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Possible to update from 4.1.1 to 5.x?

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  • Possible to update from 4.1.1 to 5.x?


    I like the new style, I read the angry posts too.. but I will try it again.

    1. Its possible to upgrade from vbulletin 4.1.1 (german version) to 5.x?
    Answer found here:

    2. Exists a german version? When not, when its available? Which languages are supported?

    3. I have 6x vBulletin4 (german version) licenses. But can't use 5 of them since *peep*, because vbulletin not patch ipv6 and >=php5.4 support. Its possible to get (for this licenses) a discount for upgrade to version 5? When not, I think I will only upgrade 1 license and another(5) unused sell for cheap and drop this future projects(or take a open source forum). The Upgrade costs is for me too much.
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    any answer?


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      Currently we do not support other languages in VB5... Support will be coming in VB 5.0.3 and maybe VB 5.0.4. We have no official German translation yet.

      Upgrade licenses are already discounted $40 to $209. If you are eligible for additional bulk discounts log into and discounts will automatically ne applied in your shopping cart.


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        Good progress already here. We're looking to get several languages out ASAP.

        If you'd like to participate as an Alpha/Beta tester, please PM me. Thank you.


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