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More problems..., can't see all threads after upgrade

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  • More problems..., can't see all threads after upgrade

    Well another problem that I just found after upgrading. I'm seeing that I'm muchísmos topics. For example in a forum where I had about 105 pages now only see two pages.

    I've been a general update tools -> Rebuild Thread Information and Rebuild Forum Information, does everything perfectly. Then I go to the index of the forums and I see that the count is correct topics started (6000 or so). The problem is that as I go in and say I only see two pages, which are no more than 100 topics.

    In general upgrade tools I have used all the options the only thing not working is Rebuilding search index that remains standing.

    In the copy I have of VB4.2 before upgrading everything works perfectly.

    I can try? Is there any way to recover them?

    I also realized that if I put in the filter ON new themes I get seven pages.

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    Try editing the page, then the Latest Activity module.

    There will be filters to show specific number of, and date range of threads.
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      Thank you very much, I try and tell you.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Nothing, not work.

      The funny thing is that when I apply the filters to show me all the issues from the beginning, just shows me the old songs to a certain date, if I leave the filters rafter as the default, I only see two pages with the latest tracks. This makes no sense. XD
      In short, I can see about 9 pages of old threads (topics NEW ON) (those created from the beginning until a certain date from 10-18-2011 to 11.07.2011) when I say that I show everything, but if I the filters as they come home, (New topics OFF) I only see two pages with the most recent from 10-14-2012 until yesterday.
      ALL themes from 10-18-2011 until 10-14-2012 gone or not as display. Any idea?


      - - - Updated - - -

      I noticed that if I change the date from MYSQL if they are displayed, so the songs are good, the problem is the cut there. There is no option to view everything from the beginning as in VB4?

      - - - Updated - - -

      I noticed that only displays a maximum of 500 items, this can not be changed?

      - - - Updated - - -

      Finally I found it, I have had to change this
      Any search results over This Number will be discarded. I have placed 50000 and now if it shows me all


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