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  • JohnPBee
    started a topic Please add news feed modules for other pages...

    Please add news feed modules for other pages...

    I actually thought I wrote this but wanted to write a formal request for vBulletin 5 connect to say why I purchased the software and decided to sell my license shortly afterward:
    On the initial front, vB 5 connect looks and sounds great. Device friendly social media sites are here to stay and forums as we knew them are on the way out for all but specific tasks. And so I was pretty excited to see the vBulletin 5 overview and screenshots after being away from vBulletin for several years. Which is what prompted me to purchase a license without delay.

    For what it's worth, installation was rather painless as I was able to import a 5 year old vBulletin forum dB with everything intact. - awesome!
    And the layout looked pimp too!
    And as you can imagine, the first I did following this was generate pages to compliment the already amazing look and feel of the new forum.

    The issue I ran into however, which appeared time and time again, was with the modules and their application on pages. ie, one of the most common themes in forum content driven pages is to present news and other forum metrics(latest threads, stats etc) on the front page of a site. In fact, I'd say this is pretty much a standard for CMS driven sites. And so upon seeing that vBulletin 5 connects module base page building, I was immediately drawn to the idea that it would match if not exceed addons like vB Advanced. Though unfortunately, I'm sad to report that this wasn't the case at all. As the existing module system with vB 5 Connect is quite limited in customization and use.

    To further compound the issue, I decided to contact support and ask for help to get newsbits to display on my frontpage, but was disapointed to receive the very same responses that were given to me ages ago when I asked for help with vBulletin 2x. That is to go to and ask for help... - which I did, as the community back then was very strong. Problem today however, is that the vB 5 Connect development at is less than encouraging to say the least, with what appears like very little desire from members to develop and release mods. - my oppinion or course.

    Long story short, the resulting experience is one of disappointment compounded by yet more disappointment.
    And the conclusion is that vBulletin 5 Connect does not meet the expectations that I had when I purchased it.

    In summary, I'd love to use vBulletin 5 Connect with all the addons and modules that would make it device friendly social community site. And I'd be more than happy to pay for it. Though I can't help but feel as though the purchase and development system is self defeating in it's current form. ie, Rather than tell people that the software can't do something or support it, why not offer a quote the development of the feature request? Rather than selling a package including all the modules, why not separate them into smaller addons and sell them individually? This would allow vBulletin to compartmentalize module development along with revenues to drive them rather than lumping everything together under the common response of going to beg for help on another site. Which would be far more productive(in my view) than with the current system, which results in people investing in vBulletin only to turn around and sell off their licenses afterward.

    Hope this helps.

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