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    This is something that I feel would be a defining feature if it were added, and I would encourage the vBulletin staff to seriously consider it. A gallery module where users can upload, upvote, and comment on pictures, much like the Media Gallery of Xenforo (, only it functions as a module and can be placed on any page with SiteBuilder. There should also be a filter for NSFW images, and tabs to sort the images by most popular (daily refresh) or latest.

    DragonByte-tech create a plugin for this with vB4, and it was one of their most downloaded pieces of software. ( I feel that implementation of such a module, as soon as possible, would be a highly beneficial feature for vB5, as it currently lacks a function which many other forum software have pre-built into the template.

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    yes album/gallery has manyyyy issues right now, im asking for it pretty constantly for years im hoping it wont take too much longer....even to just fix what they have in there now so would be so amazing...

    images need to be easy to use in cross published content and it needs to be more "you need 2 browser windows open" or "read this complicated instructional about how to manage your images" that doesnt fly these days at all...

    then they need to fix the major issues asap, like can only use images from the first 60 images and from the first 10 albums??? thats incredible that ppl havent risen into outrage about it by now, i really dont understand...

    seems like last version is alot of rtl stuff and regression fixes....rtl doesnt really effect me but i know its a big deal for alot of ppl...and regression fixes are always good to see, but maybe next version??? or dam...just hope it doesnt get pushed back to 5.3 or something...............


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