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Problem Upgrading from 4.2.0 Patch 3 to vB5

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  • Problem Upgrading from 4.2.0 Patch 3 to vB5

    Hoping someone could help me out as I've tried googling my errors as to no avail.

    I recently purchased a license to upgrade my nulled 4.2 versoin to retail.

    I was able to upgrade to 4.2.0 Patch Level 3 after some issues with plugins. Kept getting errors that plugins weren't being found. I realized that I had to turn them all off before upgrading. So the upgrade to retail was successful.

    After that upgrade, I went ahead and wanted to test out VB5. I installed VB5 on a completely new folder, backed up my SQL, and duplicated it for test purposes to use for VB5.

    When using the upgrade script, I run into an error that happens during this step, right after Importing Groups

    5.0.0 Alpha 29 Step 3 of 21

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?> <b>API Error</b><br><b>Error:</b> no_permission<br>

    I tested this both on VB 5.0.0 stable and VB 5.0.0 beta 28
    If anyone could help me out, that would be excellent.
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    Glad to hear it's not only me::

    My temporary fix was to comment out all 20 instances of "throw new vB_Exception_Api('no_permission');" in core/vb/api/node.php.


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      That step deals with converting Social Groups to the new format and some update work on them. Does your MySQL user have all permissions except the grant option?
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        This issue is confirmed on Jira. A fix should be out soon enough.
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          A fix I have found since it was not yet a big deal in my forum software was to just go ahead and delete all the social groups. Once this was done, I was able to continue on with the install.

          @ Luke, I believe that is correct. My mysql user has all permission except grant. I would have to find out from my webhost exactly what permissions.


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