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Not connecting to database after upgrading from beta 26 to 28

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  • Not connecting to database after upgrading from beta 26 to 28

    I had beta 26 installed on a test site (with test database) and after upgrading to beta 28, it looks like I'm no longer connecting to my database. (my test site looks like a fresh install)

    I've tried re-downloading beta 28, made a fresh duplicate of my "old" site and uploaded the re-downloaded beta 28 files to it. Then I made a new copy of my "old" site's database and had that restored over the contents of my test database and ran the upgrade. Nothing works.

    I also tried clearing my browser's history after the upgrade - that didn't fix it.


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    Did you overwrite the two config files?
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      Is this a Windows host? If so try using as the database location and not localhost.
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        I did overwrite both config files since it's a fresh upload. I've quadruple-checked that my database name, user name & password were correct too.

        Not sure if it's a Windows host - I'll give that a shot when I get home.

        One thing I did notice was that when I ran the upgrade this time, it just ran the 13-step XML update like when I first tried upgrading from beta 26 > 28. But when I first upgraded my 4.1.11 test site to beta 26, it went through a lengthier process. Now....when the 26 > 28 update didn't work for me and I did a fresh upload of 28 and ran that update on a fresh copy of my 4.1.11 site AND did a fresh restore of my database using a new version of my 4.1.11 database, I would have thought it would have run through the lengthier upgrade process again and showed me non vB5 entries in my database and all that good stuff - but it didn't.

        - - - Updated - - -

        I tried setting the location to but that didn't work.


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          Do you have a backup of the site that you can roll back to and try again? Make sure that you restore to a new database rather than overwriting the current one...
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