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SQRL Implementation within vb

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  • SQRL Implementation within vb

    Steve Gibson of Gibson Research is putting the finishing touches on SQRL. The Secure QR Login system. I think having this within vBulletin would be an excellent option for an alternate login method. There's stuff like FIDO and other commercial products that cost money to implement, but SQRL will be a protocol open to anyone to use. vB is still one of the biggest forum platforms, it's be great if you guys would consider adding SQRL support to vb5.

    Please do give it a look.


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    Interesting concept. This could be implemented using the extendible third-party login system built into vBulletin.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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      Yeah, all of the hooks to make this work seem to be in there, it's just over my head to do it. I'm glad you find it interesting, though. I've tried out the demo implementations and there is something here.


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