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  • Page specific site builder modules

    we've briefly touched on this elsewhere, and i'm not sure wayne got the entire idea, so....i will try to be a little more descriptive.

    i run a sports site, and would very much like to build a team page using modules specifically for that team. currently, if i were to install a module for player salaries in team "a's" page, that same module would also appear in every other page on the site. wayne commented that it might be useful to set a "who's online" module that reflects actual users on a given opposed to simply giving the statistic for the entire site.

    sadly, i do not possess the knowledge of writing i cannot knowingly comment on the ease of doing such thing, but i would think a re-write would not be necessary. could such modules be created and added into the site builder through a released update?

    i believe this module would have applications for other types of websites as well

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    This isn't something the support team can assist you with.
    However , it would be worthwhile adding this as a suggestion into the tracker.
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      now.....whose baby do i kiss to get votes for this?


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        This can already be accomplished using javascript, XML, HTML, etc. The real problem is in that most shared or VPS servers can't handle thousands of JS scripts running simultaneously.
        You're talking about 120 or more professional teams with a script for each module on each page that has to be loaded on each page click or refresh.
        This isn't possible without a powerful server and it isn't practical without a dedicated server.
        For the record, I've already tested this on your site and it struggles to load twelve modules on one custom team page.
        That's why the concept was placed on a back burner.


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          Apparently this is already possible:

          Originally posted by Sebastiano V.
          You can already create page specific modules. When you edit a page and then click Save, you'll have the option to Overwrite Template. Select No and you will create a page template that is specific to that page. For example, if you add an HTML module to a forum page, and then when saving select No for the Overwrite Template option, that HTML module only appear when viewing that forum, rather than when viewing any forum.
          (Just quoted this in case someone was looking for a solution here. For me this answer was helpful, since I was actually looking for this, too.)


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            I don't remember saying it wasn't possible. If I did, then I misunderstood the question.

            The modules on each page are separate from other pages. Custom Modules were envisioned to allow users to re-use modules on multiple pages but that vision never materialized. When you save a page such as a Forum Channel and want it to be unique, save it to a new template. Give the new template a unique name that is easily identified. I recommend the forum name as being a good template name as well. Then its modules are separate from other pages.
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