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Streamlining the permissions process

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  • Streamlining the permissions process

    Longtime vb user here, since the late 3.x series, recently upgraded from 4 to 5.

    This is probably going to seem like a rant, but I love you guys, know these are hard problems, and generally think that none of the competition does the job as well.

    But: I've always thought the complexity of the permissions system was a weak point of the setup, and vb5 has piled a couple layers of complexity on top of what was already a weirdly complex system. IANAC (I Am Not A Coder), but there are some dev decisions here that are confounding at best.

    Gotta be worth taking a hard look at this, no? I see a huge number of support threads here that can be attributed to permissions issues. A HUGE number. Has to be worth investing in making the process more understandable, from a support cost-savings perspective alone.

    ALL permissions settings should be utterly user-centric. There should be one page that you ever have to look at to address any permissions issue for a given user-level, and it should be a very short page.

    Anyway, just two cents from somebody who maybe doesn't know what he's talking about, but is usually undeterred by that fact.

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