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Upgrade to 24 notice says Failed but !!

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  • Upgrade to 24 notice says Failed but !!

    Upgrade to 24 notice says Failed but !! the fourms are running vb5 /24 and I can not see any errors it took 2 trys first time froze on step 2 and the next time it went to step 13 but gave me an xml error failure upgrade aborted how ever the forums did not crash and I am putting my widgets and modules back in. should i pursue this farther or just let them run and see what happens if anything ?

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    What was the error you got? And if you run the upgrade.php script again, does it finish or do you get that error?

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      No once i ran it the second time and the forums were working I left it at that, I think it was caused by a modified style that I removed.. and I do not want to cause a crash I am tired of re-installing and having to re-create all of my work so no more 3rd party mods either and I am only going to have one custom style. To prevent future problems..


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