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An update is really needed

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  • An update is really needed


    I am sorry if this has already been implemented but I haven't tried vb5.

    I held back on upgrading to vb4 because I was hoping this would be resolved, but now it is at vb5 and I was told it still hasn't been changed.

    Currently vb feeds are all saved in memory (RAM), each feed is checked, posts saved (In memory), then the next checked, again saved in memory..etc etc. for each feed - This is a very big problem when running on a shared hosting account, even a VPS if there is a number of feeds.

    If the RSS poster uses too much memory, it gives a 500 internal server error and everything is lost, the date of the last time the feeds were checked is also set to when the RSS poster checked (But "crashed") - so everything that was retrieved is lost.

    It is very frustrating losing so much, I have been building up my own private forum just to retrieve blogs that I read and this is happening constantly.
    Another problem is that it only runs when a user visits the site to load the cronimage, because this is just for me, I have to set a cronjob to load it.

    There must be a better way to manage this..

    I have been searching for months and posting on here, a few people have said that 1 of your competitors have a better way of doing feeds (Maybe it could be looked at), I have been with vb for years and want to stay.

    I thought this would be resolved in vb4 as a lot of users have complained about the RSS poster but it seems to be left out of any updates.

    Thanks very much for any help
    John Diver

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