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  • simple technical question

    i'm currently using last patch of 4.2 and i'm doing some test on a local installation for a future upgrade...
    is REALLY necessary to upgrade through thousands of repeated steps of 45 alpha and 17 beta versions?
    is it possible to join all the updates into a single one?
    or cut off the alpha versions...

    the full upgrade process take something like 15-20 minutes and often stop with some random error FOR NO F****** REASON AT ALL

    3 upgrade attempt with the same config.php files and i got 3 diffentent errors .-.

    (sometimes i managed to get the upgrade completed but i've got the same tons of errors like the other thread-starters of this forum)
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    You can't skip steps but you shouldn't have to upgrade from 4.2.0 every time either so the number of steps processed will be less each upgrade.

    What are the errors you're getting? No such thing as random errors.
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