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Upgrade and now can't send emails

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  • Upgrade and now can't send emails

    I am not able to get the system to send me any emails for "forgotten password" or new user registrations.

    I can get the system to send me the test email in the diag section of admincp.

    - When I try to register @, I get this error:

    ~Sorry, but the server is not responding properly to information requests. This may be a momentary problem. If you continue to receive this message and the site is otherwise functioning, please contact the site administrator.
    I checked the log. I have so many errors since my upgrade from vB4 it's hard to see what the error is.

    I have a LARGE amount of errors in my log file, and they aren't all from missing files.

    - When I try to get the site to email me a forgotten password link, the system just shows a "Working" box at the top.

    I checked my error logs, and I think the error (hard to tell with all the other errors in the log) says this
    ~[Fri Jul 26 19:58:17 2013] [warn] (103)Software caused connection abort: mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request function
    The weird thing is the site can send me the test email in the diagnostic area, but in the other places not...

    Any help would be appreciated. Registration is now halted on my site because of this.
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    Are you using SMTP for email or not? If yes, can you telnet to the SMTP server as you have it setup?


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      I'm using the internal mail system. I didn't change anything prior to or after the upgrade. Like I said, the test email works in the diagnostic area.
      Best Chicago Bears Fan Site on the net!


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        Still no fix?


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          If you're having this sort of issue, you should open your own topic PiotrGT1


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