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copy pasting image suggestion in coming updates

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  • copy pasting image suggestion in coming updates


    Please how can we suggest "copy/psate" image in the coming update?

    Guys, it is a free legal plugin added by ckeditor 4 the same as drag and drop upload, I don't understand why it is not added?

    I can add the folder of it to the ckplugins but i just need how to let it work by json or whatever with vbuilletin

    Please vote for its implementation in the next versions


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    You can make suggestions by clicking on the "Tracker" link above, selecting the vBulletin 5 project and then creating a new issue. It wasn't added because no one has ever asked for it in the tracker.

    Features are added based on impact to customers (which we gauge based on votes, and comments in the tracker) plus the amount of resources that it would take to implement. Adding this won't be as simple as including a CKEditor plugin. That majority of the processing in the editor is custom as we have made a lot of changes and added functionality over the years. Especially around the processing of attachments, which is probably the most complex part of creating content in vBulletin due to security and performance issues.

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    Wayne Luke
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      Done, please Vote Wayne : )


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        Editing a comment

        Well done!

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