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User ranks labels are lost

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  • User ranks labels are lost

    Still testing my system

    In VB384, I was using ranks with text or picture aside the name of users.
    This was set for instance as a label for uses who was included in group "club members" + minimum 0 message.

    In VB5, ranks are set but... text or icon do not appear aside the name of my users.

    Is it something wrong or something not yet supported in VB5?

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    Any news? Is it supposed to work in vb5? My need is to tag users from a d├ędicated group (resulting of a paid subscription)


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      It works just fine on my test forum. After you created the ranks, did you run the Update Counters for Title and Ranks?

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        I have the same issue, and I have updated the counters, and still no rank image appears .
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          I went forward in testing (version 503) :
          - after reset + upgrade User titles & ranks => it works for displaying "text based ranks"
          - even after upgrade => picture doesn't work

          To explain further, if I set path to :
          - absolute path => Invalid File Path Specified in "User Rank Manager" dashboard (despite the path exists physically)
          - /core/images/ranks/gold.gif => Invalid File Path Specified in "User Rank Manager" dashboard (despite the path exists physically)
          - /images/ranks/gold.gif => Setting is accepted... Image appears in "User Rank Manager" dashboard... but image is not displayed in the forum even after update titles & ranks (while "text" ranks still work)

          My comprehension is that the ranks system does not concat correctly the path. Can you explain what to do?
          Do you need other system info to analyse?

          Nb : in general settings : URL of your forum's core. =
          in \forum\config.php :
          $config['baseurl'] = '';
          $config['baseurl_core'] = $config['baseurl'] . '/core';

          All is 777 on local drive with easyPHP based installation (PHP 5.3.14)


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            Have you tried on 5.0.4?


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              Hi Zachery

              I've just updraded right now to 504 and I have the same behaviour.

              thanks for help


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                I restarted from scratch with the 505, it is OK now. I have put my pics in \forum\core\images\ranks before upgrading. Ranks are well without any manual operation but upgrade

                Thanks for your support


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                  After a few runs of the migration process, I have understood

                  in migration process, ranks resources are loaded for \forum\core\images\ranks

                  but... regular forum software loads resources from \forum\images\ranks

                  that could be a bug to be raised or an enhancement of documentation
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