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    I miss the "view latest post" link at the top of every thread that has new replies since my last visit in vB4. I'm guessing that vB5 has the "latest activity" link but it doesn't have the same feel that vB4 had and it sorts the posts to newest first and I'd much rather read the posts in order as they were posted. I checked with vB support and there's no way to change the order from ascending to descending, so I ask that you bring the "view latest replies" back or update the "latest activity" link to allow for more options.

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    Ok, I've just realized, after reading a few posts here, that there is a tiny blue button in front of the posts with new replies to take me to the unread posts. The problem with the button location is that it's outside of the post, so if it's been a few days and I've forgotten what the original post (1st post) said then I feel like I'm coming into the conversation late and have to scroll back up to the top (or back to the first page) just to see what it's about and then go back to where the "new replies" button took me to continue reading on. Any way to move that to inside the post back to the post's nav bar where it used to be? That way I can click on the thread and see the first entry then click on the "unread posts" button and be taken right there.


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      I don't believe there's a simple way to do this in vB5.

      I think it would be worth logging this as an improvement request, and mention that it's a regression from vB4:
      vB5 Improvement request

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