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Another thread on user reputations

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  • Another thread on user reputations

    If you agree please like this post even if you don't feel like responding.

    I understand this has previously been a hot topic. I'm not sure if it still is. If people have given up is it because there is no hope for a fix or because its not a high priority? I know there are tickets in for this. In fact there are dozens. Does the dev team aggregate the votes for similar tickets?

    Here's my issue, its really around the display of user reputation. I think the calculation of reputation and reputation power on the back end work. But there are multiple problems on the forum front end.

    1) The infamous bars. Why are these hard coded?! There should be ONE bar for each reputation level defined in admincp. Period, easy end of story.
    2) Because of the ways the bars work, the reputation level isn't really displayed, its a mouse over.
    3) The reputation levels don't really mean anything. I guess I could rename them to something more meaningful but why not display the raw reputation number?
    4) I've read that reputation and bars are "supposed to be different". If that is true, its not intuitive and I don't think it is a good design. Reputation should be displayable as a rank title or a number and the bars should just be a meter that DIRECTLY correlates.
    5) I really think you need to bring back a way for users to downvote content which would remove reputation. If individual forum owners find it is being abused, they should be able turn off "downvotes remove reputation points" or something like that.

    6) Finally, not having reputation work intuitively is damaging to our forums. People who run internet forums want activity. They want their members to be on their forums interacting. Reputation could be a way to gamify participation. In my early forum days (1999) we had problems with people posting garbage one word responses because there was a post count arms race. One forum I was active on finally hid post count because it was such an issue. By implementing a good reputation system that allows users to reward good content you could kill two birds with one stone. You could bring back that "arms race" mentality of participating but only good content would get upvoted so it wouldn't be purely quantity over quality.

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    I'll take a look at implimenting that. It still means that reputation and the bars above it are not tied together. If I have someone with reputation 600 and someone with reputation 10,000 their bars are still the same. That seems really simple. Plus, why not fix the code. Everytime something is wrong on a forum you guys ask if they have any modifications. Well of course they do! Because they're trying to make their forum work right.


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      OK, my feedback would be, I implemented that CSS and it works. I just think it would be better if the bars directly tied to the reputation level. There are default 10 positive reputation levels that go up to 2000 but the bars max out at 600.


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