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couple issues bothering me...

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  • couple issues bothering me...

    i would like if anyone can pls link if these issues are in jira.....i want to assume its all being sorted atm, but not so confident how vb5 has been so far....

    couple things i consider basic forum function, esp for a product called "connect" and said to be about making cross site publishing easier and such...

    on this site....
    1. i cannot easily access images i have uploaded in the past....there is a link in my profile and telling me how many pics, but i cannot access, says no pictures....i guess i should just be happy there is finally some form of inline viewing that works at all, lol, i consider this basic function tho..
    2. todays posts link is messd up....there needs to be an easy way to list/view ALL new taken aback by even feeling a need to say that, whats going on there tho?? how connected is that if you have to dig and search and still cant get a simple list for new content?? ......this needs to show comments or any new activity, but esp posts, idk what you guys are thinking...there also needs to be a floating navbar and thread hover preview in the todays posts link, idk how much is being sorted atm, but while im on the topic...
    3. then of course table editing and functions are totally messd but as long as the jira for that doesnt get pushed back again, should be least some better by 5.1.0
    im starting work on a new site im considering vb5 for a second license, wondering how much longer for basic functions not planning to go anywhere, i can see the potential vb needs badly to get its mess together much as i enjoy getting to know the software early and as its being developed it seems obvious this left beta way to fast..

    i will like to help more in jira the big problem for me is practically every time i do something on vb its frustrating problems and so many i dont know what is being worked on or tend to assume its all being addressed, yet update after update(i been in since 5.0.1) still so many basic basic problems

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