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Is it worth upgrading 4.2.2 to Version 5 ???

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  • Is it worth upgrading 4.2.2 to Version 5 ???

    Have forums running on 4.2.2 with no major issues... was thinking about upgrading to version 5 but after reading what is listed on this forum and all the issue you have to check , fix, wont have, does not work etc etc when upgrading , thinking i would be mad to ?

    What do people thing that have upgraded from vBulletin 4 to 5 ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you are satisfied with how your forum runs, have mods installed, and are having no issues, staying with the version you are on makes the most sense. If you are curious and already have the vb5 license, do a test install and check it out for yourself to make an informed decision. Some have all sorts of problems with vb5, while others like myself run it with very little or no issues. Upgrading for the sake of upgrading make no sense if 4.4.2 is working good for you and meets your needs.


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