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Why are these features missing?

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  • delicjous
    Look here for the viewing-counter:

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  • Wayne Luke
    I've moved this to a new topic because it wasn't relevent to where it was posted.

    Thanks for the suggestions, we're always looking to improve the software. Some of the items that you've mentioned are already requested in our ISSUE tracker. You should take some time to look through it and vote for the issues that are important to you. That is the best way to give feedback on what you want to see implemented.

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    started a topic Why are these features missing?

    Why are these features missing?

    good morning ...
    It's a good thing.
    But why not add some properties to the third and fourth generation.

    For example:
    * The number of Viewing now next to the name of the forum as shown in the picture:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	w3424444242.JPG
Views:	93
Size:	45.4 KB
ID:	4380476

    * The system of friendly links make it as it is in Hack (vbseo) the user will make the links to fit as before because it will strongly support many of the members go to version (vb5)

    * The sitemap system has been developed and become more controlled in the content of the map or not?

    - The last and surprising thing is that a company the size of (vBulletin) has not programmed programming conversion from other scripts such as (xenforo) (mybb) (phpbb) to the reason why not attention to this point ؟

    Previously I used the version vb5.3.3 but because of some of the problems I encountered I mentioned some in my comment at first. I had to
    to me (xenforo) . I do not have a stable version yet, and I have fixed problems to solve it because I do not think it is stable so far and it risks to upgrade to old sites, for example.

    I hope to accept my reply with every welcome release. I did not comment only because of my admiration and love in the program (vBulletin)

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