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    Forgive me for asking but I visit JIRA a lot and I see so many people helping to develop VB5, whether it be Bugs, New features, Improvement requests, etc.. I have even added a selection myself, no problem. Not sure why so many other beta users aren't keen to put in the time to do the same.

    My question is, what will happen with the new features and feature requests. Will they be implemented into VB5 or are we going to be asked to pay again for the versions that benefit from these additions? I.E. VB 6 or whatever.

    Thank you.......
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    If the improvement requests make it into VB5 they will be free with the purchase of a VB5 license. VB5 licenses are good for all future versions of VB5, whatever the last one may be... It could be 5.2 it could be 5.9, we have no idea at this point.

    If it doesn't make it into VB5 but does get into VB6 you will need to pay to upgrade to VB6 at some future point (if you choose to upgrade).

    Not all improvement requests get added of course so it is possible it may never be implemented if it is considered out of scope or just doesn't have high demand.


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      Thankyou once again Joe. That as cleared that query.
      Thanks for your time, I thought that may have been the case.


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