you simply edit your custom templates to point at the new images. Leaving them as they are will not break anything.


    Changed all instances of $vboptions['usepopups']to $show['popups']

    Requires revert? No, these changes are made simply in the name of consistency.


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      If you are having problems subscribing to forums, overwrite subscription.php with the attached copy.
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