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Facebook Post to Page... and forum incon/other thumbnails missing when post link to Facebook

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  • Facebook Post to Page... and forum incon/other thumbnails missing when post link to Facebook

    Currently we allow users to post to their Facebook wall and publish content to their Facebook wall. Administrators should be able to set it up so new content is posted to a website's Facebook Page. Facebook Pages are often used as viral marketing pages with the content showing up on the walls of people who like the page. If Facebook Users share the content further, then it can result in more traffic for the site owner both to their Facebook Page and to their website.
    This feature helps put the Connect in vBulletin 5 Connect.

    When posting a link to a vB5 forum on a Facebook status, no thumbnail is shown from either:
    • AdminCP > Settings > Facebook Options > Image URL
    • Any image in the thread linked
    • Site logo

    This used to work although unsure if this is due to FB API changes recently implemented

    This feature request is in JIRA since 2013 and still no response on it.

    You guys claims that your product is "Engaging social functionality" on the top page, but still lack of interaction with social networks.
    People who buy vBulletin are not normal users, but companies who wants to be close with his customers and keep them updated through forum and other social medias with a low cost. This means that the company won't be a facebook user, but someone who have a facebook channel to update, and in therms of cost, it will benefit a lot services who could gives update to the forum and at the same time with one-click, to their facebook channel.I want to post an article, and let this article be showed on real time on my facebook channel, on twitter, etc. with the og:image that I choose for my article! This should be a basic feature for vBulletin 5, then I really could call it "connect". We are on 2016, everything is connected to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. and it's weird to not have this features working on vBulletin. Even wordpress has this feature, and that is one reason that I had to make part of my site in wordpress (I wish I could make all in vBulletin, but just because of the lack of this small features, I couldn't)
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    You're preaching to the choir. I've made at least 3 different posts on this issue with practically no response.

    In 2016, Facebook and other social media is really the only way to get links back to your site, unfortunately. I consider this to be a major issue...the popularity of my site literally depends on its ability to work properly with social media.

    The only other way to try and get links is the old fashioned method of emailing other websites and ask them to exchange links...which is incidentally what I've been doing with little to no success.


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