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Implementing proper live notification system

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  • Miykichii
    started a topic Implementing proper live notification system

    Implementing proper live notification system

    Implementing proper live notification system

    Currently the Notification system doesn't work properly and it is not live. By not working properly, I mean it doesn't show a drop down menu when you receive a pm in your inb

    ox, or a user reply on your profile page, and so on. A notification system would need to be implemented properly. But lets starts with the receiving messages and reply on your profile wall.
    If you look on my site, you will find how stylish the notification drop down menu appear as well as showing parts of the message and who send it when you open the notification which is the flag symbol. Vbulletin needs a notification similar to this. It is also live.

    What is needed:

    1. An icon for the notification i.e., a flag and probably it would be stylish if when hover the color changes
    2. A drop down menu when clicking on the flag to see the sort of notifications you received, with a scroll up/down bar to scroll through the notifications.
    3. A short snap of whatever the notification is, meaning if let say you receive a pm from someone then you would see something like this "rina send you a private message "Hey how are you?" ex
    4. The notification should include notification when you receive pms, comments on your wall, getting quoted within a topic, comment on your blog or article or groups, probably in the future (when someone tags an image in your gallery or comment on your gallery images)
    5. We would need a system which purged the notification every set number of days ex , may be an option in the admin panel to set how many days it would take to purge user profile notifications if they aren't deleted.
    6. We would need the option to delete our own notifications if we'd like to do so.
    7. What you can do as well is separate inbox notifications from the regular feeds notification while also adding different set of inbox functionality like quick message.

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