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  • Mentioning on VB5?

    I am typing and I want to summon Mark B. to this topic. So I start typing @Mark B. and voila, "@" disappears and Mark B. gets link to his profile. So when Mark B. logs into forum, he sees a notification (or recieves e-mail from the form on the very time I post the mention) and comes to topic.

    Wouldn't it be nice

    I believe VB5 should use ajax and all the fancy real time facebook stuff much more

    And I don't understand some people. All the time, I mean all the time they say "what will VB5 bring?" and when I offer a feature like this, they say this is not facebook... Well son, go wirte your own forum software then....

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    Its not there yet.


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      Its already a Feature Request in Jira :

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        I'm well known for not being a Facebook fan, but I think the feature you describe (which I've seen suggested before) would be a good addition, as long it had a toggle to turn it off for admins who don't want it.

        Adopting useful features from the social networking giants is good, if they are well thought out and fit the software.
        What I don't personally like is when people want to make vB into a Facebook/Twitter/Wordpress/anything else clone. vBulletin should be vBulletin.

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          Look, the @Mark.B seems to have worked even here. It summoned him!
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            Originally posted by Stallyon View Post
            Look, the @Mark.B seems to have worked even here. It summoned him!
            I said it's great feature, see!


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              In the mean time you can get this from dbtech and it is a great feature that I use on my site. They have a lite and pro version.
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