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Upgrading to 5.0.4 & Getting stuck on step 146

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  • Upgrading to 5.0.4 & Getting stuck on step 146


    I have large database for my forum running vb 4.2

    I'm upgrading to 5.0.4

    But i'm getting stuck on step 146

    Database with 12000000 posts & 500000 thread

    SSH screen shows that Updating reaches 17000000 records... and still...

    More than 3 days and we are waiting... ( site down for upgrade )

    What should i do... ??

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    Are there any queries related to the upgrade still ongoing? You would have to check your MySQL processes. Step 146 is pulling the information out of the posts table and putting it into the node table. After that it builds the closure table for the node chains. It will be an involved step.

    We've upgrade this forum a number of times to get the processing time down but haven't tested it on a 12,000,000 post database as far as I am aware. If no active queries are still running, run the upgrade again. It should jump to step 147 automatically. You may want to increase the PHP and Apache timeouts and memory limits as well.

    Without knowing how much time it will take, you may think about reverting your 4.X database and bringing your forums back online and testing your upgrade on a copy of that database. That way your forums won't be offline while testing. Once the settings are right on your server, you can run the upgrade faster with lower downtime.
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