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URGENT HELP config problem upgrade filed

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  • URGENT HELP config problem upgrade filed

    Dear Support ,

    ​When i be one of vBulletin costumer since 2011 without any request , and when i be one of who paid to upgrade to VB 5 and when i trying to upgrade it i found a lot of problems , then i asked here for help in upgrade problem section and still no one give me an answer , all of that mean !!!!

    REQUEST the below URL:
    ​and i fill the information well , then i see this error

    Error - Could not open 1st config file

    Error - Could not open frontend config file.

    i did 777 for the both file and i request the file wish called makeconfig.php

    but its showing ( Error - Could not open backend config file. )

    Couldn't read config file config.php

    When i request Upgrade .php i see the below msg

    Configuration: includes/config.php does not exist. Please fill out the data in and rename it to config.php

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    1. You don't need to CHMOD 777 that files
    2. In vBulletin 5 you have 2 (TWO) config.php files. It is recommended that you fill the lines manually (in my opinion)
    3a. 1st config.php -> forum root directory (usually forum)
    3b. 2nd config.php -> /core/includes directory

    Make sure ALSO that you have the right link (with /core at the end) in ACP -> Settings -> Options -> Site Name / Address / Contact Details -> Core URL
    Cu Respect / Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    roStyles Design LLC
    CEO & Founder (Design and Support)
    Romanian Translator
    Teascu Dorin
    [email protected]


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      I did and its same problem , if you want try lemme know


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        Why do you edit the makeconfig.php file? I never had to do that.


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          Can you try to edit the two config files manually ?
          * rename /config.php.bkp to /config.php and edit $config['baseurl'] to to your forum base URL
          * rename /core/includes/ to /core/includes/config.php and modify it with the required information ( mysql hostname,database name, database username and database user password).

          Then run the upgrade script again.

          Don't forget to take a full database backup before upgrading your forums, Also I noticed that your forums are Arabic and vBulletin 5 currently doesn't support RTL.

          Former vBulletin Support Staff
          Need Help?, Or P.M. Me


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            Originally posted by DemOnstar View Post
            Why do you edit the makeconfig.php file? I never had to do that.
            Your not suppose to do that..


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              But i saw ppl are setup it already
              Exm :

              anyway i see many bugs and will refund the upgrade ,


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