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Config.php problems? See this first

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  • Config.php problems? See this first

    We've noted that a number of customers are having problems with our new presentation config.php. We've made some progress to reduce the number of edits required to this file, and this config.php should appear in a future version of the downloads.

    For the time being, you can try using this file if you're having problems.

    Download the attached file, and replace it over the config.php file in the root forum directory.
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    The vB5 Presentation config file requires the server path to the core directory to be entered in it. To help find out this path, upload the attached file to the core directory, navigate to it in your browser and copy the text that appears on screen. Then simply paste this into the core_path field in your config.php file.
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      Since this hasn't been added to the install package I am releasing it here for people to use/test as needed.

      THIS IS NOT INTENDED FOR "Advanced Users" who need to make advanced configurations or use SSH to edit files. (The "owner" of the files created will not be your account if you use it.)

      This is intended for users who use FTP to upload and edit their files on their server.

      This is a php file called makeconfig.php designed to be placed in the vBulletin Root directory allowing you to fill in a form and build your two config.php files in a single step. Several fields (paths) will be auto-filled with the correct information.

      After building the files you are given an option of deleting makeconfig.php and beginning the real install process.

      Current Version: 1.1.3.

      So this should work on Alpha 45 and above.

      Readme file has instructions.

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        Here is an updated version of the makeconfig.php that fixes an issue with writing the files. It is compatible with vBulletin 5.0.4 and higher only. The file can be used to replace the makeconfig.php already present in /core/install/
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