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  • URL Whitelist Permissions By Usergroup

    One issue with URL links is that they are an "all or nothing" permission. Either you're allowing a usergroup to post any link to any URL at any time in any place in any manner for any purpose or you're denying a usergroup that permission. Alternatively, you're censoring words that shouldn't necessarily be censored outside of the specific context of a URL. Or you're completely insane and either you or your staff are manually checking every URL posted manually to see if it is linking what it claims, if it is relevant, if it is "work-safe" (if applicable to your forums), if it contains any illegal pirated software, hacks, malware, etc.

    It's a colossal waste of time.

    Sites like mine which are based upon the ability to source and cite discussion material necessarily exclude certain URL links as being incredible. While it needs to allow URL links it also needs some level of control over which URL links are allowed or denied without having to manually check every post.

    I've implemented a feature request to deny all URL links by default and allow only specific ones whitelisted by the site administrator or to alternatively allow all URL links by default and only deny specific links which have been blacklisted by the site administrator. If you think this makes sense the issue could use your vote.

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