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Upgrading from 4.0 - Error: Could not open frontend config file

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  • Upgrading from 4.0 - Error: Could not open frontend config file

    I'm upgrading my forum from 4.0.2 to vB 5 (thankfully I'm trying this on a mirror test install first), and I manually edited both the /config.php and /core/includes/config.php because the makeconfig.php script wouldn't do it automatically. But then when I try to progress to the next step in the update script, I get a white screen that just says "Error: Could not open frontend config file." I've searched through the forums for answers on this, but can't find anything that works for my situation. Help please?

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    You DO NOT NEED to edit the main config.php Modify JUST the core/includes/config.php file as the one in the root directory is already set as should.
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      I didn't edit the content of the /config.php file--just changed the file name on the server to remove the .bkp. I added my database info to /core/includes/config.php.


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        Did you only rename it or did you open it and save it? check the permissions on the file and make sure they are 644.

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          I just renamed it. And permissions are 644.


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            Solved this by running the install from, instead of like the upgrade docs instruct.


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              Running the installer, would possibly remove your old data.


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                I removed install.php before I ran the install, so upgrade.php was the only option--avoiding my old data being overwritten. But when I tried to run .../core/install/upgrade.php directly, it started adding an endless string of core/install/core/install/core/install to the URL until the browser gave me an endless loop error message. The upgrade script would ONLY run if I entered without /upgrade.php at the end of it. Incidentally the upgrade did go smoothly from that point.


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