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    I understand the spam controls you mentioned that reside in VB5 but there is a spam control that times the making of an ID. The bots can make an ID in 2-3 seconds Humans, well, they are a tad slower. I hooked a program to my VB 4.2.5 that timed the ID process and it is keeping thousands of IDs from being created on my small humble local Corvette Club site. Is there something like that in VB5 or is there an "Add-on" that I could get to do that process to block the bots from loading up my site with crap IDs.

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    there is nothing built in. Timing how quickly someone fills in the fields isn't going to be effective long term. If I wanted to spam your site, I could just make my bot wait between each character or line. That is trivial. One the other hand, a human who uses the same identity on many sites can probably use auto-fill in their browser to fill out the form in less than a second.
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