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VB 5.05 install error Could not open backend config file

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  • VB 5.05 install error Could not open backend config file

    I uploaded files to new vb5 empty folder
    I modified the core/includes config file
    I verified the config.php file in the root (vb5 folder)
    When running the install I enter my ID
    I get a configuration screen Vbulletin 5 configuration builder and fill out my info correctly. Above the "cookie prefix" I get in red "Warning backend already exists"
    After filling in the correct info for the configuration screen, I get the following page error error when I hit Create Files button

    Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: Filename cannot be empty in /home/eastval2/public_html/forums/vb5/core/install/makeconfig.php on line 236
    Error - Could not open backend config file.

    On line 236 of the makeconfig.php, line 236 looks like this

    $configContent = file_get_contents($componentInfo['source']);
    When looking for the "source" I see on line 206, if says 'source' => realpath(implode(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, array($basePath, 'config.php.bkp'))),​
    I do see in the root (vb5) the config.php.bkp.

    1. Why am I getting the Backend exists error
    2. What does the Page error mean?
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    not sure how relevant...but to make sure you know you need have a renamed config files to only config.php

    taking off the extra extension, such as .bkp


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      Thanks. Same.


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