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upgrade - all posts gone.

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  • upgrade - all posts gone.

    Was running version 4.2.1 - if was running from in the folder FORUM\

    Uploaded the new connect files and created new folder called NEWFORUM. Copied the config.php to the core/includes folder as described.

    Did run the upgrade procedure, where everything went well and it found could see my old version 4.2.1

    Now going to the newforum, I am unable to see ANY POST of the old forum. I can not even log into admin panel with my normal user.

    What can I do ? -

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    Does NEWFORUM use a different database from OLDFORUM?

    Did you run install.php or upgrade.php? Install.php will delete all your previously existing content and provides a warning of such before it allows you to delete all the previously existing tables.

    If NEWFORUM and OLDFORUM use the same database and you ran upgrade.php, OLDFORUM will no longer be accessible.
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